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welcome back to Stauffer garage guys
today’s detail is I’m an oh nine kia four-door sedan scepter specter or
something like that if you guys know let me know in the comments below it doesn’t
actually have any badging on it but I know it’s a four-door Kia but this one
is another smokers car it does have cigarette ash inside of it all over the
windows are all gunked up from all that secondhand smoke it’s literally just
needs a full clean on the inside we need to do some extraction on the floors and
the seats the good news is the headliner actually looks pretty good and so do the
seatbelts but as you guys can see from these before shots that there is a lot
of trash all over the ground this thing needs to be completely cleaned out we’re
probably gonna pull up the seats too to make sure we can get anything out from
underneath those all that cigarette ash out but if you guys are new and you like
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make sure you guys do that below and then for this one because these before
shots I’m gonna go ahead and give this car the hashtag do the dew because not
only do we need to get the dew out of the car and get all that crap out the
mountain dew is actually pretty good not the best for you but it’s pretty tasty
hashtag do the dew in the comments below let’s go ahead and get this car looking
brand new again so for the first step guys what we’re
gonna do is get everything yanked out of the car so all of the trash all of the
pillows and coats and any of the stuff that I feel is not trashed as the owner
might want I put into a separate bin put all that in the trunk and then I have
another bin that it’s just for trash that way when I get all that stuff out
it kind of keeps it all separate but it gives me a big container to kind of
contain all that stuff because in cars like this I don’t know why but a lot of
times owners don’t clear their stuff out of cars when they get their car detailed
and to be honest you know what it’s not the end of the world it just adds an
extra step for us but let’s get everything yanked out of the car get all
those cupholders get all those door panel get all that you get everything
out of the car itself so that way we can get a good idea of what the floors look
like and how much work we have to do on the extraction side so now that everything’s out of the car
I think it’s time to get the seats out as well we’re gonna go ahead and pull
the seats that way I can see how much trash is underneath those if the
extraction needs to carry underneath the seats as well but it also gives us a lot
more working room and if you’re working in a smaller car like a sedan or a coupe
or something like that that doesn’t have you know like a large SUV even it just
gives you that much more extra space to operate and move around inside your car
I know there’s people that talk about you know air bags and everything else
but for your typical car as long as you disconnect your battery disconnect the
clips and the harnesses underneath and get the seats out you will not have an
issue now that we’ve got the seats out we’ve
gotten all the trash out of the car I’m gonna go ahead and start the vacuuming
process get the shot back bust it out get everything off the surface as much
as I can I’m gonna be using my bristle brush to kind of move the carpet fibers
around because what it also does is not only does it help move dirt out but it
creates a little bit of a static charge and with it being colder and drier out
like it is right now it helps get that static charge of generator which lifts
the dirt to the surface making it much more efficient when you vacuum and when I’m editing these videos and I
go back and I see the transition and these sped up clips of the vacuuming
it’s so cool to see the progress that just vacuuming the carpet makes it
really does make a huge difference just getting the carpets cleaned and when you
pull out those seats it’s it’s crazy how much stuff actually accumulates
underneath there that you would miss otherwise so now that the floors are done back at
me and I’m gonna go ahead and vacuum the cloth seats in the back as well as the
front seats later on but the reason for doing that is there’s actually a lot of
dust and everything else that collects on the surface that as you vacuum you
can definitely tell a difference if you haven’t done it in a long time how much
dirt that you can actually get off the seats one tip when you’re doing your seats and
you have the different seams increases where the fabrics come together kind of
stretch and pull them apart as you’re vacuuming and you’ll be surprised at how
much dirt you can actually find in between those cracks that you would
otherwise not be able to get with the front seats out of the car it
made it so much easier to vacuum and then I’m putting them on top of my work
table and I have my pump sprayer and I’m using my fabric cleaner that is diluted
22:1 and then I’m gonna go ahead and spray the entire cloth seat fabric with
the cleaner and letting it soak in for about five to ten minutes before I get
working on it with the extractor and the carpet brush having the seed out of the car you can
definitely tell from these shots how beneficial it is because you’re not like
playing twister inside the car and doing all these weird like contortionist
movements everything’s right in front of you you’re not going to kill your back
before the end of it it does make it ten times easier to see stains especially in
a natural light to leave this town because they the are
be feeling down now these seats weren’t super dirty but
I was still able to extract a ton of dirt out of him that you guys can see
here when I pour all that bad water into the bucket and please excuse my voice
I’m still trying to get over being sick and my throat is just literally killing
me right now but I wanted to get this voiceover done for you guys so you guys
can have a new video this Saturday Oh now I usually get asked what type of
carpet cleaning solution I use and there’s several different types that I
typically use and I really I haven’t found one that works better than the
others they all pretty much kind of work the same so you know there’s 303 fabric
invented that they have there’s LA’s totally awesome there’s Chemical Guys
fabric clean there’s full ex there’s just general fabric or carpet cleaning
solutions you can get at any hardware store
they all have their advantages some have odor eliminators some have extra bells
and whistles that they talk about it’s kind of one of those things that you
just gotta test out yourself figure out what you like using the most and then
stick with it now in my sprayer I mentioned I have my
cleaning solution but in my extractor I’m just using plain hot water and I’m
doing that because I want to try to get all of that cleaner solution out of the
fabric itself and it makes it easier to see what I’m actually extracting from
the seats and if you’re interested in any of the
products that are used within any of my videos I always list them in the
description box below if you guys want to check them out I’ve been keeping myself so busy now that the front seats are done being
extracted I’m moving to the interior carpet and to be honest the
driver’s-side was probably the worst sight of all and I went ahead and
sprayed both the passenger driver’s side and the rear carpets and let them soak
while I was working on one at a time I personally think my favorite part of
any detail that I do especially these really dirty ones is the drill brush I
think it’s probably the most fun to be honest for me if you guys like the drill
brush or the extract or portion or if you like watching all the panels getting
clean and protected let me know in the comments below what is your favorite
part of my details now for the rear seat they didn’t need a
full extraction done to them so what I did is I did some spot cleaning for you
guys where I just showed you what an all-purpose cleaner on a specific
stained spot a soft bristled brush and a microfiber towel can do to remove stains this method you guys can use yourself on
any of your details and if you really want to try something different pick up
a bottle of full X it actually does an incredible job but just being a spot
stain remover and you’ll be really surprised with the results now that all the fabrics been done I did
all that first and despite that I’m probably gonna give some dirt on the
carpets as well when I’m doing the dashboard and everything else I did
those up front because I know that I’m gonna have to have those cloth seats
dried out before the owner gets the car back and that’s why I try to do them
upfront but now we’re moving to the panels and the interior trim and I’m
using my all-purpose cleaner my bristle brush to clean all the panels clean all
that dirt and grime out all those cracks and crevices and I’m also using it on
the fabric door inserts my bristle brush to agitate it and then using a
microfiber towel to wipe it clean this removes any staining or any surface
grease that’s on those from arms and everything else touching them and then
I’m using Chemical Guys silk and shine to coat and protect all the plastic
interior panels and when it comes to cleaning windows I always use invisible
glass and I use two microfiber towels one to actually buff and clean and then
a second one to dry and make sure there’s no streaks left over and if you guys are interested in
picking up the bristle brushes that you guys see that I use in my videos those
gray and red ones I have a huge announcement coming out next week that
you guys they need to be ready for so if you haven’t subscribed make sure you
have notifications on so that way you see those and also follow me on
instagram at Stauffer garage because i’ll be announcing on there as well
where you guys can pick those up now for the center console all the
little bits and pieces in the center dashboard with the radio and the climate
control I don’t spray a ton of fluid as it looks
in this video I’m just spraying a far enough away that it lightly mist the
entire surface that way I don’t have to apply any more additional liquid onto
that surface and my brush can take care of getting all the dirt lifted and out
of those different corners and cracks and using my clean microfiber towel to
wipe it clean the center console area this is kind of
where you would typically miss a lot of these spots because seats are in the way
from getting into all of those different parts there but with the seats out of
the car it makes it a lot easier to see how much coffee and crap gets spilt down
there in that way you can get it completely cleaned Prince Johnson now for the door kick panels I follow
the same process I’m just using my all-purpose cleaner and the Chemical
Guys silk shine as a top coat one thing on your windows makes you only
roll them up half way to get that top piece that goes into the door jambs
itself get that first before you clean the rest of the window that way when you
roll your window down later on and you’re you know driving down the road
you don’t have a bunch of dirt at the top of it that you missed now that the
entire interior is clean I go through the entire car with a second vacuuming
and this is just to pick up any dirt and debris that was carried over on my socks
or came off the dashboard it’s just a nice thing to do at the very end after
you put the seats back in to make sure you have the carpets completely cleaned now when I put the seats back in I
always try to put Loctite on the bolts even though I’m using a torque wrench to
torque them down I always recommend a little bit of Loctite just as an extra
precaution in here the before-and-after shots I was
actually super impressed with how the carpets turned out all of the stains got
removed from the front and back and the only spot that didn’t was where the
driver foot kind of sits on the carpet from the pedal and the gas pedal and it
just kind of wore it away to the point where I couldn’t really save it much
more but every other stain came out the dashboard came completely clean all that
dust and cigarette ash and everything came out of it and all of the seats were
completely taken all the stains out as well so I think this was probably one of
those simpler details it wasn’t over the top but there was a lot of mountain Dew
and cigarette ash everywhere that completely got removed from the car and
it turned out amazing so like I said at the beginning the
video guys make sure you hit the subscribe and turn on notifications it
really helps my channel out and make sure that you guys get to see all of the
new content that I produce for you so if you guys are new thank you guys so much
for watching and I will see you guys in the next video bye guys

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