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[Music] Hi. My name is Danny and I’m a Canon
Technical Support Representative. In this video we’ll be talking about the
auto focus system on the Canon EOS 7D Mark II digital SLR camera. First let’s
get started with the basics. The auto focus feature allows the camera and the lens to focus automatically on the subject to help you get a sharp photo.
The 7D Mark II camera has three auto focus modes: One Shot, AI Servo, and AI Focus. These modes are selectable when the camera is in Aperture Priority, Shutter
Priority, Program, and Manual modes. Use one shot mode when you’re shooting
landscape, macro photography, or any other subject that is still or not moving at a
rapid pace. When your subject is moving fast, switch your auto focus mode to AI Servo. This will allow the camera and the lens
to lock focus on your subject and track it as it moves within the frame. AI Servo
can be perfect for sports, dance, and bird in flight photography just to name a few.
AI Focus is the mode in between One Shot and AI Servo. In this mode the camera
determines if the subject in the frame is moving or not when you acquire focus.
For example, when using AI Focus mode on a moving subject the focusing system
performs just like AI Servo mode. The focus points will automatically track
the subject. If the subject stops moving but you want to have the focus locked on
just in case the subject moves again, keep holding down the AF-ON button or
keep your shutter button pressed halfway. This will allow the AI Focus mode to
track the subject once it starts moving again. Now if the subject stops moving
altogether, you can release the button that you’re using for autofocus and
press it again to re-acquire focus. By doing this, AI Focus performs just like
One Shot mode. Additionally the 7D Mark II camera has selectable auto focus area selection modes that work in conjunction with the auto focus modes. One Shot AF
mode works best and it’s more precise when using Spot AF or One Point AF. Use the center focusing point or move the focusing point around using the
joystick on the back of the camera to precisely place it on the subject. Expand
AF area, Expand AF area: Surround, Manual select: Zone AF, Manual select: Large Zone AF, and Auto selection: 65 pt AF can also be used with One Shot. Just be
careful because you run the risk of your focus point jumping to another point
that you don’t want to use. Since the AI Servo and AI Focus modes are mainly used for shooting moving subjects, the Expand AF area, Zone AF, and Auto Selection: 65
pt AF work best. These settings give the camera more focusing points to lock
onto the subject with. Using all of the cameras 65 focusing points on a subject with a busy background is sometimes not ideal. The focus might lock on to the
background instead of the subject that you’re tracking. Expand AF area or Zone
AF area might work better in this situation. Also, some focusing points may
be unavailable depending on the lens used. Please check your user manual for
compatibility. This concludes the brief overview of the Canon EOS 7D Mark II
camera’s auto focus system. Check out our video titled Autofocus Cases where we’ll
talk about the different auto focus cases and when to use them. For more how to
videos, please visit our YouTube channel. Thank you for watching!

6 thoughts on “Canon EOS 7D Mark II Auto Focus Guide – Getting Started

  1. Hi Canon, perhaps you can help me. I've just bought the Canon 7d MII, and I've been trying to do some milkyway time lapse, but I cannot go beyond 15 seconds after setting the main aspects in M mode. Am I doing something wrong or is it that this camera can only reach 15 seconds max being "open" when taking the photo of the MWay? Thks in advance for your help

  2. Thks a lot Canon for helping me. I was a bit lost with so many functions but I got it! Have a nice day

  3. My camera says "this function is not available during Live view shooting” when I press the physical AF button in the upper right of the camera. As in this video at 2:00 shows…. my camera does not seem to do this. Any suggestions on how to get it to show on the LCD screen? As it is right now it only seems to work through the Viewfinder.

  4. Got a quick question. While shooting in the Green Auto Mode, I've noticed my action shots are getting blurry while shooting in the high speed cont mode. I always thought that the auto focus would be focusing continuously while shooting in this mode. Not true. It only focuses on the first shot or do I have a setting turned off? PS Most shooting is in the Auto mode and some in the Av mode with the Bracketing on.

  5. I hope canon can improve the viewfinder as its really small…i wad planning to buy 80D…but ill go for 7D MARK 2 cause of its bigger view finder…pls canon try to improve the VF in the new models and make it bigger with fast AF…thx

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