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How Automobiles Work

Every year our
brand report cards show which model lines
and manufacturers make the best and worst vehicles. We look at each tested car
score in our road tests, predicted reliability, owner
satisfaction, and safety. That overall score is
added up at the brand level to give its ranking. So which brand came
out on top this year? In our 2017 brand
report card, Audi takes the number one
position, followed by Porsche. Audi did very well in
our reliability surveys, coupled with the fact
that 86% of the company’s tested products have
earned Consumer Reports recommendation, shows that Audi
is doing many things right. And Porsche, once known
just for sports cars now builds a
product line that is ultra-competitive
in our testing, so much so that every
current Porsche we’ve tested is recommended. This year, BMW jumped two
spots in our rankings, now third overall. 100% of its tested
models are recommended. That’s impressive. Another top scoring
car maker is Lexus, which includes an impressive
line of good performing and reliable cars and SUVs. And rounding out the
top five in this list is Subaru, with a
lone non-luxury car brand, so you don’t
have to break the bank to get a reliable and
impressive performing vehicle. And another affordable brand
that does well in our testing, is reliable, and has high owner
satisfaction scores is Mazda. This company is seventh ranked
on our list, with high scores across the board and has 100%
of its models recommended. Toyota, with a large and
diverse product line, also finished strong with
above average brand reliability and 78% of tested
models recommended. Another popular but
troubled brand, Volkswagen, tumbled eight spots due
to its below average brand reliability. Just 25% of its tested
models are recommended. GM’s crown jewel, Cadillac,
joined Acura and Infiniti this year as the most upwardly
mobile brands, each rising six places compared to
last year’s ranking. The highest ranked
domestic brand is now Tesla, which displaced Buick
as the top US automaker. The rest of Detroit’s
major players landed further down the
list, with Lincoln edging out Chevrolet, and Ford
scoring above Chrysler. On the flip side, though
stubbornly stuck at the bottom again this year, are Fiat, Jeep,
Mitsubishi, and Land Rover. Since returning
to the US market, Fiat’s reliability
has been dismal and its models consistently
produce mediocre scores in our testing. In fact, Consumer Reports
doesn’t recommend any products from these
bottom-ranking brands. For more on cars, check
out consumerreports.org.

100 thoughts on “Consumer Reports 2017 Top Car Brands

  1. Can't complain with my audis. Both my a4 and a6 has been trouble free. Only problem for me was small trim piece on the door came loose, Audi just replaced it.

  2. If I had to listen to Consumer Reports latest reliability talk, " Toyota introduced ESC in 2004, before anyone else". In fact, they did introduced ESC in 2004 which was called differently. However, ESC was introduced in 1995 by Mercedes Benz followed by BMW in the same year. For BMW was called ESP ( Electronic Stability Program). So, Toyota did it…only 9 years later.

  3. People REALLY need to stop putting personal anecdotes into consideration. Just because you had a crappy car it doesn't mean the brand hasn't improved.

  4. How do you know that Audi, BMW and Porsche are suddenly reliable? The first year they may be ok, but on the long term they just suck! Go for a Toyota, Hyundai/Kia and Mazda instead…

  5. Back in 2003, when we bought a Toyota Camry, Toyota had more recommended models than any other brand. We still drive that '03 Camry today, which has been reliable.

  6. That's interesting that Volkswagen is less reliable that Audi. Since VW makes Audi as Audi is VW's luxury brand.

  7. Mitusibishi as unreliable ? Not at all agree. It is more reliable than any German brand . It is on top with Toyota and Honda. BMW ,Audi and Mercedese are the worst brands on the road today. Porche is the most reliable of the German brands. I`d buy a 911 or a 929 GT RS before i`d buy an Audi ,BMW or Mercedes

  8. How on earth did BMW and Audi finish ahead of Lexus?? If reliability is what drives these scores no way they could finish so high. I suspect some money changed hands somewhere in the compiling of this list. And Mazda ahead of Toyota and Honda.?? Come on guys, at least make it look like you actually tried.

  9. Sorry but Audi sucks, BMW sucks, if you are going to buy german at least buy Benz you are better off. At least from my experience and those I have known that drive Audi and BMW. I personally would drive a Ford before I touched a BMW or Audi and I own a mercedes C class. Very well put together zero issues so far with 80 k on it. Only had thermostat replaced that was it.

  10. Audi = 86%, VW = 25%. Too bad Audi is a VW with nicer materials…

    SORRY but this is bullshit, most people that can afford a brand new luxury car will sell it before the warranty is gone.

  11. Mazda made this list!? Go ahead and buy a malevolent, aggravating, zero dependable, abomination if you want.  I would gladly go to prison for punching the CEO of this company. My Mazda 5 has devastated my finances. The engine jumped time because it went 60 miles past its oil change. The transmission tanked. The thermostat costs $500.00 to replace. The back windshield wiper costs $100.00 to replace. The key cost $450.00 dollars to replace. Four mechanics have told me they decided not to get a Mazda because of my car.

  12. As a mechanic i can tell you for 100% some of those top 10 should not be in top 10 for sure 👌🏻

  13. I can say that my Jetta is a piece of shit. although I love the way it drives when it works. I'm supprised that the Jeep Wrangler and grand Cherokee aren't even recommended

  14. Porsche drivers who don't own 718 or 911 really are paying more for the badge than the vehicle. I never seen a car like the Cayenne or Macan where the cars are so devoid of creature comforts & an options list as long or as ridiculously expensive this side of Rolls Royce or Bentley.

  15. These are great cars within 50k miles or less because of free maintenance. After 50k you have the Japanese makers. They make great reliable vehicles.

  16. BMW?. First day I had my 328, the driver's side mirror cracked. Tons of electrical problems too. When the lease was over, I was glad to see it go. Expensive piece of junk. Then I got my 10 year old Accord which has never had a problem. EVER! BMW Recommended? Talk to owners first, it's 50% recommended only.

  17. JD Power ranks Audi in the bottom 10 worst auto makers in initial quality and number of complaints. The same for Mazda and Subaru ranking low as well. The only thing CR and JD Power agree upon is Fiat and Jeep both being lousy automakers.

  18. I don't believe this video at all! Ask reputable mechanics about these cars! Normally they say German cars are not reliable and are endless money pits, as are most luxury cars except for Japanese luxury cars. Also they usually say Toyota/Lexus and Honda are the most reliable and will last the longest with Toyota/Lexus being top reliability! Given that these people repair cars, I trust them more that a source that gives "predicted reliability" as if that means anything.

  19. For those that are reliant on stereotypes for their views on certain brands of cars, German cars are very reliable as a whole but there are some interesting quirks depending on make and model that you won't find on any American cars.

  20. first off not one german car has ever been reliable.. and when it breaks it cost the price of a new base model honda to fix it… CR is getting kick back for saying these brands are good.. they are not.. never will be

  21. Judging by t he top tiered cars only rich people are buying cars lately. As you go down the list you get the cheaper companies which ironically fall lower on the reliability list. What a strange pattern seeing as how non of those cars mentioned at the top of the list are known to be reliable. It's almost as if the manufacturers sponsored this video. No mention of Honda or Nissan. It's almost as if popularity now a days is synonymous with reliability, or at least when it comes to upper middle class cars.

  22. I don't know how Audi even made it on the list, it's literally the most unreliable car I've ever owned – broke like 30 times and they never took responsibility for anything. The f*cking glove compartment broke 2 weeks in. The glove compartment!? Seriously, how can you screw that up!? That should have been the first and only warning I needed.

    Also everybody I know that owns or has owned one has had the same experience. They drive fine, but the ownership experience is so bad that I'd rather walk. Audi service is also one of the most customer unfriendly experiences I've ever had – not what you'd expect from a premium brand.

    Seriously, might as well go with Fiat.

  23. Good price and reliable. Toyota,Mazda,Honda,Subaru, Hyundai and Kiia.
    Unreliable. FiatChrysler,Mercedes, BMW, GMbrands,RangeRover and RenaultNissan.

  24. What when was BMW ever been reliable my parents have owned a 1999 BMW 540i that's completely broke down it was taken to the junk yard then the 2012 BMW X5 bought it brand new the transmission had some problems and engine so then they got a 2014 x5 the day they bought it the truck would not work couple of months later the steering wheel has to be replaced and then the camera and a whole bunch of stuff the only good one they had was 2013 528i

  25. i own 3 generation of mercedes e class….from 1995 to 2013 i guess its one of the best cars one can buy….not even my audi or bmw is as good as mercs

  26. Talk all you want about audi I've never seen anything less reliable and lower quality than dodge, I know someone who was had a dodge calibre for about a year, the rubber on the doors is coming off, the belt is squeaky, the tires it came with are probably punctured because they get flat really fast, the stereo controls are broken so you can't control anything without getting frustrated, the battery died out of the blue not too long after we got it, the a.c. doesn't work well etc, also my father has a durango, it's had a blown head gasket, leaking oil, and just recently the gear box starting rubbing together on something so that needs to be fixed. While I've never seen any other car have many problems like that, except a $2000 Kia

  27. Ummmm go spend some time in a repair shop, ask a mechanic about Audi and BMW…Acura also has bad suspension systems and computer problems almost as bad as Cadillac….and I freggin love the Fiat Spyder 124 convertible sports car. Also it is easy to work on. This list doesn't seem very accurate…

  28. tesla, audi , bmw, ,and mazda? Reliable?!? lol this is almost funny to watch.. seriously just buy a toyota. i have a 95 corolla with 230000 miles and it runs like a clock. tesla has horrible build quality and good luck trying to get it fixed out of warranty…

  29. I am a mechanic and I can easily say that Audi's are not unreliable. I personally own one with 282,800 miles on it. They are high maintenance, not unreliable. They require attention, but that's what you get when you want an amazing car. I regularly check mine and it has never left me stranded or has had unexpected issues.

    As far as BMW, they are fun but they don't come close to Audi with traction and comfort. I don't see why you'd choose a BMW over an Audi or a Lexus.

    If you want a nice car and you don't want to do the work yourself, buy a Lexus. They are very nice, not as nice as Audi, but they will require much less maintenance. They are both equally reliable in the end, one just has less preventative maintenance required.

    Keywords here, high maintenance does NOT mean unreliable. Fucking check it when you need to. An Audi will not accept a 20k mile oil change, it needs them more frequently. If you want to abuse a car, don't buy an Audi. If you want to take care of a car and have it pay you back, go ahead and buy one. You should probably buy a Lexus.

  30. Idiots hating in German cars….
    If German cars wouldn't be good they wouldn't be so popular.
    There's nothing in this for me but why don't you do something with your life instead of hating.
    While you are talking shit hundreds of German cars are being sold so You either talk shit louder or just give up and stfu.

  31. It's all bullshit. You really think volkswagens are the least reliable, while Audi and Porsche are top.. they are owned by the same parent company. None of their math checks out. Especially the part on predicted reliability. Bull shit. Cars are 3 times more reliable as the were in early 2000's. You cant accurately predict reliability when things are improving as quickly as they are.

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