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When you’re ready for a premium dolly for
your high-end touring bike, then you’re ready for Motomover. Motomover was engineered to
be the best and easiest motorcycle dolly system to operate on the market. Motomover was designed
with big bikes in mind and we built this heavy duty dolly to carry and move 1,500+ pound
bikes easily around a garage. Motomover uses the heaviest duty steel of any of our competitors
and weighs 120 pounds. For lifelong durability, we protect that steel in a rugged Line-X system
coating. With Motomover, you don’t have to crouch down
on your knees, pull levers, drop ramps, or contort your body into uncomfortable positions.
You simply lock the casters with your feet, ride your bike onto the dolly, and put your
kickstand down just like you were on the street. You unlock the casters and easily maneuver
your bike wherever you like in your garage. When you’re ready to go, you simply repeat
locking of the casters and you ride off. That’s it!
Our competitors’ dollies are not designed to ride on and off. Unlike the small rollers
used on lesser dollies, our wheels are state of the art medical casters encased with roller
bearings using Ultra Glide technology. This allows smooth rolling over rough surfaces.
The market is flooded with cheap, Chinese-built motorcycle dollies. If price is your only
consideration, then we are probably not the product for you. You have most likely seen
our competitors’ low-quality dollies on the market, which they claim can move 1,500 pound
bikes. Makes you wonder why they aren’t showing big bikes on their dollies…
Motomover is built to last. We back up that claim with a 5-year warranty. Doesn’t your
bike deserve the highest quality Motorcycle dolly system on the market? Motomover, we
move what moves you.

14 thoughts on “Best Motorcycle Dolly In The World – MOTOMOVER.COM

  1. i have a question, what do you guys recommend for "rolling" out or "dolly-ing" out a bike from an under ground garage? in los angeles, its mostly apartments and condos with parking garages underneath the building. problem is, sometimes that means a "steep" driveway is the only way in or out. I'm starting a motorcycle hauling/towing business and want to offer the ability of getting bikes out from a location like that. thoughts? (btw, this needs to be light and small enough to take in and out of the truck for use)

  2. I have this and it’s a royal pain getting the bike onto the dolly without shooting off the frontside. There should be a ramp, this thing is 3” off the ground and you have to gun it to get it on and then you’ll overshoot. Once you overshoot, you can’t back up onto the dolly without someone pushing you. A transition ramp would have made so much sense. I’m sorry I ever bought this!

  3. These clowns are talking about how other competitors don't show big bikes on their big bike dollies…I didn't see one on your dollies in this video either…I ride an Ultra Classic.

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