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How Automobiles Work

Once upon a time, in the city of Chennai, when horse carts and Rickshaws were ruling the streets, came an unbeatable transport service to beat them and destroy their business AUTO !!! after almost 5 decades of ruling the industry by overcharging Share autos, OLA Cabs came into existence to beat their atrocities. which really upset the auto drivers to the maximum and gave them so much of rage on the general public which is about to be shown in this video !! hello sir ! hi anna How are you feeling today? Yea bro..im fine can you please come over here ? do you have a problem with your leg ?? then why the fuck are you walking in the middle of the road,..walk on the pavement, you dick ! GET LOST !! SON OF A BEEPEEBEEPEBEEPEBEEP……. COME AND SIT ON MY LAP, YOU P***Y That will be 300 Rs for the ride What ??! 300 ??! The distance to Camp Road is just 5 kms But there is an underground sewage work which is unfinished ,started in the last govt. rule but since the rule changed , its kept untouched.. you may ask.. its both the same party…but sadly, when the election is over.. it will be forgotten brother…. the aunty is looking sexy right?? you may go through pallavaram, but theyve opened the flood gates of Chembarambakkam lake.. YOU WILL BE FUCKED ! her house is in Ambattur only…. if you wanna see, go see her there. ..why you looking here.. you c***t!! If you really wanna travel, come aboard, or else book an OLA cab and get off my face, you dick ! Otha, Do you want us to drive an auto or not ?? What Phone is that bro ? Bro.. IPhone bro.. DUMBFUCKS!! 64gb..21mp…just 75,000 rs broo… k. got porn ? WHAAATTTT Y.VIJAYA porn bro ! Bro. Will u turn the meter on ? Yes i will.. But the meter will turn u off.. is that okay ? Sir…356 Rs WTF BRO…My Ola meter shows only 250.. Thats OLA meter, this is OLE( false) Meter WATCH YOURSELF , PIG ! Sir… first ride of the day… 200 sir.. Not interested bro..its too high.. Sir…150 sir….120 sir… its too high bro..i can better walk to home.. SIR…100 sir.. 80…. bloody if you dont even have 80 bucks… go die .. Should we stop riding the autos,, what the fuck do u think of yourselves Sir…. Will the auto go to Tambaram? Yes sir.. come in.. Then go to Tambaram !! *tha… should we stop riding the auto, what the hell is happening bro hey bro… bro… NERD !! come here !! what the fuck are you doing?? Catching Pokemons bro !! Fucker… you look like Dawn of Apes…catching pokemons and shit.. What the fuck are you looking inside the auto for?? POKEMON bro.. Can you come over to my area ?? We’ll catch Pokemons there are hell lots of pokemons in my area. 200 Rs..coming? If youre interested, just get in… or else ill leave.. coming?? No bro… Gotta Catch them all.. Oh..So will you ride the auto on your own?
Dumbfuck….come and sit in the back… Bro… do u have change for 1000 ? Bro,.. got change for 500 ? Change ? Sure !! Will give !! in your dreams beeyatch ! This light is chinese made..HathariHanso.used to torch any scenes..its very useful which im very confident If you refer my name to the brand, you wont get any discounts whereas you will be slippered to death MORE IMPORTANTLY!! If you like this video, Share it with your friends and MOST Importantly SUBSCRIBE !! Subscribe… Well, you have to.. !! *evil laugh*

100 thoughts on “Chennai Auto Drivers FT. Shah Ra || Chennai Aut(R)ocity || Chennai Memes | Shah Ra

  1. So you used most of the bad words in talking and also in subtitles sir from next time please don't use any bad words please

  2. Otha you tube la video paakunum ah venam ah da….
    Bad words romba kammiya use panni irrukinga …😊😊
    Vera level bro …

  3. ஓத்தா ஆட்டோ ஓட்டனுமா வேணாம்ங்கிறிங்களாடா…
    பாத்துபோடாஆஆ சுன்னீ…😂😅

  4. Corporateku eppadi jaldra adikanumnu Chennai memes kita dhan kathukanum

  5. நண்பா நான் உங்க ரசிகன் மற்றும் தீவிர போது னால வாதி
    உங்க trend ல சொன்ன தமிழ் நாட்ல பாதி சொரணை கேட்ட புண்டை கள் நம்மள கிறுக்கன் சொல்லுவான் யுவனுங்க

  6. One of the repeated video which I'm seeing in YouTube even in 2018 !!
    Click Like if ur a repeat audience like me 👻

  7. Not good. Avoid worst words,they are illiterates.but you people should avoid the words otherwise maximum people avoid yr videos.thanks.

  8. உன்ன ப்ளூ சட்டை அட்ரஸ் இல்லாத நாய் என்று சொன்னது ரொம்ப correct

  9. கெட்ட வார்த்தை ரொம்ப use pandringa bro. Auto driver மனசு வலிகும் bro . Ipdi la panna yarum unga channel ku subscribe panala matanga. அடைகி வாசிங்க

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