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rev up your engines, you go says Scotty my
engine oil is a little higher than the full mark does it matter or do I need to take
a little bit out well I take a little bit out until it was on the line but I mean
if it’s less than half a quarter doesn’t that hurt a thing and make sure you do
this to check the oil first thing in the morning on a flat level surface cuz I
had a customer once tell me Scotty there’s no oil in my engine and I
checked it it was empty and he brought it to me and I checked it was totally full
and I said I don’t know what you’ve done but it’s full there’s nothing wrong with
it turns out he was checking it was parked
on a hill and so it read zero but it was totally full so always do it first thing
in the morning when he engine is cold on a flat surface cuz engine oil is heats
up expands a little bit and it will go up and down son Garrett says hey Scotty
when I Drive over 5,000 rpm I get a weird sulfur smell happens on a lot of
cars I’ve driven there’s only two reasons you can get sulfur smell numero
uno is if you’ve got cheap gas that has too much salt or in it
the sulfur will get in the catalytic converter and it will smell like rotten
eggs coming out of the tailpipe so if you smell it go to the tailpipe take
some whiffs if you smell come out of there it’s a sulfated catalytic
converter and try cleaning it out with some cleaner and buy gas somewhere else
the only other thing that can do it is if your battery’s going out batteries
have sulfuric acid can smell like rotten eggs and if you have an alternator
that’s either overcharging a battery and making it bubble or just a shot battery
that’s sulfated inside you’ll get that solver smell so it’s either your
catalytic converter or your battery those are the only things like I really
can smell like sulfur unless you’ve driven your car through
Hades and it has some hades dust on it Joe it says hey Scotty why am I getting
eight miles a gallon less on my 05 Toyota Camry after I put a used
transmission well either the guy didn’t put the transmission in right or you got
a bad transmission because the transmission shifts gears if it shifts
gears too late and stays in the lower gears longer you’re gonna get bad gas
miles that’s just the way that it goes now one thing you could certainly check
is once you get on highway and your in overdrive when you’re in the final gear
drive it somewhere for a couple hundred miles going on a trip see what kind of
gas mileage you get when it’s on a highway going 65 and make
sure that it’s in overdrive that it shifted that many times it’s in the
final gear it should get normal gas mileage then if it does it just means
that it’s shifting to the final gear not correctly and it stays in the lower
gears too long and you’re gas mileage will be horrible I’ve seen that that’s the thing
about buying a used transmission it’s pot luck shaking the dice and hope and
good numbers come up buying a used transmission you don’t get any guarantee
you don’t know so I tell people I’m a transmissions putting news ones in it’s
riverboat gambling on that stuff, Reaper says my 91 suzuki motorcycle
eats oil can’t be the valve stems well of course it can but what you could tell
if a vehicle is burning oil generally either the valve stems go bad and it
sucks them in or the piston rings wear so what you do is you do a wet and dry
compression check on the engine take out the spark plugs do a compression test
then you put like a half a teaspoon of oil on each cylinder and then take the
compression readings and if the compression ratings go up a lot that
means the piston rings are gone because that seals on that oil if they don’t go
up a lot that means the valve seals are bad because adding oil does nothing to
the valve seals if they’re leaking it won’t affect the pressure just sucks oil
in when the intake opens, embassy picture says is a used Buick Regal a good buy as a first car well if it’s low enough mileage and it runs good it can be fine
I had a customer he paid a grand for a used one of those years ago for his
daughter and she drove it but she hated the car she said it was a grandpa car so
he ended up giving hers his car and then he drove it as his work car and he
drove it for years they only paid a thousand bucks for it they can be decent
cars but like anything else don’t pay much for a used one and have a mechanic
check it out before you buy it use cars like the old saying goes, would you
buy a used car from this man, you can’t trust anybody
so you have to have a mechanic check it out to see if there was any fishy things
going on but we hook our machines up most of the fishy things if they’re
there they’ll pop up with our scan tool our scan tools do thousands of things
it’s very hard to fool somebody with one of those knows how to operate it, the
British are planning on going a lot now aiming to make all the new cars sold
there to be electric cars by the Year 2035 now that’s a long time from now hey
a lot of things can happen it’ll be a lot of water under the bridge between
now and 2035 but I recently got back from England and all I have to say is
damn enough problems they’re already with their electrical grid and the whole
bunch cars more on to it hey good luck talk to some guys in Canada where the
gala counts a hydroelectric power about electric efficient and they even
admitted they said iron infrastructure couldn’t take all these electric cars
being charged up deliver it to people we don’t have the ability to generate that
amount of electricity and you know you can talk big but actually switching all
that infrastructure stuff around I could see China doing it first because
it’s a communist country it’s a dictatorship they could say you can only
buy these cars and they have no choice but the English are pretty free minded
people huh I don’t know if I could see the English
people accepting something like that that they can only do this they put
brexit in and they want to get out of European Union and then of course all
the rich people tried to stop and say that wasn’t right
but you know the people were able to vote on that one at least and get out of
that ridiculous situation they had going on in Europe now as their government’s
trying to tell them that they can only buy electric cars I mean I like to see
them implement it yeah well perhaps we’ll find out if I’m still around 15
years from now so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

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  2. Scotty….good video!!!!!! And another thing …..you'll be around making YouTube videos for another 50 years!!!!!! I hope so……

  3. My god Scotty you had a picture of an Irish Australian actor pretending on to be Scottish and you called him English, I'll just put it down to you being Canadian

  4. Hi Scott y had to seal 96 brougham rear window cannot find parts for its repair ,,yet 3 is better than 0,,_lvu guy

  5. Ur guy said when he drives over 5k rpm he smells sulfur ?? What the heck is he driving at 5k rpm tho scotty? ???

  6. England is free, unless you say something sour to their police on social media, because you can go to jail for it…

  7. You used an image of Mel Gibson who portrayed William Wallace in the film Braveheart. FYI, William Wallace was Scottish not English!

  8. Never learned how to properly check engine oil from this video.. ☹️ way off tangent with everything else. Is the engine supposed to be warm?

  9. Scotty since your youtube fame have you had celebrities ask you to fix their cars? Have you been able to jack up your prices on customers

  10. If your not here in 15 years (cry) you've left your legacy in video footage. Anyways remember, always rev it up.

  11. Check when the engine is COLD? The Toyota owners manual for my Camry says to check when the engine is warm but to let the engine oil drain for about 5 minutes before checking. I'm surprised to see Scotty kilmer say that you should check the engine oil when it's cold when Toyota is saying otherwise in their owners manual.

  12. Scotty !!! Scotty!!! Scotty!!! Scotty !!! Scotty!!! Scotty!!! Scotty !!! Scotty!!! Scotty!!! Scotty !!! Scotty!!! Scotty!!! Scotty !!! Scotty!!! Scotty!!! Scotty !!! Scotty!!! Scotty!!!

  13. I live in England and there aren't enough charging points for the tiny number of electric cars we have now, never mind having enough to charge the amount they say they want to have by 2035.

  14. Damn these video titles just keep getting better and better! Matter fact these video titles WILL RUIN YOUR CAR!

  15. Hey Scotty. I have 2000 Subaru impreza wagon. The cruze control stopped working. The light on the button comes on but it wont hold speed. Any thoughts?

  16. A bad Mass Airflow sensor can do the same thing as the P.C.M. will switch to K.A.M. (Keep Alive Memory) codes that wind up dumping gas down the intake when it's in 'limp home mode' to get it back to ones residence, or at least get it off the interstate. The excess Hydro-Carbons will result in the same rotten egg smell.

  17. Slightly over is ok. Even my owner's manual says the oil may be slightly over especially after an oil change. But yes, check when the engine is cold and on a flat surface. Good vid Scotty (as usual)

  18. The manual says to check it warm with the engine off for just a minute or too – not cold. They want oil in the heads….

  19. You're doing it wrong scotty… some cars require the engine to reach operating temperature then wait a certain amount of time(a few minutes, not a whole damn night) when checking the oil level. You don't necessarily have to do it in the mornings. I can almost guarantee you the owner manuals won't say "check it in the mornings".

  20. That's why I remove my catalytic converters for my Mustang and I have a Corvette C6 and it does the same thing every time I accelerate it smells like rotten eggs

  21. But do i check my washer fluid when it's cold and level ? Just kidding. Great video! I got nothing against Electric cars but can they make big semi's and dump trucks electric? All i see is Diesel right now.

  22. Noticed over the years in Scotland the more electrics in the car the more you have problems, have a jeep the now and had to replace sensor in wing mirror for ambient temperature fault causing engine fault coming up. Can't personally see Scotland going all electric, unless technology improves. Poor road quality, rough terrain and the Scottish weather. And Scotty you must have a great sense of humour to portray Sir William Wallace as English.

  23. Hello I have a 1999 Toyota corolla I jus got an tune up I changed the coils wires and spark plugs but my engine light is blinking then it will stop and does it again also the car is shacking a little to I don't no way to do can u please help

  24. It'll be interesting to see what Finland does when it comes to electric cars. They have invested quite a bit on Bio diesel and quite a bit of jobs depends on those refineries.

  25. Checking your oil. Thats hilarious. Most ppl dont change their oil until the cel comes on or it stops running. Then its easier to repl motor with the parents money. Brilliant!

  26. I would think that everyone watching your videos knows how to check oil! Of course, everyone here would agree with you on that!

  27. I would think that everyone watching your videos knows how to check oil! Of course, everyone here would agree with you on that!

  28. Holla scotty I'm having breaks lights problems No break light but 3rd light works… I checked the fuse and replace the brake light switch new light bulb and light bulb connector too

  29. Hey scotty i have a 2004 Volkswagen passat it gave me an low oil pressure warning wen i stop the car it didn't want to start again

  30. Scotty, I have a 2003 Hyundai Sonata. I checked the oil and there is none in the motor. I don’t have an oil leak. What will happen if I let my car stand without replacing the oil? What could happen if I drove my car without oil ?

  31. I'm having a hard time checking my oil. My first car, I would check it and the oil would be even on both sides and I could always tell if it was low or full. But my last car, and the car I have now, it's all over the place. Usually, I have oil on one side of the stick, but not the other. The oil on one side will go way up past the full line every time. I have had my dad check it, and he'll either tell me it's full, or getting low but it's the same thing every time with oil on side and either no oil or barely any on the tip of the other side. How on earth do I know if my oil is full or not?

  32. Wondering if it matters if you leave your automatic transmission in the triptronic position or just drive all the time in my 2010 Camry does it hurt anything?

  33. Hey Scotty I got a Honda Odyssey right and I have a catalytic converter problem how long can I drive like this I don't have the money to fix it right now I've been driving this car like 3-4 months

  34. please i have 2009 Honda crv,and the oil prescription on the oil cup is 5w 20. please i want to know if is good to keep useing that in a hot country like Ghana in Africa?or is good to change it?

  35. Scotty and my wife are just alike. Scotty says:changing your oil…u doing it wrong. Make love to wife and she says: u doing it wrong…sheez

  36. One question that I sometimes think about it and want to know is about the transmission oil. How often should I change manual transmission oil?

  37. If your car sits a few weeks during hot summer the gas fumes will be produced and not burned and gas will get into your oil !!!! I had a car that sat for 2 months waiting for a major repair, when I got it fixed I checked oil level and it was full of gas mixed with oil !!!!

  38. About the sulfur smell, there is another possible cause. If your fuel mixture is too rich, like on a high performance car, and you drive it hard, you will get that smell.

  39. The English power grid is ok as it stands for the time being, but even without adding a load of electric cars to it, it's going to hit problems within the next couple of decades anyway. A number of large power stations that generated large shares of the electrical grid are being decommissioned as they're wearing out, and none are being replaced by anything that's going to be able to generate enough power to replace them. Every once in a while a project comes up, they spend millions on it, then it falls through and is cancelled. Makes some executives very rich I'm sure.

    It's like most of the UKs infrastructure dates from the 1970s and earlier. Once Thatcher was in during the 80s, there was essentially no large scale infrastructure projects from then on outside of London. The rest of the country is falling to pieces.

  40. Hey, Scotty, I like you a lot, but we have no electrical problems here in the UK. And I can tell you Brexit is NOT Happening.

  41. That’s actually an American dressed up as a Scot! English free minded? I don’t think so, it’s a beaurocratic nanny state. You can’t fart without planning permission. You’re a cog in a machine following trends and fashions somewhere like that. You are free, to go to the pub in the evening with your mates, or watch the tv/internet, or sit in a slow moving column of traffic. No the electric cars won’t catch on. They rely on a long chain of oil derived energy conversions, and the batteries take more energy to make than they can supply in their lifetime (I think you’ll find). The electric motor is much more efficient but overall not worth it. If they made sense we’d be using them already.
    Brexit..up to them glad I dont live there. But in general the leavers were the lower iq, poorly educated tabloid readers with little education and poor analytical skills, easily led by slogans and stimulation of their primordial instincts and mob mentality. The stayers were mainly the professionals. Yes they are richer. But that is mainly because they are brighter.😆 I believe you have something similar over there?
    Richer proportional to Smarter correlation = strong.

  42. AY, THERE'S THE RUB! 15 years wasn't very much time 15 years ago, but when you hit 60-something, you know you may not have even 10 years left, much less 15… They're sure to screw it all up just as sure as the US has ALREADY screwed up by NOT GREATLY IMPROVING THE ELECTRICAL GRID BY NOW! This shouldn't be left up to privately-owned utility corporations – hell, they can't even improve their own grid transmission system to keep grid components from starting massive forest fires. The people must demand grid upgrades because we are aware of the great benefits of replacing fossil fuels with solar, wind and hydro power – and replacing internal combustion engines with electric motors powered by batteries replenished with alternative power sources. This transition must also take place for all the basic power needs of residents and businesses.

  43. You say check your oil in the morning and I assume you mean when the engine is cold. I had my oil changed at a quick oil change place and when I got home and checked it later when the car was cold it appeared to be 1 quart overfilled. I went back and they said to check it after running the engine for a minute so the oil gets circulated thru the engine. When they did this oil was on the full mark. But when I check it again later when engine was cold ti was still about a quart overfilled. Who is right?. I am now wondering since this is a 2013 Cadillac with oil filter at top of engine if they forgot to put a new filter in or maybe wrong type and oil is not staying in filter after the engine is turned off. Any ideas? I have never noticed this problem before.

  44. I have a o9 escape 4×4 my brakes are so so I've bled all 4 tires the master cylinder new front brake fairly new rear brake what is my problem

  45. I have to check the oil in my Tacoma when it's cold in the morning. Even if it sets for hours, the oil smears on the dip stick and it looks too high one dip and too low the next dip. I've tried putting hash marks with a file in between the marks on the dip stick, still didn't help. Something weird going on where the tube comes out to the oil pan, I guess. Any '17 Tacoma owners have this problem.

  46. Scotty charging an EV at home is basically drawing the same amps and volts as an electric clothes dryer. Even if you are charging two cars at the same time that is only about half as many watts as running the central air conditioning in your house. Since you can set your EVs to charge at midnight the stress on the grid is minimal. I really wish you stop saying the power grid can't handle if we replaced all gas cars with EVs. It is just not true. Besides as battery technology improves the amount of amps needed to charge becomes a lot less. Super capacitors have way less resistance and so can charge at way less amperage. You could have a super capacitor bank mounted on the wall in your garage trickle charging all day long. Then you could plug in your EV to the super capacitor bank and charge its batteries. If you have a Tesla you could super charge it at home at way higher voltage than 240 using the super capacitor bank.

  47. the english are not free minded people. they have a million public cameras.. and there is NO real freedom of speech in the UK.. ( or canada for that matter)

  48. hi Scotty i have a 1993 ford ranger at idle wen the truck is running bout 10 minutes the motor starts to idle ruff the check engine light comes on wen i take it out of town at 55 mph it bogs down like its lost all it's power i got to press the gas pedal down to get it down the road and there is black carbon buld up at the end of the tale pipe wish i could figure this out

  49. I love your very human comment of " if I'm still alive in 15 years " not you exact words but definitely your thoughts ! I say or think the same thing very often in regard to future timing and events ! Live long and prosper !

  50. What is your opinion of Toyota truncates happens to be limited 4 wh dr 163,000 miles what to look out for how do you tell if they have towed something to heavy and put to much strain on transmission

  51. Scotty, what do you say about to get a true level reading the person should pull the dipstick, wipe then re stick it. The oil that rides up the dipstick while running doesn't always settle into the pool and will give a higher than true reading?

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