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Hey guys, Adrian from Motorcycle Towing Toronto. Just want to show you how easy we can tow your bikes for you. Check this out Hey So the idea behind these fluffy straps is that if you need to If you have like some sort of Supersport, typically the bars don’t come out as far as they do on this BMW And you could end up causing some chafing if your straps are rubbing against your fairings So what this would do in those situations is this would avoid any kind of chaffing or any kind of damage But in this case we don’t really need them, which makes the job a little bit easier One thing I like to do that a lot of people don’t, to be extra cautious, is I also do An extra an extra set of straps at the rear of the bike That means you just have two straps per side a lot of people will tow with just two straps at the front the reality is 99.9% of the time nothing ever happens to your straps, but that 0.01% where something does You’re kind of screwed. Versus you got two sets of straps You’re playing it safe. Hey guys if you’re liking the video, please hit that like button It’s a new YouTube channel So your support goes a long way also My next videos may be about the two best experiences I’ve had helping other people with their motorcycles One involves an eight-month pregnant woman the other involves a father and son duo who are brand new to motorcycle riders So hit that subscribe button and the little bell and you’ll get a notification when that comes out. Thanks That’s it

18 thoughts on “Best Motorcycle Trailer Ever

  1. Don't tie down the extra strap onto the bike itself where it'll rub off the damn paint! Tie it onto the trailer away from the bike. Otherwise, that trailer concept is fucking cool and I want one in a two-bike setup.

  2. If you need anything you just let us know. We will be glad to help. Thank you for your post we have used it all ready to help new customer from your great country Canada .

  3. Awesome trailer! Does it have pins to secure the trailer from dropping in a rare event of the raise and lower motor not working.?

  4. Awesome trailer. I want to build one of my own. Do you know what type of axles are used? I know they are torsion type but cant find stubby ones.

  5. Great vid! Was looking at a trailer, but followed the link to your site and may just use your service instead! Looking at a bike on kijiji so this will really be helpful. Will fill out a quote request soon! Mikey.

  6. Man the real trailers there a bit bigger and they work of 2 pulleys you don't even have unhitch the trailer if you stand on it it will drop then most trailers like this have a wintch system that is hooked up to a hand crank. But the reason his isn't like that is because the wheels are all the way at the back and not in the middle it makes a big difference when you drop it and gives the trailer room to pivot. Look up Harley drop bed trailer all the Harley guys use these

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