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100 thoughts on “Cafe Racer (2017 Top 10 Best Motorcycles)

  1. Dang! Never identified the thumper. Actually, I judge this sort of machine by what it does on the track, not how many votes it gets from your followers.

  2. All very beautiful, well executed examples of creativity, and master craftsmanship! Although, for my personal tastes, I believe that the Honda Goldwing should have had the #1 spot, simply because it is so far out of the box thinking, with stunning results…

  3. Okay stud…..where are the Triumphs? Specifically the Triumph Thruxton R? The stock version of this bike blows away nearly everything here, the custom ones completely destroy everything here. Sorry pal, your life long project is bunk and a waste of your time.

  4. This channel is a inspiration no. 1 for my cafe racer project! Can you might give an info/names for the songs in this video ? 🙂 When I work on project I get more open head because this music reminds me on Cafe life 🙂 thank you in advance

  5. honestly always liked the K series Beamers over the R series Beamers but that R80 is just gorgeous.

  6. Could an experienced café racer rider please let me know how it is to ride in the rain. Does your back get dirty with the mud from the road. The reason I'm asking is because most café racers or trackers do not have any mud guards. Please let me know.

  7. So, just one question… if there so many people interested in cafe racers why there is no brand producing them?

  8. Permit a moment to fanboy a bit. I love not only your videos, your taste but also the pacing of your videos, and the pacing of the voice. It shows real mastery of the medium because I believe it must be very difficult to control a generated voice. I would love to know how you do that. I suppose you have spent many hours developing your technique. I really admire it. Well done!

  9. New for 2018, the CSC SG250 San Gabriel. It's a 230cc, air-cooled motor plus cafe racer style. Best of all, the CSC SG250 is ONLY $1995.00 – including delivery in the U.S. !!! Here's a video: https://youtu.be/KtDDBbPBMHw

  10. The Honda Rebel Cafe was amazing considering how ugly the stock bike is. Honda should hire him to design some of their bikes because they certainly can't.

  11. I wish to have one but I guess and truly believe that i will never have this kind of bike in this one life. 😉

  12. Honda goldwing has to be the 1st one here!!, gorgeous tank n fairing!!…wish if it had a seat cowl!!😍😍👌👌👍👍

  13. i watched with audio muted, friggn can't stand that computer voice tele-marketer crap. please just have normal human voice

  14. I dont understand English, but i think is impresionant your chanel! If you put! Subtitlets in spanish and you will be a crack mundial. Saludos @migo!!

  15. Great to see bikes so well built. And this time there is fabrication beyond the rider seat. Even just a little tail cone or piece makes the bikes look finished. Well done all builders.

  16. cafe racer and best bike no newer have same , only totally sick mind can say cafe racer have good. must be super big idiot if like.

  17. Robot voices are becoming really good, there pronunciation is sometimes even better than some humans.

  18. Cómo me gustaría llegar a alguno de esos top!
    Saludos a todos gente!!

  19. I have a Harley Davidson Sportster 1200 Custom XL 6,000MILES ( Hardtail Bobber ) with matching Vin #'s, 4 SALE : https://washingtondc.craigslist.org/mld/mcy/6913099933.html
    I have a video of the Bobber on my YouTube Page, Check It Out, Thanks.

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  21. Well grab a laba ding dong sprocket boys, those were some great rides. They got my throttle in a twist.😍💥💖😁

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