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No matter what our competitors may claim ACDelco is the only original equipment service brand for GM cars and trucks. So if you’re looking for a battery to
service a GM vehicle then look no further than ACDelco. In
addition our Professional and Advantage line of batteries are also a great fit for other brands on the road. In fact, our line of batteries meet the
requirements and ninety-eight percent other vehicles on the road today. Our
batteries are available in many different versions and sizes each with unique
specifications and warranties. First is the Professional and Advantage
batteries. Both featuring an 18-month warranty next is a Professional Silver with the
thirty month warranty. And finally this is our top of the line
Professional Gold featuring a 42 month warranty. These limited warranties include battery
replacement not a pro-rate warranty carried by many of our competitors for
the customer must pay. When it comes to choosing the right battery for your car or light truck there are a few important
items to consider. First is the reserve capacity or RC. This is the number of minutes a
battery will last with the headlights left on in the car with the 25 amp draw. Next is the cold cranking amps or CCA. This is
the amount of amps that can be pulled from a battery from 0 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 seconds. While cold cranking amps is important with increased demands on the system
from electronics reserve capacity is now becoming the
more important feature to consider. Most people focus on CCA
and think bigger is better however you don’t need to pay for a
higher CCA when it’s not needed for your application. In fact, too much CCA can shorten the
battery life. When making your battery selection the
thing to consider is that you get the right size for your car or
truck. ACDelco offers the right size battery with the right reserve capacity in cold cranking amps
to meet your needs. As you can see ACDelco is committed to
providing you with the right battery to keep you in your vehicle on the road.

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