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100 thoughts on “DIY How To Bondo Auto Body Repair (Tips and Tricks) To Prevent Common Problems with Body Filler

  1. Wow, what a great and helpful video. I loved it. I'm curious why you dont use a power sander at all?

  2. i may have some questions later when i get ready to make the repairs to a 98 mustang gt.
    car has passenger side fender peeled back to front of passenger door however flared front edge of door and caused a circular wrinkle just under side mirror, replaced fender with used fender from a salvage yard which was perfect and not wrecked. any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.

  3. WARNING : just to let Amateurs know… you should always wear a proper respirator + Goggles when sanding or painting etc… unless you like chronic chest problems or missing eye syndrome , i would also recommend overalls , ventilated area , gloves , steel toe boots , patience

  4. I keep getting air bubbles
    and big gaps when I spread it
    I tried applying a tight coat on top of it after it dried and it kinda worked..

  5. R&I the door after the fit you want. While fender is bolted to car fix the dents usually 1 coat filler sand with 80 DA any over sand with 180, skim coat with putty, block with 180, soft pad DA WITH 320, prime. Block primer with 320 then soft DA 320 real quick, send to paint. Painters happy everybody’s happy. 2hr. Fix easy RO says 6.

  6. Personally, I would blow my brains out if worked as hard as you do with all that manual sanding. I retired my sanding block years ago. Trust your skill with a palm sander and air file, filler can be shaped perfectly in half the time with half the work. Also quit using that expensive glazing crap. Wean yourself off that stuff.

  7. So far the only thing I have seen him do with proper technique is mixing his buddy the bare metal should have been sprayed with an epoxy primer before he ever started.

  8. This guy ROCKS!. why? Cuz now you can buy a vintage car and know that you can bring it to back to life no matter how much its been modified. RESURRECT an old car and you resurrect the beauty, dreams and soul of the original owner — the feeling you get when she roars again is priceless!!!

  9. All 300 "thumbs down" people should put their time & money where their mouth is &
    MAKE THEIR OWN VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. The pinholes are a result of too much harder. When the peroxide activates the filler to harden, it releases a chemical release. While hardening too fast it leaves small pinholes. If your getting pinholes, lighten up on the hardner and you'll see. This info I got from the man who wrote the instructions on how to mix bondo on 3M Platinum plus body filler.

  11. I'm thinking this is teaching beginners which is great . When you go into a production shop and your earning a paycheck its a whole different story . Dent removed and ready for primer.. 20 minutes on a slow day .

  12. 36 grit for sanding mud? wtf was this made in the 80's? zero metal finishing before applying? you might want to learn to do it before you try to teach anyone.

  13. Every body Technician does it different in some way or another if it works good send it to paint make a paycheck

  14. Dude. You are an artist. This is an art form. I absolutely cannot do this. I make a total mess every time. I need some body work done because of corrosion and some damage to a panel and I don't know where to start and can't afford to pay a pro at the moment so I have been watching Youtube videos. LOL

  15. Great video! But I would as a suggestion use a paint stick or 5gal paint stick modified to sand this area….much better access to the fender so it's not as bulky as a block

  16. WOW….absolutely loved your vid and the commentary!… I have my own cars that need some work this summer…a 2007 Dodge Caravan and a 1994 Toyota Tercel. I was really stoked on your presentation ….thanks again

  17. i been doing this work for 25 yrs,that damage could have been done 95 percent with a da on slow.hit it at the end with a block…your killing yourself there,using too much matirial and time too…i gotta post some vids…i keep seeing guys on here sanding rough filler with a block…thats rookie.

  18. Dude you are plying music throught the video just brecause you liker it that doesent mean we do I cant listen im gone.

  19. Man I don’t understand way they mix so much bondo? If you are a tru professional! You should now how much bondo you need!

  20. the biggest mistake when using Bondo is using Bondo never use this shit. use the gel fiberglass preferably the stuff with the glass fibers in it the reason is it's waterproof plastic body filler is not and if you get a small pin hole or chip in your paint the water will work right through the Bondo get under your plastic body filler and rust the metal under the filler it's garbage. I understand it's quite a bit more expensive but once you done body work and understand how much fucking labor is involved it's well worth the little bit of extra money it's going to cost you. the second biggest mistake people do and this applies to both Bondo and fiberglass gel they put too much hardener in it which causes it to get very hard and brittle. henceforth it sets up too fast because the easiest time to work it with a cheese grater or 36 grit air file works well is when it is hardend to the point you can only Dent it lightly when you push your fingernail into it if you work it too soon it falls out of a dent. if you wait too long you're going to send your ass off getting it off. another bad thing about putting too much harder in it if you get hit if you have too much hardener it'll shatter if you have just a light amount of hardener it will actually flex and bend with the metal and stay attatched.

  21. I’m using the spray foam before my disc grinder… then filler and more grinding… then some sanding n rustoleum! It don’t have to be pretty… it has to pass inspection…

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