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How Automobiles Work

Paul Brown: What CareLinks
is all about is integrated transportation services
in the health sector for the three counties
of Chatham-Kent, Sarnia-Lambton,
and Windsor-Essex. And we’ve brought the agencies
that provide those services together into a new entity, a new partnership
in providing better service, with 1-800 number access, and better navigation. Glen Williams: I’m a diabetic, and I had to deal
with amputation. In the beginning, I had no idea
how I was going to get around. Like, there was a lot of travelling
involved weekly, three days a week, and I’m really, really happy
with the transportation that we’ve been getting
because I didn’t know, all this time, once I became a paraplegic,
how I was going to get around. But now – I’m at ease right now. Debbie Penner:
This new CareLink program is so important to us
at Lambton Elderly Outreach. Many of our clients live in
the rural areas of Lambton County, and without the CareLink service they’d be essentially trapped
in their own homes, or depending on family members to take them
to their medical appointments, which means missed time from
work for those family members, and added stress. So with the CareLink service, clients are able to remain
in their own home longer, stay independent, and still get
to those appointments that are so important
for their well-being. Bob Tellier: It is a blessing that we’ve got companies
like this for these people, just for the mere reason
that a lot of people – they’re in such desperation for the fact that they are – given this handicap, and the fact that they can’t afford high
rates for transportation. They are just tickled
when we’re able to pick them up and bring them
to and from hospitals. Paul Brown: The CareLinks is
meant to streamline services – and I know “streamline” may be
an overused word, but it’s meant
to provide a one-stop shop, and a one-stop phone number
for people to access. And so we see the 1-800 number
being an easy one-stop shop. We also see the opportunity
to expand those hours, and expand the booking service, and that serves to also
make programs accessible, reduces wait times
by being able to more accurately put the transportation
schedule together. And by tying together
the navigation through a software program, the ability to have, vans that may be passing
each other on the highway? Now we are going to move to having
those vans be coordinated. And rather than a van
waiting two hours in a hospital waiting for someone
to finish their service, they may be able to go out
and provide another visit. And through computerized
programming and navigation system, we think this is going
to add value to the client, to the citizens
in Erie St. Clair. Gary Switzer: We want to
develop a strategy to replace your vehicles,
keep them on the road, keep them – as I say –
“healthy,” well-maintained, and develop a 1-800 number
for your clients, that make it easier
for them to access services. And that’s what it’s all about.

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