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How, how’s it going? I’m Moto Matsalleh Dont’ forget to like this video! If I don’t get 1,000 likes I’ll cry 🙁 Today I’m going to to KTNS Penang To see a new motorcycle that will be entering the Malaysian market cfmoto 650GT So today I want to go see the cfmoto 650GT I’ve already reviewed the 650MT It has the same engine But the frame, coverset, and seating position is different The MT is more suited for adventure touring The GT is in the sport touring class The MT can take you offroad The riding position isn’t the same as the GT If you are new to the channel Welcome! I’m Moto Matsalleh I’m an american A few years ago I moved to malaysia with my wife And dove into the world of motorcycling in Malaysia And now on this channel I do motovlogging motorcycle reviews and I also review and teach a little about motorcycle apparel Like helmets and jackets If you like content like that please subscribe So we can enjoy motoring in Malaysia together the 650GT Isn’t registered yet So dont’ forget to subscribe later I’ll do a full review ok this is the first time seeing the 650GT this is a sport touring bike To me, I love the way it looks The coverset is different from the MT It’s got a new meter This model is a blue color Maybe other colors will come to Malaysia There are a lot of differences from the MT Here is the view from the front Nice, right? This is more of a sport touring bike It should be really good for long trips Maybe the searing position is more agressive Better for cornering I already reviewed the 650MT, please find that on my channel if you’d like to see that Please comment below if you like the way this bike looks If you have any questions, please comment below so I can answer them in the full review Nice! I can’t wait to do the full review for this bike Thanks for watching!

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