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100 thoughts on “Bentley Continental – W12 Engine FACTORY | HOW IT’S MADE

  1. В путинской России в больницах не везде так чисто и опрятно.

  2. エンジンを組むのが丁寧なのは判るが、肝心のバルブタイミング調整がカットされている。

  3. Yeah ya' limey…..drop that engine & tranny onto those mounting pins so the entire engine & tranny slams stopped, and shakes……..very good video on how a $300,000.00 limey car gets put together……..LOL !

  4. massive heads. love the block, cylinder wall thickness. Dont love the valve covers, intake manifold looks restrictive, piston rods look just okay. nobody checked runout on camera. Amazing motor, I'll never get to wrench on one

  5. однорядная цепь? да еще и со стороны маховика? они там что совсем? ресурс на 100тыс км

  6. Lol they just impact the con rods on there. Without any sort of torque measuring.

    Yes I know that impact is meant to stop at a specific torque. Still looks funny tho.

  7. If I was a rich person who actually knew something about cars and I found out my $100K+ Bentley had sliding f**** calipers… talk about an odd place to go cheap! Mind you the whole thing looks exactly like all the plastic crap that breaks on a 30V V6 at 35,000 miles… probably has an undertray with an inch of sound deadening material to catch all the oil it's gonna leak…

  8. Chain on my honda civic 1.8l is twice as thick as on this one . Hence no service needed at 140k. VW chain (sorry bentley)one is as on my mountain bike. After 100k this 50 pound worth chain will requite a 1500 worth of labour expense.

  9. Most important part would have been the sounds of the first start and the revving up.
    This video is really poorly made.

  10. А меня батя учил крест на крест затягивать крышки и подобные груговые крепления, а тут вон на заводе халтурят 😂

  11. And turbo charged! Must be a little beast! I guess the reason for the additional cylinders per bank is intended to dampen harmonics and increase torque? I don't know if the car owner would appreciate it let alone notice any benefit over a V8?

  12. I love these vids but I can't stand how you guys waste time focusing on a lift or a tool and then butcher up the actual production on hand…

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  14. хуйня, а не мотор, если задрочится , то выебешься с ним пока починишь

  15. Should be 'how it's assembled' nothing in these engines is made on site. Pre 1998 almost everything was manufactured/ machined on the old V8, on site.

  16. I run the car maintenance Youtube channel in Korea. I'm always learning such a great ideas on your channel. I hope we have a chance to be together. Thank you.

  17. A single row timing chain will start to rattle before 50,000 miles. Timing chains should all be double row. Any of you Audi people been spending $$$$$$ way to early on engine work ( same design )

  18. the W12 engine is the brainchild of VW boss Ferdinand Piech , who passed away recently … it is the same engine mounted in the Bugatti Veyron ( producing ca. 1000 Bhp ) , although a legendary engine , it is a very complicated ( to work on ) and expensive engine … I wouldn't want to have one … you could easily have a much cheaper V8 at a fraction of the cost …

  19. I wonder how the W-12 engine would compare in terms of weight, dimensions, and torque output to an old school Mopar 340 (5.4 L) with aluminum heads & twin turbos or 6 liter Hemi with twin turbos? I'm guessing a 340 "LA" with aluminum heads & intake would weigh about 500 lbs fully dressed with the turbos and should produce about 500 lb ft of torque and 675 streetable hp or more.

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