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What’s up YouTube, how’s it going everybody? Just wanted to give you guys a quick channel update as you can see- I’m still getting the Banshee put back together. I was a little bit distracted, but I think you guys are gonna like what I was distracted by. I’ve got a little announcement to make and I’m not gonna give it away yet. I want you guys to guess what it is. But before I get into that I wanted to thank a couple of our sponsors Thank you to Shine Armor. Shine Armor is a waterless wash shine and protect quick coat. You spray it on there. You rub it on and then when you’re done you have a ceramic coatings. So look forward to the Shine Armor review video coming up soon. Thank you again Shine Armor for sending me your product to check out and review. I’ll be posting the review video for that soon. Also a huge thank you to Auxbeam. Auxbeam being sent me this nice light bar to review. This is a single row light bar- a little bit different than the other light bars that I’ve tested in the past. It has one large row of LEDs down the middle. So look for a test video of that coming up soon. I’m gonna be replacing the YXZ light bar with this one I have feeling it’s gonna be quite a bit brighter than the one that we’re running now So thank you again to Auxbeam. Look forward to a lengthy review video on that soon. And also thank you to Shine Armor Look forward to a quick review video about that once we get it applied. And so as you guys can see the Banshee is still in pieces. I don’t have it quite put back together yet. I got a little bit distracted by another project. I think you guys are gonna like the other project though. It has taken up quite a bit of my time the Banshee kind of got put on hold and left sitting for now until I could finish up this other project So I just really am excited to have the opportunity to get a new ATV like this and I can’t wait to show you guys and mod it upgraded it suit to my riding needs. to my trail riding style. So here we go without any further delay. I’ll go ahead and cut now to the scene where we are shopping for the new toy Alright guys, I’m here at Redding Yamaha Sea Doo And thank you to Redding Yamaha Sea Doo for letting me film this video here today Taking a look at these beautiful rides they have out here This one’s a Yamaha Wolverine x4 four seater Beautiful ride Really strongly considered something like this instead of our YXZ But the backseat is just really small I’m not sure if you could really even fit an adult come comfortably back here It’s more for like kids I guess That’s the Wolverine x4 Another Wolverine x4- this one’s in gray This is a maverick trail 1000 It’s really narrow. See like the width wise extremely narrow But I think it’d be pretty cool for trails Really open-cockpit down there compared to the YXZ. There’s like an open-cockpit down on the bottom Interesting Looks like another can-am trail white model white can-am trail It’s like much more narrow but it’s a totally different design this looks like an 800 model That’s the 1000 trail and this is the 800 Can-am trail 800 Then we get into the real big big bad boys Here’s a turbo R It’s a maverick x3 xrs 4 seater Look at that This is an 800 R Commander commander 800 R This is a pretty cool rig Smells like a new car in here It really does it has a heating and air conditioning like a toolbox on the dash Defroster And this is the can-am defender h10 that comes with a winch What is this one hd10 so it’s the same thing but without the cab and a four-door oh Yeah, this backseat on this looks like way bigger You Okay guys so I’m not gonna do the big final reveal I’m gonna make you wait and I’m gonna make you guys guess. What do you think? It’s gonna be? is it gonna be a brand new YFZ450R? Brand new Raptor 700? Or a Yamaha Grizzly You guys vote let me know what you think below they all have their advantages a YFZ 450 I feel like it’s a really great bike on the track and on the trail. They’re definitely more I feel intended for an aggressive rider The YFZ450 is kind of a high-strung type of power band even for a four-stroke They don’t tend to really want to lug along and go slow They do have that kind of explosive top-end, but they’re a race oriented quad. There’s no reverse and They are super lightweight compared to most other four-wheelers Especially utility four-wheeler or the Raptor 700 which is kind of a larger beast. Now the Raptor 700 It’s great all-around quad I feel like it does good in both the low and high end the Raptor 700 Bruiser that we have had for several years My wife actually enjoys riding that even though she’s a smaller person She can get right on there and handle it. The Raptor has no problem going slow I feel like cruising along with the Raptor at slower speeds is much more comfortable and for that it makes a much better all-around trail quad, but it does have that top end power grunt when you want to haul and really go fast. I mean it is a 700cc quad. Fuel injected 700cc quad, ton of power now the Grizzly I don’t really know a lot about I did have a Big Bear 350 when I was younger It was one of the first Yamaha four-wheelers I ever rode was the Yamaha 350 full-time four-wheel-drive quad utility style quad for cruising the trail now the advantages of something like that obviously having four-wheel drive you could push through heavy snow and mud a little bit easier than you would have to charge through on a sport quad like 450 or the 700. With the Grizzly you could also carry a lot more gear so camping trips fishing hunting things like that would be a lot easier on a utility vehicle something like that You can go a lot further out into the woods The range is gonna be a lot better plus you can carry more fuel on a utility vehicle Now the setbacks obviously a big huge vehicle like that. It’s going to be heavier. It’s going to be a little bit harder to handle Through the trails you’re not going to be able to really just go through fast in the rough whoops and things like that They weigh quite a bit more. There’s a lot more moving parts to them The other thing about utility quads as most of them do not have a manual clutch I do like having the manual clutch I do find them a lot more enjoyable to ride If you want to engage the clutch and then drop it to do a burnout or a wheelie or something like that It just seems to be a lot more fun when you do have a manual clutch. So what do you think it’s gonna be guys tell me your thoughts What’s your ah- what do you guess I’m gonna get I’m gonna be doing an announcement video soon to tell you what the new four-wheeler is But I wanted to give everyone a chance to guess first. Sorry, I won’t be posting that today But I hope you guys enjoyed the video. Anyhow, please don’t forget to like this video and share it Subscribe and please hit that bell icon if you want to be notified of future TrailBlogger videos I do have a lot of videos planned coming up soon as you can see I’ve been hard at work on the Banshee and I have been taking videos as I’ve been going along so I will be posting a Banshee rebuild video and that project is complete in addition to this new project that I’m working on. So thanks for watching everybody I’ll be talking to you soon

100 thoughts on “Buying a Brand New Four Wheeler – Let’s Go ATV Shopping!

  1. I think it will be grizly because you already have banshee wich is more sporty. You don't have any utility so…

  2. It’s gotta be the leftover 2018 Yamaha YFZ 450 SE!! Love the color scheme on it plus the powder coated frame! Noah my man new you’d miss the YFZ haha

  3. Oooh! Nice work Trailblogger, new toys are always fun! Based on the fact you had to sell your old one I'm gonna guess the YFZ 450R, then again maybe could be the Raptor haha 😂👌👌

  4. Where I live I found a 2006 yfz450 for 2200 great shape but hasn't sold in 2 years because everyone around here only has 4×4 quads or sidexside so I think I could get it for cheaper that's a good deal right and he never rides it in 5 years only 1 time and it sounds so good. Not sure its exact year but its black an yellow

  5. I think the grizzly but I would not recommend it though because we had a lot of problems with the one we had

  6. I’m thinking 700 or Grizzly. Since bruiser is a little older maybe it’s time to give it a bit of a break, although i know it’s still nice. Or grizzly because you’ve already got 3 awesome sport quads

  7. Which store do you prefer, Red Bluff Yamaha or Redding (RYS)? I have baught a few bikes from RYS but never Red Bluff. I'm getting a YXZ next year and hear great things about the Folks in Red Bluff. I like the owner in Redding and have had no problems with the folks there. It seems like you baught your YXZ in Red Bluff. What are your thoughts?

  8. If your leaning towards the grizz, the utility machines are pretty great. I ride a raptor but i purchasee the can am outlander 650 from RYS for my wife and I rode it at the Deen Lee poker run at the dam and had a blast. I was with a fast group ( KTM, RENEGADE 1000 and a couple of other sport quads along with a buddy on a King Quad 750). We rode the two wheeler course and the Can Am was amazing. Smoked the King Quad BTW. I would say however, if i were getting a 4×4 for myself it would be the renegade 1000. Pretty spendy though$$$. My bet is that you arr leaning towards the Grizz. Plenty of power with that machine but not as much as the can am's.
    Ps. If you ever want to ride around Yreka contact me. We have some pretty amazing trails.

  9. Throwing in my guess from the north woods of Wisconsin……Grizzly fantastic machine light & very sporty great ride quality and very capable machine for work or play…..I picked out a 2017 Grizzly EPS SE a few years ago….no regrets love it…but as long as it’s a Yamaha👍

  10. Okay guys I need help choosing between the 2019 yfz450r or 2019 raptor 700! It’s such a hard discussion. I recently sold my 2009 yfz450r because I want something new and I loved the yfz450r. I’m gonna be riding with three yxz1000r’s lol all my friends have sxs but I personally think quads are more fun.

  11. Raptor 700R. All day!! I’ve got a 2017 and I love mine. Riding the trail going slow no prob. Then hit 78mph on the way back home lol all round perfect bike!

  12. Yamaha can’t be beat, I have I 2002 grizzly 660 thing is awesome, haven’t had to do any work to it. And three mountain max 700 triples again awesome.

  13. Moving up to a Griz/Outlander from a is like moving from a sedan to an SUV lol. An interesting feeling.

    FYI Grizz can do wheelies. Also consider wet trail performance, a Raptor will probably endo over when it hits a water puddle, but a Grizz will swim over it. Consider that the Griz has independent rear suspension and an antiroll bar, so it can crawl as well as handle safely at high speeds.

  14. Would be way cool if a ATV you tuber would do hacks for getting best price on a new wheeler. Is it possible to get a major score?

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