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one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel if your check engine light is going on
while you drive, don’t freak out because today I’m going to show you what it
means if your check engine light comes on while driving, now modern-day cars are
really complicated, especially if you have a hybrid engine like this Mercury
Mariner, it even has two cooling systems in it, so the computer of your car is
continuously monitoring what’s going on, and when it finds a problem, it turns on
the check engine light, now unfortunately as you can see with this book, there are
thousands of possible codes, so you have to figure out which code or codes are
stored in the computer, and for that you need a scan tool that you plug into the
dash, don’t freak out about that, because if you google automotive scan tool, you’ll
find tools from $20 used, to a few hundred dollars, and even the cheap ones
will read the codes, so once you get a scan tool, take the end of plugs into the
dash, then find the plug that it goes into, which is by your left leg on the
Ford, and then just plug it right in, and then get your key and put in the
ignition, and turn it to the on position, not running, but on, then choose the
recode function, and push enter, and it’ll tell you what code it has, and in this
case, it’s p0114, but how can you tell what that means, well you can buy a lot
of expensive books to read, but hey, you’re probably watching this on youtube,
so why not go to the Internet, and just go to obd codes.com, it’s completely
free website, we’re working on a Ford here, so we’ll click on Ford, and we’ll scroll
down to po114, and there it is, intake air temperature circuit
intermittent, so now we know this particular vehicle has a problem the
intake air temperature circuit, which is right here, in this for the intake air
temperature sensor is right here, right by the air filter, it’s part of the mass
airflow sensor, it’s one piece unit you replace the whole thing, and as a
mechanic tip, in these Ford’s, a lot of times the sensors get dirty, you can just
take them out, and clean them with some mass airflow sensor cleaner,
and here’s a can that you use right here, now a lot of times people freak out when
they see the check engine light on, but you really only need to freak out if
it’s flashing while you’re driving, if you see the check engine light flashing
on and off while you’re driving, then you’ve got a serious problem, the
computers and modern cars are programmed, so if you have a serious problem,
the check engine light will flash on and off while you drive, and usually it won’t
run very good then either, so if your check engine light is flashing on and
off, either get your car towed to a mechanic, or drive it to a really close
mechanic, so now you know the next time your check engine light comes on, all you
need is a scan tool, and a computer to access the Internet to figure out what
it means, if you’ve got any questions just Scotty Kilmer.com and I’ll
answer them as soon as I get back from this ride

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