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Hi guys and welcome to this place and welcome back to my car today I’m here to show you a make a car gadget that may be of interest to many of you I’m talking about the ILC OBD2 it is in a few words a diagnostic system complete with our car that allows us to know the status of the particulate filter in seconds of the sensors the oil temperature and also to display and possibly reset any electronic errors e thus allowing you to save a little bit between mechanic and workshop the packaging does not tell us much apart from the park of the back to download the application there are dozens perhaps hundreds of applications dedicated to these devices I chose this is because it is the best value for money, it costs very little on the 15 euro from masone I leave you the link below in video descriptions this is the wifi model in my opinion the most comfortable as it connects to our smartphone or possibly to our computer via wifi connection well it seems a huge usb stick and how to install it is difficult absolutely not guys I will show you right away all you have to do will be connect it to the obi socket of two of your car present in practically all cars since 1996 onwards is usually placed under the steering wheel let’s see if I can show you here it is and so we just have to go and push it as if it were a stick guys That’s usually all cars have this door under the steering wheel, however some cars may be a little different for safety anyway look for it through the use and maintenance manual of your car as you can see the red LED has already lit to indicate that the obi door of two of our car luckily it works so now we will have to take ours smartphone and connect to the wifi of our stick huge obi of two and let’s connect hawaii five ob of 2 that’s it and I recommend using this application car scanner that does not have beautiful graphics but is really very very much complete let’s connect will automatically connect to our key na that as you see st flashing however this is only one of the many applications there are really many these are only a few that I recommend you though on the play store and on apple just search for obd you will find hundreds now let’s go and start our car And here is that our key is already starting to send us data such as the rpm of the engines temperature the speed we try to give gas look it’s practically in real time this is the dashboard and through the application you can go to customize it with the elements you want now I show you the various indicators that obviously they change from car to car my car is small so there are not many, but you can already see that the choice is already there very very big adjustment engine speed mixture ignition advance air temperatures aspirated to throttle position In short, the fuel ratio area of ​​the injection accelerator position is really there many possibilities for example, let’s try to select all, let’s see what comes out to us here obviously a huge list of all the state of our engine and its electronics we also have the list of all the sensors of the our car From here errors we can visualize and eventually restore clean reset errors electronics a very useful and requested thing that mechanics get well paid there are also many aspects that I don’t know, for example this we can also for example measure the speed acceleration then from zero up to 120 kilometers per hour test for emissions in short guys there is really everything I will show you also went to disconnect the demo version with a car with all active sensors really are infinity watch We really have to lose our mind Let’s go for a ride and guys let’s see what values ​​it goes to read I have activated the screen recorder I hope it is working I cannot be distracted even if nobody is here Let’s hope it doesn’t slide all over again Ok put the arrow and pull over here Then we have the fuel consumed the instantaneous consumption the average consumption the fuel price the average speed the voltage test status of the setting parameters for motor load calculation value coolant temperature mixture adjustment engine rpm manifold pressure short mission guys has collected in a few meters really an infinity of information also guys nothing prevents you from using it in dashboard mode with settings that you decide for yourself then maybe by connecting it with a magnet to your car for hold hopefully the camera won’t drop I said to always keep the values ​​of our car under control as everything is completely Customizable in my opinion is very very comfortable, very very cool and also costs little well guys and this was the ob dlc of 2 in my opinion a diagnostic system very comfortable very useful for your car which costs very little and works very well what do you think let me know by leaving a nice comment below let’s talk together if you have 22 questions don’t hesitate to ask if you want buy it I leave all the purchase links below in video descriptions obviously in video descriptions you will also find the link to enter our telecom channel of the technical offers of them not on the facebook group and the other official cry snam come in numerous and finally guys if you want to support us I remember that all our videos are totally free for you but if you want we just need a simple and free like a comment a share activate the bell among the offers saw notifications from our new video posts and I would say this is really all I go away because this is a rather bad area in the dark in the evening so I come home I hope to see you next video hello guys


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  2. Ottima recensione Michele per un prodotto molto sottovalutato! Io lo uso da parecchi mesi, sono riuscito a resettare vari errori (tranne quelli dell'ABS, per quelli bisogna andare in officina) sfruttando il programma pc multiecuscan, davvero formidabile!

  3. Allora! utile per capire in caso di problemi quali siano i problemi sopratutto se sono di elettronica, non si può agire sui parametri della centralina o codificarla come posso fare altri OBD II che possono andare a leggere la centralina e modificare i parametri della stessa… mi viene in mente il vecchio VAG OBD II per il gruppo Volkswagen…

  4. Sembra veramente figa ed utile! Non è che per caso inietta anche qualche cv extra vero? Aahahahaah 😆😆 Ciao Michele! ♥

  5. È praticamente la stessa cretinata di quello che ho io! Quindi dipende solo da quale app si usa!e credo che ne debba trovare una a pagamento per avere ciò che serve a me dato che i tagliandi me li faccio da solo!

  6. io sono ignorante in materia, ma non ho capito Michele l'aggeggio segnale anche le avarie, oppure fornisce i dati di moto e basta!

  7. Madonna mi hai fatto tornare indietro di oltre dieci anni con sti accrocchi obd bt per le centraline, ancora li fanno identici però le app sono una spanna avanti devo dire… Sono io che invecchio

  8. Ottimo. Utile, per chi ha un ibrido Toyota, con l'app che monitora il sistema ibrido e le singole celle della batteria

  9. Io ne avevo uno molto utile da tenere in auto ma purtroppo non funziona bene con tutte le marche di auto e con tutti gli errori ma per quello che costa è un best buy

  10. Ok comodo quanto vuoi ma per chi non ci capisce niente di motori é molto difficile e quasi impossibile da capire.
    Comunque ti lamenti dei prezzi di una diagnosi ma pensa che ogni meccanico ha almeno 2/3 computer per la diagnosi i quali costano qualche migliaio di euro e inoltre ogni hanno devono fare un aggiornamento obbligatorio per continuare a mantenere in funzione il programma i quali, anche loro, costano qualche migliaio di euro quindi anche se ti chiedono qualcosa in più prova a pensare quanto gli costa a loro farti questo servizio

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