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How Automobiles Work

One of the really important tools that we’re
going to require in washing our car today is the towels we dry it. Now my name’s Dow.
And I’m going to go through the proper towels to use and have available as we wash our car.
My favorite is the microfiber towel. What it does is it cleans well, it doesn’t tend
to keep contaminates in it so we don’t scratch vehicles with it. On our high end details
and car washing here at the Firehouse Car Wash we keep these readily available and we
use these. One of the tricks we have here at our shop is we always tear the tags off
when they get the towels in. So this is a new towel. Even a soft towel like this this
plastic tag could scratch or damage a vehicle so you could never be too careful in the things
you’re using to clean your car. One of the old fashioned and still tricks of the trade
is the shammy. A good large shammy is the best way to strip the water from the car initially
and have a streak free drying. So this can be an expensive tool, $15, $20 but it’s well
worth the cost because it does such a great job in caring for your car. Combination of
the shammy and the microfiber towel are really what we use in our hand wash customers. We
have high end customers that’ll come in with expensive cars and we really stay away from
the terry cloth cotton towels on those expensive cars. It’s not to say this is bad. It doesn’t
do a good job. Make sure first of all you have 100% cotton terry towel. What you don’t
want is to grab the gold towel that you were given at a trade show or that you’ve been
given somewhere. They’re typically not 100%. Make sure you don’t have a towel with a grommet
in it. I’ve seen people grab the old towels out of the garage. That’s not what you want
on your car. This commonly where scratches occur in the cleaning process is someone will
grab a dirty towel or the towel will fall on the ground and they’ll pick it up and keep
washing the car. THe fastest way to damage your paint is to have the wrong towel. It’s
got dirt in it, it hasn’t been properly washed. And once you start using it you might want
to have two or three. As you can see here in our shop we keep stacks of towels. This
is our cart here. We’ve got different colored towels for different things. For example a
red towel is going to clean the inside of a car. It’s never going to be on the outside
of a car. You don’t want a towel that someone’s been wiping wheels and grime off a bumper
inside cleaning an instrument panel, the console, the dash, that area. We use blue towels for
the exterior of the car. Red towels for the interior of the car. The yellow towels kind
of on our upholstery, or not on our upholstery but in our detail shop they use these to keep
things separate because they again want the highest and best quality towels for the high
end cars that we’re doing. And that really wraps up what we do as far as towels.

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