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How Automobiles Work

My name is Guðmundur Sigurðarson and I am the general
manager of Vistorka. Vistorka is a limited
company here in Akureyri. Our job is to implement
and introduce solutions for the people living in Akureyri. So they can live as environmental-
friendly lifestyle as possible. The process that we are using
for the bio methane is that there’s an old landfill
site here in Akureyri that we closed a few years ago
and we take the landfill gas and produce methane and this is a
well-known technic around the world. We have a one-filling tanking
station here in Akureyri now. For me living in,
and just for everybody, the energy we use every day is electricity, heating and of
course some food for ourselves, but then we use energy
for moving places in the car or just for transport. So we had this decades ago,
we had the green electricity, we had the geothermal hot water and now we are changing the
energy for the transport sector and the plan is to have everything
running on green energy, all the transports here
in Akureyri, before 2030. We are of course worried
about the conditions here, we have high hills, steep hills,
we have snow, we have icy roads, so would this bus be good, running
on methane in these conditions? We’ve had the buses
now for over a year and with no problems. We have fewer cars on
the roads because of this. With a big small city like this
one we have two big colleges, we have a university, everybody
getting to work at the same time, it’s a great service. The benefits of
getting rid of fossil fuel, of course we use our own energy,
we will be more sustainable. Because we are an island we
need to import a lot of things and if we can get rid
of importing energy that will be a great success. And that is of course our goal. We chose Scania buses for the
public transport in Akureyri through a bidding process. It was an open bidding process
and this was the best offer and we’d been extremely
happy with the buses and that’s why we’re getting
the third one next year.

14 thoughts on “Biofuel-powered buses in Iceland

  1. SCANIA lo mejor siempre . Y q nivel de vida .cuando pueda me voy a vivir a Islandia .aca no se puede mas

  2. I also strongly believe that bio methane is the future of the transportation industry. Thanks Scania for taking the lead in this conversion process that other companies are unfortunately not doing enough. Taking care of the world that my children will know while still making the best trucks and buses on the road is remarkable I think.

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