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– In the You Asked, We
Answered video series, we’re providing in-depth
answers to common questions about the Chrysler Pacifica. Today, we’re gonna show you
why the Chrysler Pacifica beats out the Honda Odyssey
in a head-to-head comparison. In terms of seating flexibility, Honda’s second-row Magic Seats force you to physically remove the middle
seat and leave it behind. The Pacifica is the only
minivan with Stow ‘N Go seating and storage system, allowing you to fold both the second and third-row
seats into the floor, when you need more cargo space. Simply put, the Pacifica’s seating is a more versatile
option, any time, anywhere. In the Odyssey, you’ve only got interior push-button sliding doors that can’t compare to the
comfort and convenience guaranteed by the Pacifica. It boasts interior and exterior
push-button sliding doors, hands-free sliding doors,
second-row heated seats, and easy tilt-seats that let passengers access the third row, even
when a car seat is installed. These are features that
the Odyssey can’t match. For those looking for a
little extra help parking, the Odyssey leaves you wanting with a multi-angle rear-view camera. The Pacifica offers
ParkSense Rear Park Assist with Full Stop, a 360-degree
surround-view camera to provide a bird’s-eye perspective, and parallel and
perpendicular park assist, three features that the
Honda just doesn’t have. When it comes to the kids, the rear-seat entertainment
system in the Odyssey has only a single
ceiling-mounted 10.2-inch screen. The Uconnect theater system
in the Pacifica however, has dual 10.1-inch seatback-mounted high-definition touch
screens at eye-level, with nine built-in games and apps, wireless streaming functionality, dual HDMI inputs, Blu-ray player, wireless three-channel headphones, and Bluetooth touch-pad remotes. Plus, it has an available
tri-pane panoramic sunroof, a feature not offered by Honda’s Odyssey. So it seems the Pacifica
outperforms the Honda competitor when it comes to family entertainment. Finally, the Odyssey’s
base price is $29,990, while the Pacifica’s base price starts at $26,995, and
includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and
the SafetyTec package. It’s clear that in the
head-to-head comparison, there are more than a few reasons to choose the Chrysler
Pacifica over the Odyssey, making the choice for you
and your family even easier.

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