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I’m filming an episode for my show warped
perception where I do some crazy things with this little stirling engine right here I’ll
leave a link to that channel below if you’re not already subscribed I’ll before I finish
writing that episode I had something that I’m really curious about and that is how long
can a stirling engine like this which is considered an external combustion engine run Non-Stop
now before setting this engine up to run Non-Stop I want to show you how this engine is normally
used you have this little fuel bottle right here that you fill with alcohol you like the
wick you let it heat up that back cylinder for a few seconds then you give the engine
a little push to start it so that’s how it’s normally used how to make this engine run
Non-Stop I’m going to have to take this little alcohol bottle out and put a natural gas line
in its place which is basically an unlimited supply of fuel for this little engine this
is the hot cylinder and this is the cold cylinder and this is the heat exchanger in the middle
my guess is that the hot cylinder the cold cylinder and the heat exchanger are all going
to become about the same temperature and that is going to interrupt the stirling cycle because
I know the bigger versions of the stirling engine have like an external cooling system
hooked up to the heat exchanger so that’s what I guess is going to happen but I guess
we’ll see it seems like the heat exchanger is hot this cylinder is pretty hot as well
and it definitely lost some of its torque I’ll leave in a little longer and see what
happens yeah it’s got a little bit less torque the heat exchanger is pretty hot it’s about
250 maybe 300 degrees that I’m sure is pretty hot and this cylinder I don’t know it’s actually
pretty warm but it’s not too bad it’s maybe about a 120 or 130 degrees and I noticed it’s
making a little bit more mechanical noise now maybe some of these joints need some oil
I’m going to leave it a little bit longer and see what happens I’m pretty impressed
this thing is running Non-Stop and it’s super hot but I really thought this was going to
be more of a hot-air engine then an actual stirling engine because this heat exchanger
right here is what keeps the engine running because of the difference in temperatures
from hot to cold that was surprising it looks like this is a pretty awesome and accurate
replica of the stirling engine no doubt really impressive if you’re interested in buying
this model I’ll leave a link in the description below but this is good news for me because
this means that I can push this engine farther and harder and see how much it can take and
that is going to be my episode I find it really interesting that all this engine uses is are
two pistons and an external heat source to produce power it’s kind of hard to wrap your
head around if you think about it but that’s what the stirling engine is so that’s it for
this video let me know your experiences with the stirling engine and if you like this kind
of stuff subscribe hit the Bell check that out there’s a couple options there and that’s
about it see you soon

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