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welcome back guys to Stauffer garage
today’s video is a special one I’ll get everything we need for under $50 to make
this car look new and make your car look like new as well I’m gonna show you guys
when I’m picking off the shelves and then we’re gonna ring it up and then
we’re gonna head back home and get the details started if you guys are new make
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if you like this type of video and you want to see more like specific stuff
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this is gonna be like a super fun but mellow detail let’s go to run into
Walley world and let’s get this video going one thing I recommend is
definitely pick up some gloves they have this 20 pack of gloves for two dollars
and forty seven cents or you can get the fifty pack for 688 but right now let’s
start with the 20 so that way hopefully we can stay on budget literally this
ayah Allah from here all the way down to here is detailing
products so it’s six dollars and 97 cents for our bucket with our drip guard
I’m actually gonna pass on a wash mitt altogether because to be honest you can
actually get away with just using a microfiber towel and they have this 30
pack here for ten bucks which not a bad deal we can use these for drying we can
use these for polishing buffing and we can use them even for washing so for the
interior I’m actually gonna try something completely different this is
actually from Chemical Guys called total interior cleaner and protectant it says
it’s good for dashboards glass nav spring leather and vinyl but it’s
supposed to do everything cleaning wise and protectant wise all for 997 this
will kind of save me the option of buying like three or four different
products all in one bottle so I’m gonna give it a shot
we’ll see how it does we’re gonna be using the auto drive ultimate carwash
because this stuff is Street free spot free but it also doesn’t have any
carnauba wax to it and for 497 this should last you quite a while we’re not
gonna be polishing the car here we’re not removing any scratches that are
already on your surface we’re just trying to find something that is a good
topper coat they might actually fill in some of those imperfections but still
give your car that glossy shine we’re looking for kind of like a cleaner wax
so I’m gonna go with this mother’s Brazilian carnauba cleaner wax because
it does have a cleaner polish and protect an all-in-one and for 797 it’s
my best option from a wheel cleaner standpoint I’m going to go with this
triple cleaning foam from you one this is a good option from a like a
foaming standpoint but also does a really good job with kind of getting any
of that brake dust off and because detailing brushes are expensive what
we’re going to be using instead is a paint brush and a foam brush for
application of different products so from a paint brush standpoint this is
good for getting out dust and dirt out of your dashboard at a whopping ninety
six or I’m sorry seventy six cents that doesn’t break the bank and then from a
foam brush I would just pick up one of these are a couple of these tiny ones as
well now guys the crazy part was is when I checked out I must have missed
something or not adding it up correctly but I ended up after text at 50 dollars
and 80 cents for everything but it’s like you guys want to get your car
cleaned up and you want it like start detailing you want to get into this and
you wanted to start taking care of your car yourself this isn’t a bad option to
get started for 50 bucks as you can see on the Range Rover we got some major
dusty wheels that will need to get cleaned up
we have our glass that is quite dirty and it needs gots bug marks and
everything on it needs to be cleaned up the paint on the hood and I’m gonna do
this but don’t ever do this you guys can see it’s dirty it’s kind of faded it’s
got a bunch of bug goo the front bumper does as well we got major bug bombs but
the car needs to be cleaned up so this is going to be our car of choice for
today’s detail make sure to dissolve the soap at the bottom of the bucket first
creating a thick layer of bubbles but then submerge the hose in the water
itself to make sure that you’re not creating just bubbles in your bucket
it’s actually filling up with water now the first step that I always like to
do is to start with the wheels so go ahead and take the Eagle one spray spray
it onto the wheels the rim the brake calliper everything and allow it to sit
for about 30 seconds or so so that way you can start working its magic and then
I’m just using a microfiber towel to wipe down the wheels we don’t have wheel
brushes here obviously because we weren’t able to make that work within
the $50 budget but to be honest a microfiber towel can get the job done
along with those little foam brushes that we picked up those will allow you
to get into those hard-to-reach spots especially around the lug nuts which
we’ll show in the next wheel one thing to remember as you begin
building your detailing arsenal of products you could spend 10 bucks a week
– 20 bucks a week on getting different tools and different products that will
make your job easier as well to make it faster to detail a car now when you’re cleaning your wheels go
ahead and use the equal one in your exhaust tips as well to clean those at
this point now that the wheels are completely clean go ahead and grab two
fresh microfiber towels dunk them in your bucket and then start washing your
paint I always like to start from the top of the vehicle and then work your
way towards the bottom because the bottom of the car is always the dirtiest
portion of the vehicle when it comes to those stubborn bug
spots on your cane grab a microfiber towel that has been soaked in your
bucket and then throw it on and lay it flat on top of that spot for about a
minute or two once it’s sat like that you’re actually
allowing it to absorb into it and make it easier to remove when you wipe it off
with your soapy wash that way you’re not scrubbing at it and causing any
additional scratching on your paint when it comes to washing the lettering
and those hard-to-reach spots on a car you’re gonna have some trouble with a
microfiber towel by itself but this is where and maybe your subsequent details
you can pick up some detailing brushes that are more suited for the job that
won’t scratch your paint but also will make it easier to get to those
hard-to-reach spots now like I said washing your car in direct sunlight is a
big no-no but for this job I had to do it so that is why you’re seeing me rinse
the car down multiple times after washing a panel because you don’t want
that soap to solidify and get stuck to the paint as soon as I’m done washing
the car and giving it a fresh rinse I’m pulling into my garage that way I can
work on the car out of the direct sunlight and begin the drying and waxing
process now in any car that hasn’t been waxed in
a long time it is going to take a little bit longer to dry the car because the
water will not be beating off the surface it’ll essentially just stick in
there like a layer of water now for the polishing wax stage product
that we picked up from mothers make sure you shake up the bottle and then grab a
microfiber towel fold it up into a small square as your applicator pad for this
product it was about a quarter sized droplet that I used on each panel but
make sure you look at the directions on the product that you pick up for how
much you should use now after the polish has sat for about a
minute or two you’ll see it kind of becomes a chalky haze grab a new
microfiber towel to buff off all the excess polish one thing I like to do
after I’m done polishing is look at the car at a sideways angle to make sure you
didn’t miss any spots because sometimes especially on white paint it’s hard to
make sure that you’ve gotten every single piece of the polish off the car
now that the paint is polished I went ahead and grabbed a bucket of water to
kind of pour on the paint to show you what water beading looks like you can
see how fast it actually sheets off and beads off the car that is a great
indicator how well your polish is actually working and you can see here
after it being polished how easy it is to actually dry the car and for a white
paint it actually turned out amazing and then for the interior we’re using
that chemical guys all-in-one product especially on the door panels and the
windows and pretty much anything on the inside including the seats to clean the
surface I also busted out that paintbrush to get
into any of those cracks and crevices in the door panel itself the paint brush
did a really good job at getting into those different areas to remove that
dirt than dust that’s been built up but it did leave some of the fibers behind
and I would say that probably after one use it would be about time to throw it
away and get a new one that being said if this wasn’t for a $50 challenge I
would have picked up a standard set of detailing brushes that I typically use
but for this one I went ahead and just try to stick with the $50 budget to show
you guys that you can do this to at a reasonable price now this chemical guys product did a
really good job I’m pretty much cleaning every single thing inside the interior
from the dashboard to the interior panels to the seats but one thing that I
felt that was missing was the actual shine that you get from the chemical
guys silk and shine topper coat so I still think that in general I’m gonna
stick with my all-purpose cleaner and then my silk and shine top coat just
because it gives a better look and shine to the car itself but for an all-in-one
product like I mentioned earlier it is definitely a good start for anybody
that’s looking to get into detailing if you are looking for an alternative
and you had a higher budget in mind for the seats I would definitely look at the
Alexa products they have the conditioner and the cleaner they do a really good
job one cleaning the seats but then to also protecting your leather from
cracking or limiting any further crack and if you have already cracks in your
seats now that we have everything wiped down
on the interior I’m gonna go ahead and do the vacuuming last pull out your
floor mats but make sure when you do so you actually fold them up and minimize
any like bouncing or shaking of any of the dirt in there it’s that way you
minimize the amount of work you have to do one thing I wanted to mention here
when it comes to the vacuuming portion if you don’t have a shop vac or have a
vacuum cleaner you could always go to one of the coin-operated units to use
their vacuums or even some of those car washes if you just drive up I think the
vacuums might be free or just your standard in-home vacuum but a shop vac
is a really great tool to have especially the dry ones because if you
did have any stains or anything in your carpets that you had to soak up or clean
you can use that to extract the fluid as well now when it comes to cleaning windows is
a common question I get on how you can make them Street free I use this
chemical guys product to clean the windows and it actually did a really
good job but the biggest things you have to remember is to use a single
microfiber towel to do the actual washing and scrubbing phase and then
grab a second clean microfiber towel to do the buffing the second towel is kind
of what helps make sure there’s no streaking in and there’s no residual
fluid on the windshield after you’re done or any windows for
that matter now I’m still using the same product throughout the car here I’m
using it on the floor mats and then the brush to scrub it and then I’m just
using a clean microfiber towel to wipe them all down to get any of the dirt or
debris off of them so that’s a wrap for today guys I
definitely thought this challenge was a lot of fun to complete Anna gave me an
opportunity to try a bunch of different products that I’ve never tried before
and to be honest the Chemical Guys product was I was really impressed with
how well it worked for glass for the interior panels even for the seats
themselves did a really good job I was actually impressed for an all-in-one
product if you’re looking to start out it’s not a bad choice and then the
mothers product was really really nice as well I did a really good job of
beating the water afterwards on and off was easy and super clean it definitely
gives the white car a nice shine which I’m sure on a black or red car I’d be
even better and then the all wheel cleaner from Eagle One did a great job
at cleaning up the tire and it was kind of nice that when you sprayed it on
change colors which was really nice to see when that dirt was kind of
activating and kind of coming off the tire which is really really cool as well
in general all the products I picked out worked out well that’s not typically
always the case but in this case it turned out really really nice and I want
you guys to comment below what is your favorite product for detailing your
go-to product no matter what it is let me know in the comments below because
this community that we’ve grown under Stauffer garage is truly amazing all the
comments all the tips you guys always share I think we all benefit from them I
do I’ve adopted several of the tips that you guys have shared so I really really
want you guys to make sure you comment below let me know what that product is
because I might try it I actually like buying detailing products I’m kind of
addicted to doing that so help my addiction do you guys like the video
thumbs up make sure you subscribe for notifications as well and I’ll see you
guys in the next video this was a lot of fun I think I’m gonna start doing more
videos like this too so see you guys next time
hi guys

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