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(bass music) Luigi Gion-Francesco. Mr. Gion-Francesco, I think you were before me once before, right? No Never? That’s the second time in 50 years I’ve been in court. I went about three years ago I got a parking ticket. I parked the right place, but they give me the parking place so I came back. You turning a bad corner in life. You’re charged with going through a red light on Pleasant Valley Parkway and Valley Street. Here, Mr. Gion-Francesco the light is red. Stop it Zeke. The light is red and there, right in front of you, put the arrow please Inspector Quinn, right in front of you is a sign says, “No turn on red.” Your Honor, I’m guilty with an explanation. I went by, usually I stop it when I see that car going by. I had a problem with my stomach, I was sick that week. And my son says, he called me up and says, “Can you go shopping for me?” I say, “I cannot go because I gotta run all the time.” He said, “Please go, I just cut my finger.” ‘Cause he got a deli. I says, “Okay, I go.” So I was rushing to go, probably I didn’t pay attention. I know every stop sign I stop, and that day I don’t know what happened. I see the cop turn and I look left and right, nobody was coming and I take the right turn. Your friend that owns a deli. No, my son. Owns a deli. Deli, yeah. What kind of sandwiches does he make? You wanna good sangwich, that’s where you gotta go. You see what
Everybody. Anthony’s Italian Deli. You see what you did? You went like this, right? You know what that, Inspector Quinn? Yes judge. Uh-oh What does that mean to us? Nothing. Very good. It means nothing. (Luigi and observers laugh) Mr. Gion-Francesco. Si. You’re not supposed to do this, you’re supposed to come in with a bag. Oh. (Luigi and observers laugh) He’s closed. You’re supposed to come in with a bag, I mean. He closed early tonight. I mean, what kind of sandwiches do you make? You have meatball and pepper? He got meatballs, he got homemeade sausage, he make his own meatballs, everything. Do you help him with the meatballs? Once in a while. Yeah, how do you make ’em? Tell me, how many eggs per pound? Uh, I don’t know. He does everything. So you don’t know. I don’t know nothing about ’em. Well I’m gonna tell you right– He took my mother’s recipe. Your mother’s recipe, you don’t know. See, I already caught you, you said “I help him.” You don’t help him. No, no. I help him roll ’em once. No, I help him in the cash register. No, you don’t help. That’s all I can do. I’ve done mechanic work all my life so…. You just flunked meatballs. You don’t know anything about meatballs. No, I don’t make ’em, no. No, but if you do make ’em, it’s two eggs per pound, right? Put in some Reggiano Parmigiano cheese. Right. A little salt, a little pepper. No, he make it, he put even bread in there. You know the bread– You gotta put the hard bread, you gotta soak it in the water, right? Yes. That’s what you gotta do. He just made about a thousand meatballs last week. (Luigi laughs) Everybody here, everybody’s mouth is watering here. I will say I kinda wanna go, he said, “Please go.” I says, “Okay.” So that’s what, I hafta run and that’s my story. (everyone laughs) Alright, you’re paying court cost. Alright, thank you very much. (bass guitar riff) Certain things can instantly trigger a memory. A song, a smell, in this case it was an accent. It was in every parent’s lips in Federal Hill. It’s an endangered accent, you just don’t hear it anymore. The accents that I hear today in court come from all over the world, but they’re as equally as beautiful. But nothing brings me back to my youth quicker than Mr. Gion-Francesco making the okay sign with his left hand. You want a good sangwich, that’s where you gotta go. Darien Valdera. Good morning your Honor. This is the matter of Darien Valdera. This is case number MC059018. On October 14, 2017, at Elmwood Avenue and Roger Williams Avenue the Providence Police Department seized property for forfeiture under Chapter 15, Article 8 of the Providence Code of Ordinances. You Honor, can I please speak? Sure. Because, it’s no disrespect to anybody that works here or anything your Honor, but nobody knows the story and what truly happened but me. What happened there that day with me and that officer. You Honor, I worked at a mechanic’s shop on Elmwood Street. I was working on that bike. I had that bike, that same day I got that bike from somebody in New Hampshire around 10 o’clock. I stayed there all night until about three in the morning working on the bike. I came back early in the morning to test drive the bike so I could give it back to the owner as soon as possible like he asked for. When I was test driving the bike, the bike shut off. It seemed like the carburetor was dirty or something or the battery. The bike shut off and I was pushing it back to the garage. A police officer pulled up against me and he told me. He said, “You’re not supposed to be driving that.” I said, “Yes sir, I’m just pushing it “to the shop right there, I work right there.” He pulled me over, he towed the bike, and I’m here ever since. This is about the fourth time I come here your Honor. I know I was supposed to be here with a lawyer, but I actually don’t have any money for a lawyer. When the bike was tooken, I had to pay the owner $3500 for the bike. And then I had to pay a fine here and all this. I was supposed to appear here today with a lawyer, your Honor, but I actually just got a newborn baby and I don’t have any money really, to be spending on a lawyer. Today I started a first job, today was my first day. I had to call out and tell them that I had to come to court. I’m just trying, your Honor, I’m really just… I didn’t even know about this law that these bikes can’t be on the road. I’m really just trying to get this bike back, your Honor, so I can sell the bike. The owner of the bike told me, he said, “If you ever get a chance “to get the bike back out.” He’ll give me the money back for the bike. Is Patrolman Camenero here? No he is not your Honor. If this story is true, I’m not gonna forfeit this bike. It is your Honor, on my newborn child. Your Honor, I believe there is a $100 fine that he plead guilty to that has not been paid as of yet. I think we postponed it till today because it was at the request of the defendant to come back with counsel. But, clearly, as he stated, take your hands out… Sorry sir. Clearly, as he stated, he didn’t have the financial means for the attorney. The story I’m hearing is that he’s trying to earn a living. He doesn’t have a job, finally gets a job. He’s working on this bike, he pushing it. If that’s true, he’s pushing the bike. It is your Honor. Well, the city can appeal my motion. I’m gonna deny the motion to forfeit the bike. If I may, I just wanted to let you glance at the narrative. I see people all the time, your Honor, getting their bike taken for being on the road and riding crazy– I will let you talk a minute. I’m trying to help you and I don’t wanna hear about any other stories, okay? Yes sir. There’s a million stories in the big city. Yes sir. Now, I’m reading the report. The fact of the matter is you didn’t have a driver’s license. No sir. Alright, so. Now someone’s gonna say, “You gave a guy a break “who didn’t have a driver’s license.” So I don’t wanna hear about what this guy did that, somebody else did that. That’s not gonna help you at all. As a matter of fact, it’s gonna get me upset. Yes sir. I’m gonna deny the motion to forfeit the bike. Thank you your Honor. You can appeal the motion. No, we’ll respect your decision your Honor. You can appeal the motion or give him the bike. Your Honor, the only matter outstanding now is the $100 fine. I mean he had until today to pay it. I’ll pay that today your Honor. You’re gonna take care of that today? Yes sir. Then that’ll be fine Judge. Today. You got the hundred bucks? Yes sir, I just have to go to a ATM and come right back. Now he’s got money. (attorney laughs) Based on the facts as presented to me today, the police officer wasn’t here to testify, I’m not gonna forfeit the bike. Thank you your Honor. Good luck to you, I hope you get a job, I hope things turn around for you. I hope you get your money back on the bike. Thank you sir. I hope, when you leave, you feel that the court gave you a fair break. You did your Honor, thank you. Good luck. Just for the record, you’re one of the best judges I ever met and you have a great sense of humor. (laughter) You still gotta pay that hundred. All rise and hit Subscribe so you don’t miss the latest viral moments like this one. Share these videos and weigh in on the cases. You be the judge. Subscribe now.

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