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You know what I wish people would stop saying? “It is what it is.” People say it all the time, “it is what
it is.” But you know what it really is? Nothing. Not a damn thing. When you put those
words, in that order…you are literally saying nothing. It doesn’t mean a damn thing. At
least, most of the time. Like, 99.9 percent of the time. Or more like every time in history…except
this time. ‘Cause the most I can say about MX vs. ATV: Supercross? “It is what it is.” See, this time, it really is. So this is a racing game, where you get to
drive dirt bikes and ATVs, on these realistic indoor tracks, and it’s all very realistic.
That’s MX vs. ATV: Supercross. And it is what it is. The game’s whole thing is to
be a sound, solid take on its sport, and turns out, it’s sound and solid. I think fans
of supercross, or motocross, or whatever you call it…they’re going to love this. For everyone else, well, they probably won’t
care about this. ‘Cause that’s a thing about a game that
goes for authenticity, right? It’s authentic, to an experience not everyone cares about.
Course, those who do will enthusiastically care. So. It is what it…what you…well, you know. So what can you do? Well, funny you should
ask, ‘cause it’s a video game, with various game modes. You can do individual races, of
course, or you can also start your own career. Who knew riding a dirt bike through the mud
would one day be a career? Imagine what people in the fifties would’ve thought about that.
They’d have been like, “What’s a dirt bike?” So actually, they probably wouldn’t have
even had an opinion. Point is, in 2015, yes we can. F*ck you, fifties. What’d they even
have in the fifties? What, oh, the golden age of animation? Social mobility? A thriving
middle class? Ha! We have…dirt bikes… Alright, the fifties were awesome. Anyway, the game plays pretty well. Might
be a little touchy, but not bad. Just adds to the realism, I guess. And there’s no
shortage of stuff to do, either, with 17 tracks and multiplayer and…mud, there’s a lot
of mud. Actually, that’s really the only thing I didn’t like. Game’s so dedicated
to realism, it’s kind of boring. Like, for a non-fan of the sport, you know? After a while, the tracks kind of bleed together,
they all have a similar feel. Muddy, bumpy, brown. But again, if you’re into the sport,
there’s an attention to detail and a commitment to realism here that you’ll probably love. Now, there is an area where the realism isn’t
as…real…and that’s the physics. Some of the animations, and the collisions…kind
of ridiculous. And it’d be fine if the game went for laughs and humor in other areas,
but when it doesn’t, this kind of stuff sticks out like a sore thumb. Bumping other
riders doesn’t really do anything, you often defy gravity… (01;01;20) And death… See, if that’s realistic, why aren’t mounted
turrets? That’s all I’m saying. I don’t know, this is just one of those
modern games where it’s, like…there’s not much that’s interesting to say about
it, since it’s not an interesting game. Not to say it’s bad—it’s not. It’s
a very good racing game, with realistic graphics and sound…but in that quest for realism,
we forget that reality can be boring, which is why we play games in the first place. So, I mean…think in your mind what a realistic
ATV game would be like on the PS3. The graphics, the gameplay, the online multiplayer…and
that game you’re thinking about? It is what this is. It’s MX vs. ATV: Supercross. Mounted turrets, that’s all I’m saying.

35 thoughts on “CGR Undertow – MX VS. ATV: SUPERCROSS review for PlayStation 3

  1. So pretty much this franchise became sad. It used to have trophy trucks, monster trucks, dune buggies, ect.. With a lot of content included.

  2. I hope the whole simulation phase goes away soon. I want some arcade racers like back in the late 90's and early 2000's. Some San Francisco Rush shit, hitting jumps and hoping your car doesn't explode, hitting those checkpoints. Maybe even the vehicular genre could make a bounce back. I enjoy Gran Turismo, but I miss that feeling of being gravity defying an all that shit, but I enjoy racing games so this should be up my ally.  

  3. The sad thing about this game is that it's too casual for motocross fans and too hardcore for non-fans. MX Unleashed struck a great balance between the two, while MX vs ATV Reflex was slightly more realistic and was/is great for fans of the sport. And of course there is always MX Simulator if you're looking for some serious realism.

  4. "The 50s were awesome"
    Nah, they didn't have 16 bit game systems… The late 80s and early 90s were awesome because they did have 16 bit game systems and computers!
    But the early 2000s were also pretty darn cool because it had a 32 bit handheld with 16 bit graphics and 16.8 MHz of Advanced Processing! That's like, twice as fast as Blast Processing…

  5. I just can't watch how he approaches the jumps without pre loading and is not able to just properly. It's just driving my ocd crazy. But I also hate when people who don't really care about a certain type of game review it. Cos then you don't get the opinion you would shoul hear, but I can't ignore the fact that this being reviewed by a casual player and he gives the casual audience an opinion they can relate.
    But yeah in my opinion this game gameplay wise is fun, content wise it's a rip of a ktm advert is in the gAme but you can only get a ktm bike as dlc that came out few months later, and also theres only 3? Stadium surroundings considering the decent amount of tracjs are set in locations far from each other is just disapointing and once you notice that the game losses some of its charm.
    But it's a budget title that is technically only a demo to see if people are still interested in mx vs atv games and I hope the sales figures are decent because i want me some mx vs atv outside not just in stadiums.

  6. Never driven a real ATV or dirt bike, but this game doesn't look realistic at all.  The vehicles don't slide enough to be on dirt and the suspensions don't seam to react much on jumps .  The old ATV Off Road Furry and MX vs. ATV games were way better, and they were on PS2!

  7. My God man. I can't watch you land these jumps so poorly anymore. Read the manual and learn how to preload your jumps, and tilt your ride to the slant of the hill on landing, then maybe you can actually enjoy a lap around the track. So much more fun when you hit the hills fluidly.

  8. On PS3 the big off road racing game is Motorstorm, its fun and chaotic(Plus it uses the hardware extremely well, awesome graphics).

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