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89 thoughts on “Beware of Auto Transport Scam – Universal Transport LLC

  1. #Dan Fabian I can not figure out how to reply back to you, but I went to the bank and had them refund my money.  If you have not received the vehicle, they will do all of the work of investigating and getting the money.  However, I have not picked the truck up either.  I am going to wait until I can go get it myself. 

  2. Auto transportreviews dot com , best site to find auto transporter. You can look up reviews on various transporters. Universal Transport LLC – you can see all the bad reviews from others who had the same experience. So bad they have been removed from participation in the sites quote system. Also listed there are the DOT and MC license numbers so you can file official complaint with regulators.

    They are a "broker" , what they do is give low bid to get your deposit ( there fee) then it takes forever to be picked up because they have to wait for a transporter willing to accept their low quote minus what they took as their fee. Was taking so long because they didn't have a driver willing to transport for their low ball quote.

  3. A reputable broker or transported will not charge the deposit until time of pick-up. Do not use those that require deposit up front. Also, only use a transporter where your vehicle remains on the same truck for the entire trip and has door-door delivery. If they say we have "terminals" for you to drop off at and pick up, Do Not Use. DAS Transport on Ebay does this. Their "terminals" are tow lots, which are usually located in industrial or poor areas of town. They had a show car I sold on Ebay setting under a tree for 8 days before pick-up. Even though sold, I was pissed – car was covered in dirt as lot was not paved nor was the salvage yard and recycling center next door. "Terminals" are also used to pass off your vehicle to multiple transporters as it crosses country. I was told not to worry – car would be washed before customer picked it up. The idea of a tow yard washing dirt off of a show car finish that was never even rained on …. Causes my blood to boil still. Yes- the buyer paid for enclosed transport.

  4. Its a disaster to hear that there are companies out there that would act in this way. It brings real shame on the industry as a whole.

  5. Don't fall for this 10 quotes open you up to the crooks in the business. Don't fall for the charismatic conman/women sitting in FL. If its to good to be true it is. Don't believe everything on transport reviews. You can also get scammed on the top end with higher pricing.

  6. Check the complaint sites also….ripoff  report. pissed consumer.. BBB  Google company name + complaint also name + scam or name and fake reviews.

  7. Universal Transport LLC has an F rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website. http://www.bbb.org/south-east-florida/business-reviews/automobile-shipping-brokers/universal-transport-in-cutler-bay-fl-90056621

  8. I work for a freight broker in Michigan and we have received many calls over the past 2-3 years from irate customers that was scammed by this company (our name just happens to very similar, and there are many other companies with the name Universal in it).  A lot of them in the same situation, they got a quote # put down a deposit and then the vehicle was never picked up, and of course these people are calling the company and are either given the run around and are never called back.  Now when we get calls like this we direct them to the BBB to file complaints.  Unfortunately we are not a legal auto hauler and no matter how much we would like to assist some of these people we are unable to.  There are many complaints about them on the BBB site.  You can go here to view: http://www.transportreviews.com/company/universal-transport-llc.asp

  9. just put your information on any website and you will get over 30 phone calls, 50 emails within the first couple of hours! I work for a car transport company and it's really hard to get anybody on the phone much let to get a sale! LOL

  10. I know a lot of brokers and carriers do not require money up front to ensure that they wont be scammed out of hundreds of dollars. even though some legitimate still require a down payment, the worthy ones don't ask for a large amount up front.

  11. What I learned after searching for transport companies, is to NOT go through brokers. A lot of these brokers will just submit your information to multiple transport companies and get you cheapest quote. Some of these companies being similar to Universal Transport. Glad you got your money back.

  12. MY Universal Transport LLC BBB® Non-Accredited F Rating FOR Fraud
    (877) 641-5838 Reason for Rating  Fraud SCAM
    8954 SW 226th Terrace, Cutler Bay, FL 33190

    BBB® Non-Accredited F Rating FOR Fraud
    On a scale of A+ to F

  13. Hi. There. You should NOT do this….

    1. Hire a broker with fancy website
    Working in his garage…(meaning a
    Small unprofesional broker )
    2. Never give credit cards or any type
    Or form of money, till vehicle is actually
    Been pick up.
    3. Never do any type of business with
    Anything coming out of Florida or New
    York. Especially tv. Adds. 99% of the
    Times they are scams……

    You always do the following…..

    1. When you want to ship vehicles
    Motorcycles boats etc. Etc. You
    Must go directly to the carrier, who
    Will be hauling your freight. Go to :
    This is where this guys post their
    Catch of the day for the cheapest
    Car hauling carrier.

    2. After you booked your vehicle
    Make sure you have the carrier
    Send you a Certificate of Insurance
    Under your full name. This will cover
    Your vehicle at a 100% for sure and
    You will know he is insured. He must
    Have up to 100K or 250K Cargo

    3. Ask for his DOT and MC numbers
    Then go to www.safersys.org or is
    .gov . I Think…the last 3 letters…..
    Enter any of these numbers to find
    Out if he has insurance in place and
    Also if he ever has been in accidents
    Or out of service. Log book violations.
    These will tell you what type of people
    You are dealing with……..

    4. You must have the direct actually
    Driver information hauling your vehicle
    Including but not limiting to his
    Truck number. Trailer number. Driver
    Name.and Cellphone. Also you must
    Request daily check up calls with current
    Location and condition of your vehicle.
    If not there will be a $10. 00 Deduction
    Per misssing check calls.

    5. Always request his linkedin connection
    So you can see his profile and picture
    Of whom your dealing with.

    6. Only pay first deposit or payment
    Directly to the carrier picking up your
    Car. Take pictures and bill of lading
    Updated to the fullest detail of your
    Vehicle condition when shipped and
    When the arrival is completed.

    Hope this was helpful in your next
    Transportation project. Good day! !

    MAGAMEX Enterprises, Inc.
    Cuauhtemoc Magana
    President and CEO.
    MC 490888
    USDOT 1252169
    www.linkedin.com/cuauhtemoc-magana / 779 /.

  14. Sadly what you experienced happens over & over each & every day. As one who has over 20 years  in the auto transport industry it sickens me at how many scammers get away with this. It makes my job more difficult as I have to deal with the scrutiny and distrust of those who were already scammed by the time they find me. It has been difficult to get the news media to cover these stories. It took me begging over the past 5 years to finally get one local news source to finally to do a story and the did a great job but we all need to push and share like you have with this video and maybe we will get the larger news media to do an investigative expose'

    From watching this video I can tell you exactly what happened and what was going on. The SHORT story is that company was a broker who did't own a single truck. The "deposit" you paid is basically the brokers commission. Once they have their cut, they move on to the next order. He never had a truck for you, you did not "slip through the cracks" or slip his mind. 

    For future transport needs by you or anyone that reads this, go to my YouTube channel as I have a tutorial on how to shop for and research companies you are considering contracting with. I just finished a new video today about the newest scam going on out there today.

    If we share our knowledge & experiences and educate consumers we might be able to at least thin out the herd of scammers.

  15. Irn in the process of shopping one now. I thought that I read somewhere that one should not give a deposit?

  16. If u stupid enough to pay entire amount to the broker You deserve to be scammed! A real broker gives u price, take ur order, places on trucking board and once he gets a truck who can pickup ur order they will call u and collect deposit 100-250 depending on total shipping price. You pay with card, ( so its reversible if any problems) and you pay the rest to the trucker on delivery! this is how it works. I shipped many cars!

  17. I'm not an attorney!  The FIRST red flag to me is this company is an LLC.  If you don't know, Google it.  That is a PERSON, covering their "6".  Second Web sites "look" good for a reason.  Someone posted something about a five star company. Who rated it and what scale did they use. Five stars to me means you went way above and beyond.  In other words, you picked up and delivered my car; AND detailed it so it shinned like a diamond in a goats butt!   Someone might give 5 stars for that, to me, you did your job.  Yes, I am an SOB.  Now for your situation.  You appear to be an honest, hard working person, therefore, this has worked for me.  YOU contact the Florida State Attorney General office, the county DA, local TV stations etc.  Reference this video. Politicians HATE anything negative about their area, that was a hint. Use the same letter, just change the greeting and office.  Assuming you electronically transferred the funds, notify the financial institution on BOTH ends.  Since you called him on the cell phone, the FCC needs  to be notified.  FBI, crossed state lines, US DOT again crossing state lines, FL DOT.   You pay taxes, let your big (state) and Bigger(Fed) agencies, kick down the door and haul the sorry SOB off to jail.  He will be on the 6 and 11 o'clock news  ; providing YOU contacted the local media.  Hope this helps, sorry this post is so long, sometimes I get wound up!

  18. You get what you pay for so do your research and find a quality hauler who employs owner operators and has their own company trucks. Other factors include someone living in the middle of nowhere that no driver wants to waste time and money to come pick up. Running a transport truck isn't cheap when you think about the 5-7 miles a gallon they get , the operation costs of maintenance, truck payments (a new transport costs about $300K and you don't just buy one and your done as it needs to be replaced every so many years), the cost of premium insurance, the cost of taxes and plates, and the percentage of the money that is being taken by the dispatcher. There are smaller trucks (duallys and non-stinger type set-ups) that cost less to operate but they can't carry as many so you'll be waiting longer for a pick-up. 

    I'm not defending these d-bags but I've shipped cars 3 times and had no problems what-so-ever. I paid deposits every time and I paid $700 on average 10 years ago. The thing that may be the key factor is that the pick-up and delivery locations were in major cities which may be why I got such great service. I've hauled cars myself but did NEW cars only so I can't speak for people who don't get those kind of contracts which small companies without the funds can't hanle. I can only imagine you dealt with someone who uses owner-operators who has never met any of the people who take his loads or can't set-up his shipping properly. 

    The system has been watered down over the years so all I can say is $1000+ is what it should cost at minimum to get it done now-a-days the right way and when you want it done. If you think that's too expensive, think how much it costs you to send a package via USPS, Fed-Ex, and the USPS and that's a small item.

  19. i was in a rush to get a car and ordered transportation. im going through this right now… its hard to get a hold of the company i am with and when i do get a hold of them, they're always very nice and reassuring, and say it will happen soon, but then i always wait and wait and no one calls me.. they have bad reviews on the web

  20. it was about to happen with me… Thank you guys..you are doing a very good thing i salute u guys

  21. tq so much.. i just a second to make a transaction to the agent before i found this massage… tq guys.. may Allah bless u always.. from me fawwaz- Malaysia

  22. BEWARE of a transport company that does'nt have a local office you can walk into. Many are just phone #'s to someone's home who is a broker. Most are legit but many start them up simply to take money and run. My advice: Lookup car forums of people who had good service with car moving companies. Cliffs: Only use companies with 1) local office or 2) referred by a legit poster on a forum or a personal friend. Bonus: See if they have a FB page with lots of posts over the years.

  23. I'm so glad that I saw this video. I was about to do the same thing! Can anyone tell me if Andrew's Auto Transport is the real deal? The person seemed nice over the phone but everything else sounds like what you guys are describing. I'm about to just drive the car myself.

  24. New way moving is the biggest scam around from n. Miami . They will also put shipper involve with the scam. They'll find a driver for you knowing the driver will leave in a few days ,they will tell you the driver will leave in 24 hrs. Then the driver will tell you I won't leave because I have to fix something on the truck…The scam is the bait and switch scam ….avoid all movers from Florida . They scam people for a living there . I had this company give me a contract for 500 which they kept 175 for broker fee. The rest is 325 which leaves us to pay when the car gets here. They'll post your car up for 400 which they know the original price wont move your car. Then they'll give you another contract for that 400 , you can see the 400 is now more resonable to move your car ,so they now will sit and try to make you cancel the contract,at all cost . Then they will try to keep your refund dued to this. This company takes your money before even finding a carrier , they tell me nobody works for free . These retarded clowns will scam you for the least amount of funds . New way moving

  25. I am looking for an old car to buy but I think I will rent a car trailer and haul it myself after listening to this.

  26. I appreciate you took the time to share, but if you want people to watch, perhaps reshoot it and get straight to the point.

  27. Out of the four times, I have done this, I have only one scam . and basically the price changed once the car arrived.

  28. Dealing with brokers is the right thing to do. Just be sure you are booking through the industry leaders. The big guys are rarely listed on review sites, because obviously they don't need to pay for ratings. I'm not going to advertise them, you need to research before giving away your money.
    My suggestion is:
    NEVER, I mean, NEVER EVER pay a dime upfront. Those deposits mean you are paying their cut. Best case scenario you overpaid and they didn't answer your call for updates. Worst case, you just gave away your money. They usually pitch you with a low ball price, collect the "deposit" and then after you start worrying about delays they convince you of season high prices and raise the cost. Once you are on the edge, most of the times you just agree and pay the extra.
    Going directly to the actual transportation companies leaves you with a liability gap, but at least you can strike better deals and have a real human being answering for your vehicle.
    Any questions you might have, give us a chance to earn your trust.
    Cargo Vikings, Inc

  29. Thank you for making this Video! I was considering this option, and was flooded with emails, text messages, and phone messages. I also thought Universal Transport LLC was legit. It appears on the level. This service is all new to us, so I would rather go, and DRIVE the vehicle back home. Hope you got some help, since this is 4 years after the fact!

  30. you can search the DOT sight for licensed movers and auto transport companies https://ai.fmcsa.dot.gov/hhg/Search.asp?ads=a. DO NOT do a google search of auto shippers you will get pages of brokers.

  31. Pay with a Major Credit Card. Major Credit Card companies have criminal lawyers who will go after that company for fraud. Plus your $$ will be protected or reimburse

  32. I was thinking of shipping my car from ct to oregan been looking for a auto transport online and a lot of phone calls telling me to call them tried couple of them but i a thought this are not trusthworthy people so i decided just to drive my car i know it will be tiring but dont want to deal with this bunch of crooks so ill just stay away and stay safe.

  33. I know it’s 4 years late to ask but what was the outcome of this ordeal? I’m going through a similar situation now with a company named Roadrunner Car transport; AKA Caribbean Car Transport, Alaska Car Transport; Puerto Rico Car Transport and probably other names.

  34. I hate to see this kind of thing happen. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon. Great video. I wish more consumers would put the scammers out there like this.

  35. I live in East Central Iowa and had a car shipped from Phoenix AZ. I used Auto Transport 123.I thought $1075.00 was reasonable for a 1500 mile trip. Susan and Jessica were the greatest people to deal with.

  36. DO NOT USE DAKOTA AUTO SHIPPING! they scammed me after wiring 1k they were supposed to deliver the van I purchased thru a buyer off craigslist and it never came. Nice website and everything but after sending money they never answered my phone calls again.

  37. I'm in Vermont and I'm looking to have a non-running car transported from one end of the state to the other.  Seems like any that I've found so far are total scams.  Anyone know a reliable, reputable company?

  38. I' bought a car and all transactions were done through DIRECT SPEDITION. they kept in touch everyday for weeks. The car was to be delivered 4 days ago and have left many voice messages and emails with no response.

  39. I feel your pain. I just did this for a car from LA to Chicago and it is really hard to find good info. Transportreviews.com and consumerreviews.com are both just pay for play review sites that a lot of companies boost 5 star reviews on. There will be a view negative reviews that get through to make it sound legit. Trust yelp and BBB (a little bit less). DOT (dept of Transportation) and FMCA (Federal Motor Carrier) website has a good place to lodge a complaint. They wont post reviews but will contact the company and I believe has some regulatory power. All these companies should have a FMCA Federal Motor Carrier. I used a company called Autotransport123. I spoke with Mia and she seemed nice enough. I told her I need the car picked up within 5 days and she said that it would. Later that night I got a call from the driver saying that he could be there i 35 minutes. The car wasn't there so he said he would be there the following day. All Good. I did get an email from autotransport123 scheduling my pickup for the 6th day so apparently not good communication between contractor and booking agent ut the car ws pick up on the day the driver said it would be. Thats all I have for know but will update when the car arrives next week. BTW. The actual name of the company that is transporting thee car is SDM Transport. Maybe you can book them direct. They did look professional and had an AP on their phone where they took photos of the car and a contract was emailed to me within 15 minutes of the car being picked up.

  40. Calling on all my fellow carriers STAY AWAY FROM Car Hauling Services LLC based in miami, FL 33194……the guy is joke. you haul for him and he will block your the minute the load is delivered…..he will block you from contacting him via central……so piece of advise….you see Car Hauling Services LLC based in miami, FL 33194 ……………………………RUN……………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Hi I may be able to offer some helpful advise.
    I operate a heavy haul company and we also have to deal with dishonest trucking companies and brokers being a trucking company ourself.
    1st thing if you are looking for a transporter, be it a trucking company or broker always get a FMCSA snapshot of their company first. You can do this by going to https://safer.fmcsa.dot.gov/CompanySnapshot.aspx this will give you an idea of who you are dealing with from the government. It is a free search.
    2nd is to inquire if they are a transport broker or a trucking company, the difference is that a broker doesnt own any trucks or has any drivers and doesnt carry any insurances that protect your cargo. They get your money and then look for a truck willing to haul it always at a much lesser amount than what you have agreed to pay the broker.
    3rd never ever pay up front for booking fees or what ever they want to call it, once they get their money from you then they dont really care when it gets moved.
    If you hire a broker there is a surety bond that they have had to pay to have their brokerage authority that allows them to conduct interstate commerce, ICC MC number is always important to get right away. If things go bad you can put a lean on that bond.

    As far as finding a reputable transport company do your homework. Its your due diligence.

  42. These company’s are getting very good at looking official. I was in the process of ordering a 1969 Charger from Poland. After providing me with all the legal paperwork, stamps for shipping,scan codes, vehicle condition form and a packet of information, I felt confident. They website looked very well presented and even provide sbip tracking. Then they requested I wire transfer the money to their location in order to begin the shipping process. The seller has provided me with pictures of himself, id, and hopes I send some of myself. He sent the shipping company to “the location of the car” and is now awaiting to be shipped in Gdunsk. Unfortunately they don’t do any other payment than wire transfers. Since I am hesitant the seller is becoming very frustrated claiming he thought I was a serious buyer. Which I am. Did more in depth research. They came up on a scammers page. If I can post the paper work here I will for others reference.

  43. For all the carriers out there and all the people shipping their car trying to reach a carrier and not use a broker go to www.allcarhaulers.com

    Transport Tracker never changed from Carrier Assignment. I.e. Current Status: Awaiting confirmation that your shipment has been picked up). At the time I am writing this the status has not changed, but the car was finally delivered. Scheduled for Wednesday 6/26 by Z & $ transport. Z & $ could not deliver to my residence. Insisted I go to Walmart 21 miles away. Finally we settled on a parking lot at a bowling alley, but the driver could not off load the vehicle because of an inoperable motor on the transport. After ~ 3 hours standing in a parking lot with ZERO support from Road Runner and Z & S the car was to be taken back to Philadelphia. Road Runner stated that delivery would be made Thursday or Friday. The car was finally dropped to me Friday at ~ midnight 6/28.

  45. Slipped through the cracks slipped through his mind LOL you can't even tell when you call that number though that lady does not sound professional I would have hung up right away

  46. Similar thing happened to me with a different broker. I bought a salvage vehicle from IAAI; everything went smoothly until it was time to transport the vehicle. TOTAL NIGHTMARE! The problem is that these brokers field offers on the same board, so once you commit to a broker, you are stuck with them. If you try to chargeback and switch to another broker, your transport rates will only go up because a competitor uses the same board to field offers…. I would've been better off renting a tow truck and driving the vehicle across country myself!

    My issue is that when you purchase a salvage vehicle at IAAI, you MUST pick up the vehicle within 3 business days. I am in eastern USA, and the vehicle is in the midwest. Any day after that third day, IAAI charges a $40 storage fee! So my TOTALLY INEPT BROKER failed FOUR TIMES to get an effective truck to pick up my car, and every day that passes I am charged $40! I should've hired a local towtruck, had it towed to PepBoys, then had the transport company pick up there… Or, I should've flown to that location and driven a rental tow truck back home. It's insane how inept my broker was!

  47. The auto transport industry needs to have a government intervention. This industry is terrible and I will never ever ship a car anywhere by a transport company. I will get the car myself even if it means renting the equipment to move the vehicle. I was ignorant to the facts of how these companies worked. I thought that the companies had their own trucks and drivers. Not the case , I made about 4 inquiries to get a quote and then my phone was taken over with companies giving me quotes. I’m only human and like anybody else I was looking for the best price I could get. I was getting quotes anywhere from $1200.00 down to $600.00, so when someone tells me they will get my car from point a to point b for a certain price that’s what I expect especially since a contract is involved. Well I contracted with a company to bring my car to me for $600.00 and after a couple of days the car wasn’t picked up I called the broker and was told I had to raise my price that’s when I found out that the industry is comprised of brokers who list your move and drivers who look at the site your move is listed on and decide if they want the job or not. I would think that someone would tell you that this is how it works instead of just saying I can move your car for x amount of dollars. Well after raising my price up I finally get a driver to accept the job. Boy did I get a driver , my car shows up with 20 more miles then it left the dealership with, plus it had 3 bent push rods. The wrapping sound when the driver started my car put me in an instant state of shock , when I said the car didn’t wrap like that when he picked it up the driver replied and said yes it did and the contract states that the vehicle either runs or it doesn’t. It doesn’t state how it runs, well I purchased the vehicle from a reputable dealer and I was shown video of the vehicle running and the wrapping wasn’t there on the video and the dealer assured me there’s no way he would send a vehicle out like that unless it was understood that it was doing that before the deal was completed. The dealer had put a set of temporary tags on the vehicle in case the driver had trouble getting into my neighborhood and I would have to meet him away from my house . The tags were put on so I could drive the car home legally, not for someone to joyride and damage my engine. Like I said at the beginning of this reply THIS INDUSTRY NEEDS A GOVERNMENT INTERVENTION.

  48. Great video. Thank you for your efforts to clean up this industry. I know I’m showing up to this party very late but if you ever need to ship a vehicle again please feel free to contact me anytime. I’m John York and I work at Beacon Shipping Logistics. You can reach me anytime, 7 days a week on my company cell 401-340-8440. There is too much of this nonsense going on in auto shipping and I take it personally because I like to think of myself as an honest guy in this business and I feel that more people would be comfortable shipping their vehicles if they didn’t have to worry about things like this occurring. I make myself directly available to all customers, you’ll never be put on hold or have to go through extensions to reach me. I hate the sound of my voice on record but I’ll give you permission right here and now to record and use my voice if you place an order for a shipment with us. At Beacon we don’t ask for deposits (and we own our own building). 🙂 I hope this transport in your video ended better than it began.

  49. Auto Movers USA LLC , BWT GROUP LLC, Elite Auto Shipper…. Stay away from these frauds. I tried to have my rx350 transported from Orlando to Lincoln. Promised me to do that for 800 bucks, when the so-called pick-up day came they asked for additional 150 bucks to do job with stupid excuses. never again !

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