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24 thoughts on “Corolla Hatchback: The Water Cup Challenge | Toyota

  1. Toyota/Lexus knows how to build the best classic hatchback.
    I had the Scion iQ and now have a habernero Prius c. No complaints. Great great cars❕

  2. There is literally nothing about this car that is similar to the AE86 (except for both being cars): The AE86 is a two door, lightweight, rear-wheel-drive, twitchy drift machine. The E210 is medium-size and weight, four door, front-wheel-drive, un-driftable car. The only common thing between them is that they're Corollas, except that Takumi's AE86 is a Sprinter, not a Corolla.
    Also, Takumi didn't use the handbrake to drift.

  3. The car looks ok, but it’s underpowered af. Bought the Elantra GT Sport instead. Turbo charged at 201hp to the wheels. Sure, it’s a “lukewarm hatch” at best, but it ain’t a “below freezing hatch” like the Corolla hatch😂

  4. Come on Toyota yall know how to make good card now if you make them rwd,stick with enough horsepower then we got a banger at least make the hatchback a nice trd with rwd and stick and we in business

  5. Does he even know this road? After this slow right it's a sharp left, there's no room to slow down! He's going into the ravine! What the- inertia drift!?

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