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It was with Bosz right? At Ajax? First with Frank de Boer. The first 4 or 5 years. I already had Frank de Boer at the youth teams. Did you always get subtitles, when you had a game meeting with Frank de Boer? You get used to it after a while. Nice guy right? He was a good player back then.
– Yes, definitely. He talks like… I always had… A good relationship with him. I always played with a lot of pleasure with him in charge. Definitely, of course! I learned a lot, especially when you go from the youth to the first team. It’s nice to have someone who believes in you and also… Gives you confidence.
– Yes exactly and goes to work with you. You’re also… Fastest scoring debutant of Ajax.
– Yes, that’s right. 45 seconds.
– Yes something like that. It was 42 seconds. 42 seconds. Unbelievable! A few days before that I played a few minutes against Lyon. That was in the Champions League right?
– Yes and after that it was against N.E.C. We were 2 goals ahead. And then I had to warm-up, so I went running. I think it was a freekick for N.E.C. So he gives a cross ball. I don’t know who was goalkeeping, I think it was Cillessen or Vermeer. He took the ball and trews it to me. I got the ball… Walked further, got the ball back and it was in. Was that in the Arena?
– No, it was away. Yes, it was unbelievable. You made a lot of important goals for Ajax. You was important. Yes, I’ve always made a lot of goals. But in the youth, you played 13 years for Ajax?
– Yes, 13 or 14 years. It’s a long time right? Did you also got picked up by a little van?
– Yes. Definitely! Only not the first time. One year before I went to high school, I went to Ajax. Then my grandpa brought me back and forward every day. Really every day. After that with the little van. That was fun.
– Yes, it’s fun. Do you watch series or something? Do you have Dutch television?
– Yes, I got everything. So you watch all games?
– Yes, I usually do. Tonight you’re gonna watch Ajax in the Champions League, what do you think?
– Yes. I think they gonna win actually. They are strong right?
– Strong, they play good! They can beat everyone. Are they stronger than the team when you played at Ajax.
– For sure! I think the difference now is, they have a few experienced players. That’s really important. That’s true! That’s nice, because next season, if Tadic leaves and van de Beek. And Ziyech, then you can… come back. Who knows?
– Nice man! You can join the national team. How about now? Do you expect something from the Dutch national team, or do you think like, whatever? I don’t really expect anything, but of course I’m hoping. That’s clear. But what else can I do, I do my best.
– But now you’re doing well. You play everything now.
Everything, always actually. Last year I was suspended once, but other than that I played everything. It’s nice when the coach gives you trusts in you.
– Yes, great! But it was like that from the start.
– Yes, since you came. You was bought, signed, played the day after and scored a goal.
– The same day. Oh the same day?
– That evening. That’s right. I didn’t knew all the names yet and I had to put in work immediately. Yes I saw on TV, it was in the news. He signed this morning and scores the same day. Yes and I played a year for Everton, well not really played and didn’t score a goal. Just sat there. They must have thought, after 30 minutes, he immediately scores for them. You basterd! I told you he could do it! You basterd! They do talk like that.
– Beautiful accent right? I’ve lived there for five years. I recently played a game here for… A pre-season match. I had to play against Everton here. It was fun.
– No? Against your old team?
– Yes, against all those guys. And was that Jimmy still there, the maintenance man? Yes, Jimmy Martin. Yes and Jimmy Coleman. The masseuse. The short fat guy? And they asked me… They were afraid I was an idiot like you. And because Royston Drenthe also played there. They thought they bought another weird Dutch guy. That was nice! What is this? Oh man, look at those condos!
– Yes, it’s not good. It’s from before the war.
– I live there! What are you gonna do when you’re home? Are you alone? Yes, my girlfriend comes over this evening. Not much actually. So no jerking tonight?
– No, that’s not happening. Not happening.
– Just relax on the couch. We’ve trained hard the last two days. But you play this weekend right?
– Saturday. It’s Wednesday now, you’ll make it.
– We train the hardest on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. On Friday we take it easy. And the day after the match, you have a day off?
– No, then… The guys who played get a massage and go cycling. And the guys who didn’t play, go train. And the day after we have the day off. Oh like that.
– This week we play for the cup, so there’s no day off. You play at home on Saturday?
– No away. Against?
– Against Leverkusen, against Peter Bosz. Nice guy Peter.
– Yes, he’s fun. He was also in your car right?
– Yes. And he arranged Bailey for me.
– Yes, I’m saw him with you. Did you also see the one with Lukaku?
– Yes that was fun! Nice guy right? Yes he’s a nice guy. Are you subscribed? I haven’t subscribed to anything.
– Not to my YouTube channel? No, I think I don’t even have an account. You can’t win a shirt then.
– What, one of my own? Do I have to go this way?
– A friend of mine did actually win. The jersey of Bali United, of Nick van der Velden. Oh really? He was very happy with it. Yes, I think I got a message from him. he sent me a direct message on Instagram. So he won the jersey of Bali United. Also a nice guy, Nick.
– Yes. I’ve seen that serie of theirs. That documentary of him, Melvin Platje and two others. Platje is a great guy.
Yes, it was fun. Look here! A Shisha Lounge. Yes, you have a lot of kiosks here. Yes. It’s kinda like little Turkey here. There are a lot of Turkish shops here right? There’s a kiosk. Which way to go?
– Straight ahead actually. Oké, we just go actually straight ahead then. So you’re going home in a minute. You’ll be rid of me. I have to drive for another two and a half hours. I’ll probably be stuck in traffic. Yes, I think so. It doesn’t bother me that much. I love driving. I’ll pullover at a gas station.
– Yes, you have a nice car. Yes, it’s great. I’ll have a bite to eat. Take it easy. The kids are free from school now. Only noise at the house. That’s why you wanted to meet this week.
– Yes of course! I was thinking I’ll be home around 8. They’ll be in bed by then. If I’m not stuck in traffic, I’ll still call and say I’m stuck in traffic. I’ll be a bit later. No problem, I’ll put the kids to bed. Nice! Man, I woke up yesterday, with a big mark across my face, like this.
– What kind of mark? My wife said to me, what the hell is on your face? So I looked in the mirror… I slept on my dick! What a guy! You should remember that one. It’s nice! You probably tell that one at every birthday party.
– Yes, I tell everybody. I swear. I also told that one about the dog. Did you see? Yes.
– About the gasoline, with Malen. I always do it to newcomers in the pub. I have a main pub where I always go. I’m driving everyone crazy with that joke. I tell about the dog and they’ll be like, really did it die? No, no more gasoline. It’s so nice! And all the other who already heard it are cracking up. You basterd! It’s really… Nice to live here, man. I live behind here. It’s beautiful, there’s a park and all. It’s fine. It’s not..
– You just close the curtains. You don’t look outside. It”s not Amsterdam.
– No, it’s just quiet here. It’s friendly. Also at the club.
– Yes, friendly. Friendly. The level of the games are high here, right? Yes, you can’t take it easy in a game. They all run a lot.
– They keep on going. They really never give up.
– You can’t say… We’re gonna press for 60 minutes and then they’ll be tired. That doesn’t happen. They don’t tire. They just go on.
– Exactly, that’s something else. It’s a nice league. And exciting.
Good and strong league. You’ll learn a lot from that. It makes you stronger. Definitely.
– Maybe after that you’ll go to Spain or something. Or Italy.
– Yes, you think? Yes Italy or something. Preferably, if some players leave Ajax. I prefer you at Ajax. But if you don’t want that. I don’t know. You don’t know what’s on your path.
– Yes, exactly! Look, she left her behind at home. That’s an old lady.
– Oh, it’s an old lady. I think a lot of old people live here.
– Right? In Germany right? I also think so. I see a lot of people with short hair. They have a big ass. A big flat ass. With those red pants and such. With glasses on. But you do have beautiful women in Germany right? I haven’t seen that much. I don’t know. I think this is an old city. I’d kill myself here in Bremen. No, I’m just joking.
– No, it’s fine living here. I know. It’s good like this. A few more years, fill your pockets… Fill my pockets…
– Yes that’s how it is, you have to make a living right? Yes of course, but… But you do it, because you want to play, You could see that at Everton.
– Yes, or else I would’ve stayed in England. Yes exactly! That’s the truth. People often forget that. Yeah, you earn enough money and this and that. Come on, I want to play! I want to do what I do best. I don’t want to sit on the bench.
– Or in the crowd. You might as well go home then. Watch Football on TV. At least you’ll get replays then. That’s really true. People always think because you’re making money, it’s good. But it really isn’t like that. How did you feel. When you was at Everton at was sent to the crowd? Didn’t you think like, I’ve played in the Europa League final. I was a captain.
– Yes, but on the other hand, I thought I’ll keep doing my best. Sure you’ll keep doing your best, but you’ll get emotional.
– Of course, you think… What are they thinking? They bought me for a lot of money, I got a lot of experience, I can make the club better and the team. And then I’m on the stands like Bozo the clown. really, I swear! Of course, i thought many times like that, but… On the other hand, what can I do? Do I have to… Punch the coach in face or something.
– No, not to Koeman, you can hit the other one. Koeman is a good coach. Look at that. We were talking about women, look at that. Oh it’s your girlfriend! She’s here early. I was thinking she could never be German. Look she tries to sit the dog down. Sit my friend! I have peanut butter for you. Do you tan? I should, if I was you. I don’t feel like laying there for 20 minutes. I think it’s nice. When it’s cold outside I like it. Not in the Summer. But when it gets cold outside, I’ll go. It’s nice man! I din’t know. I did a few times, but… I’m just laying there… You’ll get bored. I also can’t stay long.
– I rather lay at home on the couch. I only do 17 minutes. After 20 minutes I get bored. I’ll go… Then I look through the crack if nobody is watching. Put my leg in front of it. What an idiot! Did you read my book?
– Yes, but it was a long time ago. When it was just released. What an idiot, I thought.
Yes, crazy guy. Didn’t you learn? You still went to Everton. I think I forgot. How have you been there? How many years?
– How have you been there? Did you like it? I thought Everton was a nice club and all. We moved to a new… Finch Farm. That was nice then. In the beginning on the old training ground. I thought, what the hell is this man? I came to an old attic. It look like an old farm. But I just wanted to go there, because I needed to play, to make the Dutch national team and I wanted to go to the World Cup. They said I had to play, or I wouldn’t go to the World Cup. So I said, fine. So I thought I’ll just play at Everton for a year. So I can show myself at the World Cup with the Dutch national team. But I got injured at Everton. I was out for six months. But it’s a nice club, sometimes I complain and say it’s a shit club and this and that. It was also my own fault. But I did had some periods when I thought, just put me in man! He would put in a defender, while we were behind. That annoyed me a lot! Come on man! That’s why I got in a fight with Moyes. It went bad from there. We were behind 1-0 against Middlesbrough and he puts in a defender. I thought what the hell is this? Are you crazy? Then I completely lost it. And you had to train after a match. I said the hell with it, I’m not gonna train! I’m going home! Then he grabbed me by the throat. Moyes. Then we got in a fight. After that it went downhill. I never should have shaken his hand, after he grabbed me. I should’ve said, just buy me out of my contract. Or I’ll go the media or something. I also could’ve done that. But I didn’t do it. I gave him a hand… I wouldn’t do it also. I also would… It’s the way you’re raised. It’s very different. It’s different there. Definitely abroad. You become a man there. We shouldn’t complain, but… At Ajax it was fine, everything was taken care of. Relaxed. They take care of you. I’m also going home. Maybe I’ll grab a bite to eat somewhere. A German sausage? Yes, Schnitzel with potatoes. Kartoffel.
– Kartoffel. Great man! It’s been nice! Take the board with you. the one without the autograph. It nice right. Let’s take a picture.
– Yes. Let’s take a picture. Or they won’t believe it. What BAIDA means?
– Bij Andy in de auto. Oh I thought it was some kinda crazy street slang.
– Yes, a lot of people think that. Put the board up. Great man! It’s been nice. Good luck!
– It been nice! Do your best, we keep in touch!
– Drive carefully! Take care my friend!
– Take care! Bye! Yes guys, that was Davy Klaassen. Good guy! Nice guy, good Football player. He’ s on his way back to this old level. And I hope he’ll make it. If you want to win his jersey. One is mine, signed with Andy fat head. You can win the other one. And this one of course! Just leave a reaction and thumbs up. It’ll be fine! Thanks for watching and we’re on the the next one! Cheers! Ciao!

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