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This then is the new 6th generation BMW M5.
It has a 600 horsepower 4.4-litre twin turbocharged V8 and to put that onto the road it has four-wheel-drive.
On the outside, subtle isn’t it? It looks a bit like any other 5-series. It isn’t
pumped up, muscled out like say a BMW M2 but look closer. There are vast cooling ducts
at the front, quad exhausts surrounding a diffuser at the rear and in between those,
a carbon fibre roof. What’s it like? This is a big car, you know, it’s 5 metres long,
sort of 2 metres wide, 1.95 tonnes. Actually, this is a twisty road and it’s quite pleasant
actually, it’s quite appealing, it feels quite dynamic, everything is on, four-wheel-drive
is on in its stable mode but because the steering is quite quick, not much more than 2 turns,
2 and a bit turns, that’s quite a fast direction change but isn’t nervous in a straight line
which is important in a car like this, isn’t it? Because it’s built for going ridiculous
speeds on autobahns but let’s say that you don’t just want to go quietly, smoothly
and easily from one place to another, you want a bit more dynamism. Okay, so
there’s quite a lot to talk you through mechanically which is why I’ve stopped.
There’s a 4.4 litre V8 at the front, there was before, but this one has new turbochargers, the injection
pressure is up to 350 bar and it now drives through a conventional automatic rather than
a dual clutch auto. More significantly than that, it drives through all four wheels but
this is where it all gets heinously complicated. Right, we get modes for everything. Right,
normally it is rear-wheel-drive biased and it pushes power to the front when it needs
it, that’s even in standard four-wheel-drive mode. There is also a sport four-wheel-drive
mode which puts even more power to the back and then only a little bit to the front and
then if you do certain things with your stability control to turn it off, you can put it exclusively
into rear-wheel-drive, as well you might. But even with DSC off, you can still choose
between the three different four-wheel-drive modes and they still do three different things.
On top of that, there are three modes for the engine response, sport, sport plus, efficient.
There are three modes for the adaptive dampers, comfort, sport and sport plus. There are three
modes for the steering weight, doesn’t change the steering speed or anything, it’s just
electric power assisted steering, conventionally but you can put that into comfort, which is
light, through to sport plus which is really heavy. On top of all of that as well and on
top of your gear lever, instead of just a sport mode for the gear lever, god there’s
a sport mode for the gear lever as well. You can also then put these up and down on it
and it just changes the sort of revs that the gearbox changes up at, I quite like that
actually, that works quite well. Anyway, well let’s go for a drive and we’ll see how
all of this pans out. I will start off then with everything in soft
mode, if you like. So I’ve got the engine in efficient, I’ve got the dampers in comfort,
I’ve got the steering weight in comfort, the noisy exhaust off. This is, after all
a business express so it’s fair to assume there will be times when all you want to do
is sit back, relax, just get to somewhere briskly, quietly and easily. So, reasonably
comfortable actually, the engine is, what we’re doing 94 kmh so 50 mph and the engine
has faded to a nothingness, gearbox is changing up quickly, smoothly, easily and the ride
is fine. You can get 19” wheels as standard, you can get 20’s as an option, this is them.
Comes on a sort of not quite iron disk as standard with carbon ceramics as an option.
They reduce the unsprung mass as well as just lasting a bit longer on circuit. Let’s put
it in, confirm, driving stabilisation. Right, now I’m in DSC off. You see, this is where
it’s daft isn’t it? It’s just too much going on, because I need to go to the menu,
need to go to vehicle, go to M setup, My xDrive, right now I can start changing that, but I’m
already on the road I want to be on so I possibly think there’s too much going on on the choice
front. It’s no wonder you have to have two of these buttons up here which have got a
thing programmed in but anyway I’m going to go into four-wheel-drive sport. In any
of the four-wheel-drive modes, it’s supposed to only really put power to the front when
the rears start to slip. So, right so the thinking is, it’s mostly rear-wheel-drive
anyway and pushes power to the front when it needs to so it kind of feels BMW-ish in
that front engine, rear-wheel-drive fashion all the time anyway. Let’s put me exhaust
on, there’s yet another thing you can change! It does augment the noise slightly through
the speakers which is why it sort of comes through there but by all accounts, BMW has
tried to up the ante of that exhaust noise and I think it’s fair to say they’ve probably
succeeded actually. Not as angry as an E63 AMG, those AMG engines do make a really special
noise inside and out, this is more refined than that I guess, more subdued. The same
goes for the exterior doesn’t it really? This is a bit more, actually I think probably
the ride comfort to, this is a bit more of an executive car that then does the sports
saloon stuff when you really want it to. An E63 is always that bit more angry, that bit
more edgy. I tell you what, this is good, this has got loads of poise and even, interesting,
even on the road just if you just give it a little bit of a tickle of the throttle out
of the corner it just straightens the line even in four-wheel-drive sport mode. It’s
quite rewarding, engaging, I like that. However the most amount of fun, I suspect will come
if you put it in two-wheel-drive, we might need a circuit for that. We have one, not
for very long, couple of laps. That’s ESC deactivated, configure xDrive and now I’m
in two-wheel-drive and immediately there’s the sort of benin balance that a big leisurely
rear-wheel-drive car… Oh I like it, I like it, I like this car a lot. But let’s see
what it’s like to experience on the road in two-wheel-drive mode, I suspect 95% of
the time you won’t notice any difference whatsoever but just as you exit corners it
just does feel that little bit more agile. Never gets quite as angry as an E63, does it? It
never gets quite as growly but it’s always that little bit softer I think, it’s always
that little bit more subtle, I suppose M cars quite often are. You know what, I think I
rather like that, I think you’d rather like that too. What I like about it is it’s not
just doing what an E63 does, the AMG and BMW M both do pretty different things, similar
things but in a slightly different way and I’ve got an awful lot of time for both of
them actually. Which would you chose? You know I think it’s a really tough question
and probably a question for another day.

100 thoughts on “BMW M5 2018 review | New Mercedes-AMG E63 rival tested | Autocar

  1. Why the British reviewers always pretend this car is so complicated to set it up? You basically set it up ONCE when you get the car and then you're good to go. And all you will need are the two M buttons which is absolutely genius.

  2. I have a 2011 BMW 550I XDRIVE and it isn't obviously as sporty as an M5 but man does it handle great and ride so smooth. Plus 400hp and 450tq definitely helps the fun haha

  3. It's a wonderful looking car and all those drive train modes are pretty cool if you ask me but I think the AMG must be more fun (especially with turbos inside the engine and the unique AMG sound).
    If it had a N.A V12 or 10 I think it would have worked better.
    But then I am not the one who drove it and it looks like the tester rather liked it !

  4. What if the Audi RS6, E63s and M5 were all nice cars and opinionated fan boys on the internet, who haven't driven the opposition, are talking out their ass ??

  5. Find someone else to do a review of a 2018 M5. Wow.
    Turd car with a turd driver…AMG E63 will eat this 4750lb for lunch…

  6. Autocar is a publication ahead of being a video content producer. So it’s kind of understandable that when you get your average car journalist to make videos. You’re getting minimal charisma.

  7. "It's QUITE pleasant actually, it feels QUITE dynamic… because the steering is QUITE quick not much more than two turns, two and a bit turns, thats QUITE a fast direction."

    Excellent Journalism.

  8. Such a bad review… also makes me laugh how you moan about there being different modes and ways to configure it. You are implying the user needs to configure it every time they turn it on when they don’t. The user can save their modes to the way it suits them and save via the buttons. Also, if there wasn’t the settings you would moan it’s not got quite the right setting, you would want it a little more this and that.
    Frustrating to watch…

  9. Love the look of the M5. The front reminds me of the E39 , and I like that it doesnt look too aggressive like the E63

  10. I'd have this over the new (very tempting E63). Beneath all the systems, it seems the car has a wonderful balance to it, and it brings more enjoyment more of the time unlike the last M5.New E63 looks great (from the front) and sounds awesome, but i suspect is a little one dimensional. can't wait for a twin test.

  11. Again, you pays your money you make your choice, if you like BMW’s or you like Merc’s that’s fine, just don’t make black n White statements.

  12. This is painful, painful to watch. 8 minutes of unnecessary waffle. This guy is boring! His voice grates on me. He has the enthusiasm of a dead dog. He needs to get sacked off because he's shit! This is how an M5 should be reviewed. Take note Autocar! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWS8yZcdrcE 53 minutes long too!

  13. Where was the filmed? Regarding the car, I just can't believe that with every new M car launched, I keep liking the AMG offering more. That really wasn't the case 10 or so years ago.

  14. Where's the testing? This is just a Video of a sunday drive.

    Didn't see, 0 – 60 mph OR 0 – 100 kph ACTUALLY being tested?
    Didn't see a 1/4 mile run or a lap of a track (time)?

    The (7 sec)of Info.,was just factory claims, Not ACTUAL testing, WTF?

  15. BMW’s have always driven better than Audi’s or Merc’s it’s a fact anyone who says otherwise hasn’t driven them

  16. “There will never be a turbo charged M Car”

    “Our customers do not require 4wd M cars”

    “Fuck it, let’s just copy what Audi has been doing, and ignore what we have previously sneered at, and make a turbo awd M car. “

    They’ll forget what we said in the past. Besides Mercedes gave into it first.

    Folks at Quattro gmbh must be smiling at the U turn.

  17. Heavy, over-tech pretender AND….fake sound! No thanks. Give it 7 years and all the tech will start to go wrong.

    What happened to M cars?!? From the purist lightweight E30, to this…

    Autocar, forget the Advertising revenues and get real. This is bloated heavyweight BMW with an 'M' badge on it.

  18. I am a massive BMW fan, and I am sure the new M5 is brilliant, but from what I have seen so far is the the E63 does everything the M5 can do but be more special, have bit more of a occasion. Ever since the e60 and e90 M cars the engines have been lacking in character and wow/star factor. These new engines are the sensible choice. That is not the M way! the 335 and 535 is all the engine you would ever need on paper. You used to get a M car because it was a bit mad/silly/insane, but at the same time was composed and handled well at the track. Now they just handle well at the track. just my 2 cents on where I think BMW have gone wrong.

  19. Porsche Panamera turbo and the Audi RS7 are far more desirable than this boring rep mobile with wannabee AWD. It looks indistinguishable from the boring diesel modes from the side and front. Boring German tosh. And what the fuck is with that music in the background when he’s trying to talk and explain. Boring car, sub par review.

  20. Autocar for the love of motoring please get rid of this guy…..a wooden plank has more character than this guy……are times this desperate at autocar…….

  21. Just reading the comments section and my God some people are poor knowledge and choice of words the M division has dominated for the last three decades remember that guys even when Mercedes went all wheel drive and obviously Audi already had all-wheel drive already BMW was still pulling out crazy numbers with rear-wheel-drive 560 horsepower

  22. I don't get the point of these turbo-charged V8s…they sound shite. If you don't get a raucous raw NA sound, then you might as well buy a Tesla or not bother with the sound at all.

    The Guila Quadrifoglio sounds incredible compared to this…and that's a bloody V6!!!

  23. Why didn't you program the two M button before you set off???
    Then you bitch about the faffing around when you're already on your way???
    Quite a stupid, contrived way of making it look inordinately technical when its actually not.

  24. Trying to decide between this and an E63s and it's not easy. I love my current M3 but after driving the E63 I am tempted to switch. The noise was incredible. Really nice interior too. Can't wait to drive an M5 to help make up my mind.

  25. As always triggered AMG cunts crying, really colds me from beautiful Mercs. I don’t hate Mercs but it’s cunts is so toxic and salty I’m starting to hate it also.


  26. AMG 63s sadly will slay the Bimmer. Too bad Bavaria lost their way trying to chase the female customer. My E39 M was simply the last best Saloon Sport Sedan.

  27. looks like a car you would get in a old "need for speed" fantasy game, with all thoose options and buttons!.. Just make a car that drives well? maximum 1 knob that says "race", would be enough

  28. For such an anticipated vehicle by such a unique community this review was a disaster. Stopped watching after 2 minutes. Ruining my opinion of the car.

  29. It doesn’t looks as good as e63 . E63 has more torgue which i guess makes it faster in head to head . It’s just another bmw m5 that looks almost the same like previous m5 and it doesn’t speak to me at all . Sorry bmw but mercedes e63 amg s is just something special and still sounds like a real v8 if compare to new m5 that doesn’t sound like a v8 at all .

  30. E63 > Panamera Turbo > CTS-V > M5=GS-F I was a huge BMW fanboy. I've had a 128i vert, E90 M3 competition, 2011 X5M, and currently DD a 2016 X5M. SUV's are great but the rest are shit. Only current production M car I think is true to its roots is the M2.

  31. Only 10% owners take m5 to track or even drive it to limits why not a glass roof you spending over 100k u need to have all the luxury it’s not that we can’t live without it just good to see rain drops on roof and sun shine or just a nice clouds while driving just my opinion

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