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Welcome to another episode of Mighty Mods now today is all about car security… now its not about elaborate, fancy, expensive stuff its about simple, cheap, effective stuff that you can do at home just to make sure your average idiot doesn’t take off with your ride for example… This guy. Well… There goes the car so as you can see, a kill switch is probably a good idea now we just have to find someone who knows how to put one in. They say he lives off a diet of only terodactyl eggs now we don’t know where he gets them from and we don’t know why all we know is… he’s pretty good with a soldering iron come and meet him. Right, so the materials you need really basic multimeter to find the right wires heat shrink to wrap it up once you’ve done it drill and reamer to make the hole to stick the switch soldering iron to solder it all together 25 amp wire thats to carry enough current to start the car wire strippers and basic tools Okay, so you’ve seen all the stuff you need… lets go The first step is to get to the wires that make up the ignition circuit These are generally located near the ignition barrel If someone is going to take the time to hotwire the car Thats how quick it is to get into it Now your best bet is to use a service manual To find out exactly which wires make up the ignition circuit before you cut anything Hopefully we cut the right one, and it wont start Nice Now if someone jumps in your car to try and steal it The first place they are going to look for a switch if the car does not start is in the glove box or the dash board So dont put your switch there Try and find somewhere a bit more creative So what i’ve done is just wire it in with this switch temporarily to make sure it works So switch in the off position Car dosnt start Flick it on Away it goes Now it’s a good idea to wrap and hide your wiring as best you can to make it look factory fitted It might not fool professional thieves But at least it might slow them down a bit as they go searching for your switch Then get your 25 amp cable, and run that switch to somewhere in the car and hide it well Be sure to solder and heatshrink the cables really well Because if they are damaged quiet simpley your cars not going anywhere Lets see what happens this time So the kill switch is in and the cars safe pretty cool mod What do you reckon Marty No-one is going to try and steal it Well the thing is, I don’t think anyone is trying to steal it anyway

100 thoughts on “DIY Car Security Killswitch

  1. In America they do not even bother trying to hot wire it they use a push car. I put a lock on my ratchet auto so they can't even get it out of park is tricky to drive it for most I would say 95% of Americans drive autos many never raced so no clue what a ratchet shifter is lol. I loaned it to my g/f she called me and said she don't know how to drive a stick I said its a auto she was like where is the D I said well umm there isn't one and tried to explain it to her she gave up and borrowed her moms car lol.

  2. Hey, Guy's I've got a question. Just to make it look cool I have one of these ignition panels with an, on and off switch and a start button. Am I able to disconnect the starter cable from the ignition barrel, hook up one wire to the starter cable from the on-off switch, then hook the wires up from the switch to the start button and then to the starter wire? +Mighty Car Mods

  3. I have found this method is better then the alarm, because the first week I'd bought my vehicle someone tried to steal it and did not succeed. About 3 years later another thief tried to steal it again actual about couple months ago and did not succeed. So glad I had this installed, great tips guys.

  4. okay, but will the kill switch conflict in any way with an immobiliser, if a car has one? i mean say i have an immobiliser but i also wanna install a kill switch, are they connected in any way, am i gonna face a problem if i have the two at the same time?

  5. That gives me a great idea if I ever build an old car.. but maybe I will but the kill switch on the fuel pump instead

  6. The best way to prevent theft is to have a quick release steering wheel so you take it with you where ever you go.

  7. so will it work when I want to switch off the engine when it is running. I want to install that kind of switch in my car.

  8. Would love to see more MCM videos return to this type of thing. The budget mods and proper how to's.
    Still love you guys even after 9 years of fuckery!

  9. The car is still not safe, you see if a car thief had any sense, they'd use a tow truck, but they don't have any sense because they are car thieves.

  10. I'll be more smart with my kill switches, I'll use on for the battery, two hidden under the hood, maybe one in the trunk.

  11. Wow you guys really are inspired by Top Gear's introduction of The Stig so you did your own version : MightyCarMod's introduction of Marty .

  12. Don't bother making a kill switch for the ignition. Car can still be stolen. If you're going to do a kill switch, do a kill switch for the fuel pump.

  13. One I had forgotten all about, just received the new book and I can envision me reliving the past decade of maaad motors!

  14. As a thief, i will sue you for unnecessary emotional distress. I might be a thief, but i expect decent, reasonable trouble to get through while stealing your car. This is inhumane…

  15. if 1 car is stolen every 4 seconds. how can you have only 85,000 cars stolen per year. there is 31,449,600 seconds in a year. 1 car every 4 seconds comes up to 7,862,400 not 85,000 or 85,000 cars per year is 1 car stolen every 6+ minutes.

  16. I would say install like 3 switches flipped around randomly so that they are on off in different positions. That way you have to flip them in a certain pattern to disable it.

  17. Late in commenting on this video but I have a crazy idea that I want to do for a diy security on my car don't want to say though. Not sure if it's going to work

  18. Even better if your car has it's own dedicated fuel pump fuse, Just add a kill switch to it instead so the thief might actually think that it has a flat battery or an engine problem.

  19. Had an old mazda capella always parked on the road. Had a pull switch connected to the fuel pump right in the middle of the dash and a 3 way switch connected to the distributor on the righthand side of the dash. they tryed to steal that car at least ten times. Pushed it down the road trying to bump start it, wrecked the door lock, wrecked the ignition, flattened the battery and not once in all the attempts did they find either switch! Not once! & except for the time they flattened the battery I just walked up put the key in the ignition & drove it to work!

  20. Use the cigarette lighter as a kill switch. You have to push the cigarette lighter in to complete the starter circuit

  21. ChrisFix also made kill switch video… i wish someone makes fake kill switch that activates alarm. fake switch would be visible under dash in obvious place theif would look for… and real one will be well hidden.

  22. Can anyone tell me what wires he cut into? I can't come right. My ignition barrel has 1 wire that's always hot and 2 that's hot when the ignition is set to on.

  23. maybe a little trickier with push button and electronic key ignition. wouldnt want to zero out the memory of your key?? Check the schematic carefully for placement.

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