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How Automobiles Work

Today I want to talk about one of our most
important Regional services. That’s our regional transportation
system. We want to ensure our residents get to
where they want to be, in a safe and efficient manner. Our roads are extremely important, whether it’s getting to work going to school, taking part in community activities, or visiting our families, we need them to work well for us. That’s why Halton Region continues to
make investing in our transportation infrastructure a top priority. Through Building a Better Halton, the Region’s infrastructure construction plan, we will invest over one billion dollars in our water, wastewater, and transportation infrastructure over the next five years. Six hundred and fifteen million dollars
alone is dedicated to improving our transportation system. But it’s not enough to build and expand
our road network. We need to make sure we do most of our
construction outside of rush hour to minimize any disruption. And we need to make sure you know about
the construction ahead of time so you can plan your commute. Whether through the media, road signs, sending a flyer to your door step, or making sure website is up to date
with construction details, we’re committed to ensuring you have the
information you need, when you need it. Over the last few years we’ve actually tripled our budget for roads and roads maintenance system. We believe that we need to communicate
with our residents, to tell them about road closures, about detours, and about the start and stop of some of
our projects. To learn more about of Building a Better
Halton you can visit our website at halton.ca/construction or call 311. Together we’re going to build a better Halton.

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