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You’re not the kind of guy that… Dresses nice, expensive Rolex. Are you? No, no. Alright man, I’m on my way! I’ve got some water for you.
– I’m a bit tired. Are you tired?
– No. Thank you. It fell down. How are you mate? Good, how about you?
– Nice man. Normally I have a FUT board with me.
– Yes. He forgot to send it to me. I’ll send you one later. Or I’ll come by. I’m in the neighborhood a lot. Did you sign it already?
– No, I didn’t signed it. Wait, I’ll help you. Can you keep it tight?
– Where do you want it? Down here. Why don’t you have names on the jerseys? That’s strange.
– The name of the sponsor is on it. “Ready to eat”
– “Ready to eat”? I did enough of that. To be honest, it’s unfortunate.
– Yes. It’s nice to have your name there.
– That’s right. I had to sign this.
– For the maintenance man. Let me sign it. What’s his name? Jorrit. I had to think.
– Jorrit? With two. Two r’s? For Jorrit. With his big Willy. Nice man. Thanks! Do you want one for yourself, with autograph? Without autograph. You wear the number 25, right?
– Yes. Is that your main number, or is it a coincidence? Actually I always had the number 23, when I made my debut at Utrecht. Also at PSV. So for me that was… My main number. Now Makienok our striker has it. Makienok?
– Yes, Makienok? He actually had number 9. He was injured so he gave his number away in the pre-season. Then I also came, so I thought… I just grab another number, so he doesn’t have to change his number twice in the pre-season. Has 23 something to do with Beckham or Jordan? To be honest, with Isco. I was a big fan of Isco and he always had 23. And Lebron James, Jordan. I always thought it was a nice number. Rafael van der Vaart.
– And of course Rafael. That’s not why, but I just think it’s a nice number.
– No. I always had 7, because I was a right winger. I’m sorry sir! Old wanker! He was angry. Did you see? Was it close, not too far? No it wasn’t. Apeldoorn is not even a half hour from here.
– Yes that’s right. Nice man! I usually have to go to Rotterdam and such. It’s nice to be away from home though. Last week I was very busy, I’ve been to Bremen. A few times Amsterdam. The Hague.
– Watching a game, in Bremen? No I visited Klaassen in Bremen.
– Yes, of course. Also had Dest and Immers in the car. You’ll see places.
– I thought I record a few in a row, so I can take a vacation a few weeks. Relaxed. But nice to back at Utrecht, right?
– Yes. I just have to play. So I’m glad… Your old club.
– Yes, my old club. Playing nice. That feeling is most important, right? It’s nice to be at a club like PSV, but you just want to play. That’s right.
– It’s hard to see the rest playing and you are… Yes, last season we played… Barca away and that sort of games. You just want to play those games.
Of course. Wasn’t you part of the selection?
– I was part of the selection, only… The chances I would play, weren’t that big. A lot of competition on the midfield. However van Bommel chose others instead of you? He felt I didn’t fit in his game plan. Then you have to look further. I he told you like that?
– Yes, we had a lot of conversations. Especially at the start of the season. Because I was playing in the pre-season. And all of a sudden I wasn’t playing in the beginning of the season. Then I asked him why and he explained it to me like that. That’s strange.
– Yes. However, he has his own vision.
– Yes and I accepted that. Then you have to look further. And now I’m glad I can… Play Football again.
– Yes. Do you really live here?
– No my parents live here, but I don’t have furniture in my apartment yet. You don’t have furniture yet?
– No furniture. I could sleep on the ground, but… Did you bought a new apartment recently?
– Yes. I did order furniture, but it takes two and a half months to deliver. So I’ve to wait.
– You’ll have to sit on those crates then. No that’s why I’m fine at my parents.
– On a crate of beer. Make a nice diner. Don’t you have a girlfriend?
– I do, but she also lives at here parents now. Oké. So she lives with her parents and you live with yours. In Eindhoven I had my own apartment.
– With her? No. Not yet. I think the time has come now. Oké, nice man. Are you together a long time?
– Three and a half years. It’s about time then. Jesus, that girl must be thinking…
– It’s time. What is he doing? No, in Eindhoven she was at my place a lot. But she also in school then.
– Studying. Now she’s done. So it’s possible. Now you’re gonna make a lot of babies. A lot of practicing! Not a Dutch girl right?
– No, not a Dutch girl. Where’s she from?
– She’s Kurdish. I think my nephew also has a Kurdish woman. Yes he also has a Kurdish woman. Yes Kurdish. Is she a good cook? She is a good cook, so that’s a benefit. I can lay down on the couch. But they are very different than the Dutch. The Dutch always make just enough.
– Potatoes and such. But only just enough.
– One little piece of meat. One little piece of meat. Or else we have to throw it away and that’s a waste. It’s really like that. Yes, I… I can relate to what you’re saying.
– Yes, my wife is also like that. So greedy. She’s got enough money. They do say that a lot about the Dutch.
– Yes. But now you’re at Utrecht, you’re starting. A great feeling.
– Yes. Isn’t that great.
– Yes. You signed for three years. There’s a speed camera there. Do I have to help you with those Dutch…
– It already says it here. Do you also have this? I turn on an app. I don’t have a screen like this. What car do you drive?
– Opel now. Utrecht. Alright. I’m not saying anything.
– No, it’s a nice car. An Insignia?
I still have to order. You should take the Insignia, it’s a nice car. The Insignia Turbo drives nice.
– Yes. it’s a nice car. It’s has a nice interior. Only it’s always broken.
– Really? I don’t know. Bad advertising for Opel. No, but what I was saying… What are your plans for the future? You’re still young, right?
– Yes, I’m still young. Of course… I’m ambitious of course. For me it’s most important to play as much as possible this season. I had some options abroad, but… I just really wanted to play again, because last season was nothing for me. Who wanted you abroad? There was some interests. From Belgium and Spain, but not what I really wanted. Not very nice clubs. Also AZ and Heerenveen, right? Yes they were interested, only Az wanted to wait, till they knew if they would play European. It had to do with that. Utrecht was very straight forward. They pushed forward and the transfer window was almost closing.
– That gave you confidence. And I really didn’t want to stay at PSV.
– No. So I had to make a choice. So I chose this.
– Train at PSV. Did you train with the second team?
– No I trained with the first team. But you did played with them?
– If I had to play, it was with the second team. You asked for it, right?
– Yes, you have to play, I only played… With the second team of PSV and the Dutch national youth team and that was it. In the Cup, against… You did play the Cup games?
– Yes. Then you know where you stand.
– Yes. Too bad!
– Yes, it is what it is. No, but it’s frustrating, because you’re on the bench or in the crowd and then you sit there like, damn… I also want to play. The first two years you did play a lot. At PSV. You was an important player and you became champion.
– Yes. You even played for the Dutch national team. You’re going to the top and all of sudden you fall down. That’s hard to deal with right?
– Yes, that’s definitely hard. Especially because I played more than 30 games, became champion. And… Of course… A coach can make a different decision, but I still felt like I could come in once in a while… Get a chance, but that… Nothing?
– That was not the case. How about Thijs?
– Good guy. People wise it’s really a nice club. Yes for sure, I only been there for a half a year, but… Yes, they are nice people.
– I rolled over the complex. No, nice people, nice players. Do you regret something? Regrets?
– In your life, not especially in Football. Regrets? Difficult.
– Didn’t Ajax show interest in you back then? When I went from Utrecht to PSV, that’s right. At that moment it was a good step. The first season I was playing for the Dutch national team. Then it’s hard to say the third season will end up like this. I didn’t expect that.
– No. But Ajax did show interest in you?
– Yes, they were interested. Was that with Peter Bosz? It was with… Keizer.
– Oh Keizer. Keizer was also there.
– I think it was Keizer. You was doing very well then.
– I was doing well, definitely. Are you into dressingroom humor? Yes, I am. I like Football humor.
– Like what? We recently had a player, I won’t mention his name. But he was wearing the same jeans for six days. So we hanged it to the ceiling.
– No, didn’t it stand up straight? He didn’t like it, but he never wore those jeans again. But why the same jeans for six days?
– I ask myself the same question. That’s nasty!
– Yes, we noticed that. It were expensive jeans. He wanted to show off. That was nice, so we had to hang it up. But that kind of stuff happend a bit more at PSV. Jorrit Hendrix was there. Those kind of player like to joke.
– Fool around. That’s important.
– It was always fun. Do you already have some assists or not?
– I do have a few. I also had a few, that should have been goals. But unfortunately. I do feel like I’m getting better, stronger and more fit. So that’s nice. But you have to come back off course. It’s a big difference from playing with the second team of PSV, to the highest level. That’s why. A year is a long time. How are you doing with that leg? That foul from Nick Viergever. I still feel it lightly. I didn’t train for almost a week after that. But I did play yesterday. It went good. I had a brief moment when I felt it.
– You still felt it? You got lucky there.
– It’s still swollen. Did he say something after?
– Yes, he texted me immediately after. He’s not that kind of guy.
– No he’s not that kind of player. A dirty kicker or something.
No, certainly not. No, it was nice he texted me. Does he always has those things in? Looks like he has very black eyes. Yes he has those contacts that make your eyes black.
– Yes? So it looks more dangerous for the opponent. He does that?
– No, of course not! No idea what you mean.
– Basterd! No? I think he does has contacts that makes his eyes black.
– Yes? You should pay attention to it. It’s very strange. It looks like his eyes are all black. I never seen it.
– What’s your best moment in Football? What?
– What’s your best moment in Football? Let me think. My debut for the Dutch national team. And the Champions League was really… Against Atletico?
– Atletico, Bayern. Bayern, yes? The best games. Then you see the level of the top teams. It’s unbelievable. I have to say, we diddly stand a chance, but… But eventually it was really… Nice! Yes?
– Yes, nice games. It’s the most beautiful thing, the Champions League. The stadium is fully packed. And then that song starts playing.
– The atmosphere. Especially that song does the trick.
– You’re standing there. As a kid you was watching it on the TV. And then you’re standing there yourself. That’s great right?
– Yes, but that song does the trick. You get goosebumps right?
– Yes, it’s unbelievable. Nice man. That would be nice, someday.
– What? Play Champions League.
– Again? You should have gone to Ajax then. You was greedy again, PSV gave you 100 thousand more. No.
– I brought you something by the way. Here, you can keep this. That’s not done! It was from yesterday’s game.
– The fans of Utrecht won’t like that. No. Where are we anyway? Oh this is by the freeway right? Here you go to Utrecht. Apeldoorn… I think it’s that way.
– Yes, I drive here a lot. Palace Het Loo right?
– I live there. Really? I thought you meant nearby. I know you don’t live in the palace.
– But I do live nearby. Palace Het Loo.
– I’ve got family living there. Do you visit Apeldoorn sometimes? Birthday parties. Birthday parties once in a while. That’s nearby. Your uncle or something?
– Yes, cousins. Oh cousins. Do you train hard with van den Brom? How is van den Brom? He lives here.
– Yes he’s from Amersfoort to. He happens to live here, one street away.
– Should we go visit him? Yes, we can do that. No. We’ll have a cup of coffee. Relaxed
– No, he’s… Yes definitely. I think he would actually like it if we’d visit, but… Let’s say he’s approachable for players and personality, I like that. Give you confidence.
– If you can talk to the coach.. You can just tell him how you feel. That’s also important. If you keep those feelings inside… – Politically correct answer. Yes, good start! You should say, it’s a dirty bastard! He should let me play more and give me more money! A new contract!
– No, he doesn’t decide that. I know. No, van den Brom is a good guy. I also had him as a coach, a long time ago at Vitesse. But he’s great! Which coaches did you had? You had Cocu. Van Bommel.
– Yes. Ten Hag. Who did you have at Utrecht?
– Ten Hag. Before that I had Robbie Alfen with Sjors Ultee, who’s at Fortuna now. Ten Hag, yes.
– How was Ten Hag? Good coach.
– Yes, good coach. He always strikes me like a man who knows what he’s talking about. I have the same thing with Peter Bosz.
– It’ s the accent. My accent? Because I can understand him? A farmer’s accent?
– No, because he has an accent. He’s from Enschede right?
– Yes. Enschede! Twente! Twente is also a nice club for you.
– Nice club! No, but Utrecht is close to home. Just play there. Do they play European? No that’s painful. They lost against… Some East-European club. Oh that’s right.
– Back then I was still… At PSV. I think that’s too bad. But well. But you can rest a year.
– Exactly. But I think three games in a week, or two games. It’s nice. Recover, easy training and on to the next match. Just like you say, you can recover. Especially with you now, because you didn’t play for a year. If you go to hard, you’ll get injured again. You know? You can recover this way.
– It’s all part of it. You can focus on your performance.
– That’s true. Do you go out now and then? Not that much. Only when I’m on a holiday. Then it’s nice. I’ll get permission from my woman then. Are you allowed?
– No, but I always go on holiday with friends. So every year you always go on a holiday with the guys?
– Yes, I go out then. You bring a box of condoms…
– No, no, no. No, you don’t cheat, right?
– No, definitely not. No, only in the weekend. No, but I do like to go out. But in Holland, to be honest, it’s not really… Not really my thing or something. What do you like, Ibiza? No, it’s more about the attitude here. People are like, look at me, look aggressive.
– Aggressive? I don’t like that. Abroad everybody is happy, on a holiday. Going to the beach clubs is nice. Show off with their stuff. Look what I got! Yes, that’s… This day and age. Yes. You’re not the kind of guy that… Dresses nice, expensive Rolex. Are you? No, no… I didn’t see that yet, it’s nice. Undercover.
– Yes, it’s a nice one. This is from the championship. With PSV.
– Really? Man… Those guys are all getting a Rolex when they win the championship. We used to get a medal.
– You do pay for it, right? A medal.
– A ribbon. Here’s a Rolex, with the club’s logo. Who cares? Back in the day we used to get a handshake and a ribbon. Really! Or with some kind of memory attached to it. Some kind of… Hi honey. Blond bimbo. Some kind of… What are you talking about man? Are there women here in… But you’re allowed to look at women right?
– Of course! So am I.
– Nothing wrong with that, right? It’s nice to look at women. That’s why we have eyes. That’s why you have those sunglasses right? When you’re with your wife.
– Of course, that’s when I put them on. Then I go stare at those big asses!
– Look at that! But what would you change if you had to change something about your body. I’ve heard…
– What did you hear now? What are you saying? You’re gonna make it up on the spot now.
– No. I’ve heard you would fix your hanging sack. What a fool! What a fool! No, but I’m… I’m just satisfied.
– Who’s the best player you’ve played with so far? Let me think. I think Arjen Robben. You know he’s going left… It goes so fast.
– It doesn’t matter. Unbelievable. It’s unbelievable.
– But also the way he carried himself. For example… We played in Luxembourg. And before we came to the pitch, he already did his whole warmup. I thought, don’t you get tired? It wasn’t normal, really! The way he was living for his sport… That was nice to see. And if you could bring a player from the Dutch league to Utrecht now, who would that be? Let me think. Who I think is the best of the Dutch league, is… Ziyech.
– Yes. Hakim is good. What a player. Like yesterday, the first half.
– Yes, all you have to do is run and you’ll get the ball. The way he gives it, unbelievable.
– Yes, good player, really good player. What did you study? I studied commercial business. In one year, I got my first degree. Then I came in the first team of Utrecht and I couldn’t combine both.
– No. Then they did ask me to become some kind of professional there.
– Yes? Professor Barabas? No, but it really wasn’t possible, so… So I quit. You have to spend all your time training of course.
– Yes. The only thing I did after was Spanish lessons. So you’re going to Spain in a few years? That would be nice. But it’s a beautiful language. Really beautiful. I like Italian more.
– Yes? Yes, a bit harsher. Beautiful. It’s a lot a like, but I think Italian is… More raw. I like that. I think Spanish is a bit… How? Look at that! Yes, is that your… Hi honey, I see you smiling at daddy, I’ll pick you up in a minute. I’ll drop of Bart and then… You’ll have a free spot. Just one spot. Or do you want to come along? This is a nice neighborhood.
– Yes, it’s nice. Look a trailerpark. Do they bother you?
– No. They’re nice people.
– Yes. Definitely. I always liked it.
– The trailerpark? Or around here?
– No, those kind of people. They’re always happy and their selfs.
– Yes, always a good sense of humor. Good sense of humor indeed.
– They’re sharp also. They always have an answer. My brothers in law are also from there.
– I don’t know a lot of them, but I know a few. They’re always fun. Look we’re just in time. Alright mate! Take it easy!
– Great! Do you best! Do your thing! I hope you’ll score and give assists.
– It’ll be fine! I see you! Give my regards to the maintenance guy!
– I will! See you later!
– Take care! Yes that was Bart. Nice guy! I had fun. I hope he’ll do well at Utrecht. And who knows where he’ll end up then. You can win his jersey of course. You’ll have to subscribe and leave a comment. You’ll have a shot at his jersey then. Alright! And we go on to the next one! Thanks for watching! See you later!

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