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hi everybody today I’m going to talk
about arpeggiator and auto-harmonize. An arpeggiator transforms block chords into
arpeggiations Each note is sounded individually and repeated in a pattern this function is usually found in synthesizers and it’s commonly used in
electronic dance music to turn on an Arpeggiator Mode, HOLD function and look
for Arpeggiator and Auto Harmonize Type Select, enter and ensure that you are in an arpeggiator mode. once done, press function until you see control. then press arpeggiator. This step
will activate the arpeggiator Hold the arpeggiator button to select from the 100
arpeggiator types With the same button you also can activate the
auto harmonize function however you can only either select arpeggiator or the
auto harmonize mode at one time The auto harmonize add harmony to the melody
notes that you play with your right hand when you’re playing chords along with
auto accompaniment and add depths to your melody HOLD function, look for arpeggiator and
auto harmonize. Press enter, type select and change it to Auto Harmonize, enter. once done, go to Ctrl, press arpeggiator and
you’ll see AH display on the screen Now the Auto Harmonize is activated. Hold arpeggiator function to select the various Auto Harmonize option. In order for auto harmonize to work, you need to be in auto accompaniment mode. once you’re in auto accompaniment mode , select the chord on your left hand and play the melody on your right you’ll notice that the piano will create harmony over the melody notes you play with reference to the chord selected on your left hand that’s all for the tutorial today. see you in the next video

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