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hello how you doing welcome to my
channel and today we are going to check the battery ok we’re going to do a check
to see if the battery is charging ok first of all we need to see if the
battery is healthy okay to check the battery you’re going to
need a multimeter right here okay multimeter that you’re gonna place at 20
direct current volts okay twenty volts direct current okay now
you have a positive and a negative right here okay so place the multimeter in a
position where you can read it okay now at this point the scooter is off
okay so you’re going to take the positive and touch the positive pole or
the battery right here okay you’re going to take the negative and you put right here
on the negative side of the battery don’t worry if you switch them
around you’re not going to explode okay you’re just going to see a negative on
the numbers okay so but anyway make sure you do the right thing positive to
positive negative to negative okay right here so my battery at this point is
twelve point forty seven and when the scooter is off okay so having the
battery at 12.47 is a pretty healthy battery okay now if you can see I have
my battery without the cover because I changed my
battery to a larger battery this one is a 12 volts 10 ampere if you getting
a larger battery is better is more reliable for you this is scooter is my
only transportation at the moment okay so having a bigger battery
is better for me to make sure I’m going to have a scooter that is gonna start
every time okay all the battery they are coming from China many
times they are just there are 12 volts 7 ampere okay but many times they’re too
small and they don’t last too long and the quality is not great ok so at this
point we see that the battery is at 12.47 now to check your electrical
system if is charging your battery you will have to turn on your scooter ok okay now if you like to check the
electrical system work in your scooter just place the cord right here right on
the red black on the black on the battery what your multimeter okay and
you make sure you screw them make sure the firm and turn your scooter on okay
so you can try if your system is working okay make sure you put the multi meter on 20 volts and on direct current okay now when you have your scooter on before we
add a voltage of 12 point 47 right now we have a voltage of 1250 so slightly is
charging but you have to make sure you have more charging power for your
scooter okay so to check the system raise the gas of
your scooter and see what’s going to happen okay if
you see this is a healthy system because the stator is charging the battery now at this moment and about 4,000 rpm the scooter is charging 13 . 35 okay I can
say that this is a pretty healthy scooter with a healthy stator and the
wiring are doing a pretty good job okay now make sure you do this job with the
center stand of your scooter if you don’t put your scooter in the center stand
your scooter is going to fly away okay so make sure you do the things right okay
so this is the voltage that I guide at the moment thirteen point sixteen now if
you’re getting a lower than 11 when your scooter is on 11 volts the stator is no
charging or the regulator is not working so now the regulator is in front of the
nose of your scooter the stator is
on the right side of the scooter where is the fan okay that’s where is the
stator now there is many things you could check in your scooter when the
starter is not working okay you have to do a little testing with your multimeter
okay okay everybody thank you very much for watching my video I hope this video
will help you to check your battery okay and see if your stator and the
rettificator are working properly I hope you enjoyed this video thank you very
much for watching subscribe to my video and if you have any question feel free
to ask usually I’m always online and if I see your message I will try to answer as
soon as possible okay thank you very much have a great day you

11 thoughts on “Battery charging Test on 150cc GY6 Motorcycle /Moped / Scooter

  1. Thanks for the vid, now I can check my scooter. I think there is a problem as my scooter wouldn't start so I replaced the battery and it fired up, but today the new battery let me down. What would be the most likely parts that need replacement in this situation? Gracias!

  2. When bike is turned off the battery is draining down. This is the second scooter I had that had this problem. Have you has this problem?

  3. Bro, we need this: https://m.lowes.com/pd/Coleman-19-5-in-x-5-89-in-x-1-15-in-1-Watt-Portable-Solar-Panel/1000129085

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