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Hi, today I would like to tell you about
the different types of helmets, the pros and cons of these helmets – and help you
make the best choice for your bike. First up is the full face helmet. Recognisable
by its fixed chin bar. Second is the open face helmet recognisable by the open
face and no chin bar. And last but not least, the flip up helmet. A helmet which
has a movable chin piece, which can be pivoted up – or sometimes even all the way
back. The pros of the full face helmet is that it covers the entire head. Which
means it offers the best possible protection. These helmets are also very
easy to make light and aerodynamic, which means they are very suitable for high
speeds and circuit racing. The cons however of a full face helmet, is that it
gets very difficult to cool the head during riding seen as only the visor
can be opened. Another con could be that people with claustrophobic issues can
feel very isolated in this type of helmet. The pros of the open face helmet
is that it has the open face. Which means it offers the ultimate motorcycle
experience. The wind can go in your face or even in your hair, and you have the
best possible vision while riding. The cons however are that it’s not very
suitable for high speeds and it does lack a chin bar, which means it has less
protection than for example a full face helmet or a flip up helmet. However,
there are open face helmets that have a removable chin piece or longer visors.
And last but not least, the pros for the flip up or ‘modular’ helmet. This helmet is
a crossover between the full face helmet and the open face helmet, as it
has a movable chin piece. This means you can wear it like so – like a full face
helmet or like an open-faced helmet. The cons however are that this helmet can
get very heavy. This is due to the system built in for the chin piece to move up
and down and the helmet is also uncomfortable at higher speeds when you
wear it open. So which type of helmet should you get for your type of bike?
Well that’s open to anybody really but, for examplem, usually on high speed bikes
and circuit racing bikes people often choose a full face helmet for the
protection and the best possible aerodynamics. If you’re riding more of a
custom bike or a chopper, maybe you should go with the open face helmet. And
if you like doing a lot of tours or if you like doing a lot of long-distance
riding – the flip up helmet is probably the most convenient option for your bike.
However, it’s up to you. Thanks for watching
I hope I taught you something new today. Don’t forget to subscribe to our You
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motorcycle helmets and motorcycle clothing. See you next time.

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  1. Nampak ni jenis flip up atau dagu naik keatas?..cantik juga kan?..jika predator itu boleh flip up pun mantap kan?..salah satu upgrade product…

  2. Well taking about helmets I took flip up helmet but was thinking and wanted a review of flip up it was nice coming hear and now I think I have done a right choice,👍

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