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100 thoughts on “Carbon Fiber Parts For My CR250!

  1. Will you make a Supermoto out of it somewhere in the future? Or try to get it street "legal"? Great video!!

  2. Carbon fiber is one of my favorite types of materials it looks amazing and the shine on it in the sun is amazing you can also do all typs of colors now to thos parts look amazing cant wait to see what color your gonna be doing on the forks

  3. Man i like your vids but it feels like you are milking it. Just finish the bike and start a new one. 😉

  4. Everyone is making fun in a good way of Cameron cerakoting everything but this project is the best so far in YouTube and i watch alot of these kind off stuff
    Keep up the good work
    This Cr 250 is going to be known worldwide for sure

  5. Hey Cameron, I'd love to see you do a CR500 so you could have a righteous Honda collection with your ,125,250,500, and if you wanted to, you could even do a CR80, but only display them and keep them in SICK MODE!!!!!! Keep up the good work and stay PRYME!!!

  6. Hi Cameron !!! Your CR would be createt to a Piece of Art !!! You are a Master !!! God bless You and Your Peoples !!!! Greets from Bavaria !!

  7. Dont have Instagram im old school lol cant figure it out but i do the YouTube and you are one of the first channels i subbed thanks for the vids

  8. i have played around a bit with moulding 1 off carbon bits successfully , i think i will have a go at making 1 off custom carbon side tanks after xmass for a project bike

  9. such a badass video!!! Liked and SUBSCRIBED! Please check out my channel if you have time. All of the boys rippin the hills in our featured video. We would greatly appreciate it! and feel free to leave good or bad feedback! Thanks!!!

  10. Looks OCD incredible ! That carbon fiber disc guard is going to look thrashed in 5 or 6 rides, l know , l had one ! Went with a TM design works unit and don't have to worry about it any more and stayed looking great. I would also look for gas coming up through the threads on the recessed gas cap even with that little O ring . If that bike was mine l would be afraid to ride it, ! It's too beautiful !

  11. For the metric people out there! Weight difference between stock tank and carbonfiber tank: 382.7 grams. Holds 0,8liter more fuel.

  12. Cameron im really happy for you I can't wait until. you put the bike up as a museum piece for people like ME to admire!!!

  13. Not sure what was nicer, the butt at the start of the vid or the carbon fiber =;P Dude, are you even gonna ride that thing?

  14. I wouldn’t want to ride that bike with all the work that’s gone into it I’d put it on the wall like a picture haha

  15. Cameron, stop by your local autoparts store or Amazon and get Meguiars NXT 2.0 Tech Wax. Its a little spendy but will last you a long time. This is the best over the counter wax I have ever used. There is better stuff out there, but give it a try on your tank and your subie. It will last for months and give great UV Protection. Love the videos.

  16. Great variety of bolt ons and coatings that is available to everyone depending on budget. This bike is bad ass. Tried cerakote with excellent results. Next, powder coating. Stay pryme my friend

  17. Such a sweet project, you inspired me to pick up my own project! I just bought a KTM250SX for $80!! I made a video if you guys want to check it out 😃

  18. Ok if a normal CLARKE gas tank runs for about $250 hit me with the damage on a carbon fiber tank? $400? $500?

  19. Cameron man I bought a cleaning pad of prime mx was thanks for the pad man hanging the receipt up in my garage

  20. That tank is straight up nasty! I’m gonna contact them to see if they can make these up for a 86,87 Trx250r and 88,89 Trx250r also while I’m at it let’s see if they can make them for the Atc250r. I love that look and quality. Great score there

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