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we love our smartphone and we do a lot
to take care of it but there’s always one thing we haven’t been able to
protect battery life introducing Charby Sense the world’s smartest Auto cutoff
cable it cuts off the power supply automatically when your battery’s full
to avoid prolonged charging which actually shortens your battery life with smart current sensing technology Charby Sense accurately detects when your
smartphone is fully charged and also tells you your charging speed through
its smart LED indicator Charby Sense features a charge booster mode which
allows you to charge your phone twice as fast also it’s built with high-grade copper wire for high-speed charging and data
transfer its reinforced with Aramid fibers throughout to make Charby Sense up to three times
more durable than other generic cables available today overnight charging actually damages your battery keeping it at a high-capacity
level throughout the whole night experts say avoid extreme battery levels
high temperature can degrade your battery so don’t leave your phone
plugged in for too long but come on it’s a hassle and inconvenient to always
leave your phone uncharged when you can isn’t it well that’s why we created Charby sense to help you cut off the power supply completely when it’s fully
charged so you can enjoy your sweet dreams all nights without worrying about
your phone battery haven’t we all gone through these frustrating situations
where our smart phone isn’t plugged in properly Charby Sense has a smart
indicator so that you know when it’s charging so you’ll never leave your
phone uncharged again charging too slow on your laptop port when you finish
syncing simply press the button on Charby Sense and it doubles your charging
speed so now you can charge your device in half the time never knowing if your smartphone is
charging properly is frustrating Charby Sense detects slow wall chargers and
power banks so you can switch to the better one you deserve and it features a
reversible end so you’ll always plug it in the right way every time also it’s 20% longer so it has the extra
length to reach you when you need it to finally a better way to protect the
battery life of all your devices like power banks speakers and headphones
anything powered by a USB port Charby Sense is your ultimate cable solution we’re ready to bring Charby Sense to everyone we just need you to help make
it happen back our crowdfunding campaign so you can be one of the first to get an
exclusive discount before the campaign ends enjoy a good night’s sleep and your
battery will be ready when you are

4 thoughts on “Charby Sense – World’s Smartest Auto Cutoff Cable

  1. I'll be waiting for you to make device that can cut off power supply for laptop. Bc i always forget to turn it off before going to bed

  2. How does a cable charge the phone quicker? Surely the charge time is dependant on the volts/amps available at the usb port and the cable won't change that?

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