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So you’re in the market for a new compact
sport-ute, who isn’t these days, but because you like to drive the thought of owning one
of the mainstream models is less than appealing. Well BMW has the antidote and I’m not talking
about one of their 6 figure jobs. This is the high performance variant of the
X4, known as the M40i. BMW has so many different models that only
those who follow this stuff closely can keep up with all of them. Five are jacked up X models and 2 of those
are designated as Sport Activity Coupes. My favorite is the mighty and sexy X6 M but
that SAC carries a sticker north of a hundred grand. So, with a starting price of about $59,000,
consider this X4 M40i a more attainable version. It ostensibly replaces the previously offered
xDrive35i model I tested a couple of years ago. It’s the first vehicle to receive this newly
developed M Performance TwinPower Turbo inline 6-cylinder engine. In addition to a higher level of turbo boost
and an increase in the amount of fuel injected, the engine has been fitted with an aerodynamically
tuned air intake manifold as well as an exhaust system optimized both in terms of back pressure
and sound characteristics in order to enhance performance. This results in more of everything: 355 horsepower,
343 pound-feet of torque and a 0-to-60mph time of just 4.7 seconds – that’s a half
a second quicker than before. Yet, gas mileage remains unchanged at 21mpg
in combined driving – on premium, of course. Besides dollar signs, the difference between
true M models and M Performance Automobiles comes down to the depth of the modifications. But the M40i is no sticker and badge job. Beyond the added horsepower and incredible
sounding exhaust, this X4 provides upgraded driving dynamics through the use of stronger
springs and stabilizers, increased camber on the front axle, and specifically tuned
adaptive dampers. The xDrive all-wheel drive system has been
recalibrated with more power routed to the rear wheels during normal operation and the
M-tuned steering offers more road feedback. The 8-speed auto with built in launch control
has been specifically engineered to this motor and the brakes get bigger in the front with
performance pads all around. You can also opt for 20” ultra-high performance
tires but my tester sticks with the more pragmatic 19” all-season run-flats. Inside, there are M touches scattered about
and hugging sport seats. So could BMW have simply called this an X4
M? It sure as heck sounds like it. For a stealthy demeanor you can choose this
Glacier Silver paint but for me, it would be Long Beach Blue or go home. I fell in love with the X4 when it first arrived
and this M Performance variant has done nothing but increase its allure. It just feels so tight and adhered to the
road that you completely forget you’re driving an SUV. This new inline 6 is a beast and the exhaust
has been tuned for awesome back pressure sounds. And you can whip this thing around turns at
sports car speeds. The front starts to feel a little light under
hard acceleration but the expertly tuned steering and adaptive suspension quickly rein it in. Because of its compact size, the X4 fits like
a glove from behind the wheel and the heads-up display allows you to keep focused on the
road ahead. You’re positioned somewhere between the
height of a sedan and a crossover, but the X4’s low center of gravity and torque vectoring
across the rear axle tricks your brain into thinking this is an M240i Coupe. It is endlessly fun to drive. And for what it’s worth, 8” of ground
clearance isn’t anything to sneeze at. Concerning the cabin, BMW’s heritage design
falls a little flat for me. I can appreciate those resisting trends but
it’s starting to come across as less than premium in here. My mostly loaded X4 M40i totals $66,545 and
still doesn’t include items such as side blind zone alert or Apple CarPlay…both optionally
available. iDrive continues to improve with version 5.0
but it’s still not quite there in terms of ease of use though the Surround View camera
system is a nice touch. The rear seat bottoms are very low, almost
3rd row-like, so your knees are way up there and in terms of spaciousness and cargo versatility,
the X4 can’t match the dimensions of the X1. But this model is all about style and performance
and as long as you’re willing to look the other way in a few areas, the X4 M40i can
be the compact SUV of your dreams.

20 thoughts on “BMW X4 M40i 2017 Review | TestDriveNow

  1. The iDrive is still not quite there in terms of ease of use? Dude are you kidding or what? BMW iDrive system is the best in the business. Period. Get your facts straight man.

  2. It's a Mid-sized suv. Not a compact. The X1 is a compact SUV. Since this is a resculpted X3, which is a mid-size SUV, this is also a mid-size.

  3. I just bought x4 m40i I had my x4 for past 3 years, I was going to get an x6 or 640i GT. But after test driving this car I had to buy it, the engine is to die for. Fun and practical car if you want to seat higher and have more storage then sedan.

  4. BMW has way too many vehicles now that essentially so exactly the same thing. Plus this naming convention… Geez.. I miss BMW of the late 90's and early 2000's. Lost interest in the brand several years ago. What a shame.

  5. I love the look, Never like a cars 'look' more than this one. but the interior is so god awful, i would rather be in a Hyundai. The interior is FAR too outdated for that excuse "you don't buy a bmw for intereior" to still be valid imho.

  6. This is a great car, handles excellently, it is not boxy, it is powerful. Nice style for those who are not into driving a UHaul type of car.

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