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Did you know that in the 2018 Jeep
Wrangler there are two batteries, I only see one let’s find out where the other
ones at welcome back my name is Brandon Haneline your jeep informant and if this
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with the Bell alright, so before we get started I’d be interested to know how
many of you actually knew that the 2018 Jeep Wrangler had two batteries so let
me know up here in the top right corner to cast your vote if you did or didn’t
know guys the information that I’m going to be bringing you today is in all
seriousness this could be a hazard and a safety issue for anyone that is working
on the 2018 or newer Jeep Wrangler jr. body let me show you what I’m talking
about alright as you can see the negative battery cable is disconnected
with the voltmeter negative lead attached to that also the positive
battery terminal is disconnected also so let’s see if there’s any voltage on
these two wires with it disconnected from the battery look at that twelve
point two volts all right this is where our problem lies most people don’t
realize when they disconnect that battery they’re still live voltage on it
so if you’re working on an airbag or you’re working on the electrical system
where the battery needs to be disconnected like the alternator or
starter you could short something out very very easily so if you’re like me
you want to know where the heck is this voltage coming from I only see one
battery I gotta figure this out I’m thinking this right under this
little area right here because I have searched this whole vehicle over and
can’t find anything I did trace the wires back and they kind of go up
underneath areas so this is why I’m taking this off well it’s not as easy as
just two bolts so it looks like we’re gonna take several screws off here to
get this PDC out of the way then we gotta take several more bolts off to get
the PDC tray out of the way then there’s another cover here
the you know she’s always man there is
nobody gonna steal this battery if it’s down here anyway
so looks like there’s two more bolts there let’s take those two out for the
reveal of the battery you don’t tada there you are a little guy I’ve been
looking for you alright now that we know where it’s at what is it for and how can
we disconnect it some easier way than this so what is this auxilary battery
for it’s for the auto stop start yes that’s right when you’re in a stop start
event all the accessories on the interior of the vehicle is run off of
this small battery now the engine and the starter used a large battery but the
alternator does monitor both and charge both there’s gotta be a better way to
disable both batteries if you need to work on the vehicle so let me show you
which cables to disconnect if you look closely there’s one dedicated negative
battery terminal and that one goes to the auxiliary battery so if you remove
that then you’re only disabling the auxiliary battery now once you have that
one removed you’re going to need to remove the other negative battery
terminal to disable both batteries now if you wanted to remove the positive
terminal from the auxiliary battery that’s that one there guys the purpose
of this video is to keep you safe I guarantee you so many people do not know
that when you disconnect the positive and negative battery terminals only from
the large battery that the cables are still live and they have voltage on them
so share this with everyone you know on social media
wherever whoever’s got a Jeep Wrangler to share this video and let them know
about it okay so I hope you have learned something today I hope you’re smarter
now than you were before when you started and I hope you have a great day
you take care guys and we’ll see you next time

47 thoughts on “Aux battery location ⚠️ Jeep JL 2018 Wrangler ⚠️Stop Start battery location.

  1. Can you use that second battery for anything other than ess? Such as an S Pod, lights, or even as a dual battery setup?

  2. Very good to know. I wonder if this is pointed out in the owners manual? They have to know that a lot of people do work on their vehicles.

  3. there is actually a third battery, you have to really look for it though, I cant just tell you where its located ;D

  4. How do you know this stuff?? Really useful for those with the JL. Another reason why I like my JK… No ESS. Crazy to have this on a JEEP and then need to have a separate battery to make it work. I will bet that most deactivate their ESS soon after starting their vehicles. Thanks again. Thumbs up.

  5. So, if equiped with the 4 cylinder engine (and 48v battery) it will replace the ESS battery or it would be 3 batteries?

  6. I have a Sonata and not planning on owning a Jeep but now I know. Could’ve wasted those 4:12 minutes watching something else like porn so I’m a smart guy. Ha!

  7. Thanks for the info I did not know this until I Rolled My jeep off a mountain and the battery fell out but the car still had full power we were bamboozled

  8. Can you do a test for us? A guy on the JL forums claims that when the small battery is dead/removed that the Jeep will not start. It just doesn't make sense that the normal battery wouldn't start the Jeep without the small one. I think I saw you comment in the forums, I should tag you in one of the conversations.

  9. Does disconnect secondary battery will disable auto start/stop function that bother us? And also any other function it will disabled?

  10. If u remove the PDC and something happens to it, that is no longer going to be warrantied and u would have to pay for it. The correct way they want u to get to that battery is by taking the whole fender off and the lining.

  11. Awesome, Brandon! Now … how long will that 2nd battery last, and what happens when it finally dies? Do we just lose all electrical when the auto-cutoff happens? Will the Jeep restart, or will we have to manually restart it?
    Lastly, what do you want to bet that 2nd battery costs more than the big one? Ha ha.

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  13. Hey Brandon, recently my electronic compass stopped working in my 2018 JL, I read a forum saying to disconnect “three” negative terminals to reset. Can you confirm this, or maybe do a video on the problem? Thank you sir.

  14. 12.2 volts is too low to be an typical automotive wetcell battery. Does disabling the auxiliary battery disable the stop start system without affecting the normal operation of the vehicle?

  15. Can you tell me if it is the same process for the 2.0l ? I will be installing a winch this weekend, so if you know the process for it would be really appreciated as most info online is for the 3.6

  16. Thank you Obama and your useless fuel economy standards
    This was installed to help the JL meet the new fuel economy standards put in place by Obama
    Jeep should have gone with an all aluminum body like the F150 and skipped the stupid stop start crap

  17. Thank you Brandon! I am glad that you pointed that out as I have purchased a 2019 Rubicon and it will be very useful to know. I like your videos! Keep up the good work! 🇨🇦

  18. So why does the 2.0 have a bigger 48 volt battery for the start stop??…is this little battery only running the start stop??

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