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rev up your engines,
mr master says I really wish I could know what causes a battery overcharging in my car,
batteries are charged by the alternator, your alternator goes bad it can easily overcharge
the battery, their called alternators cuz they create alternating electricity actually,
then they have diodes and the diodes turn the alternating electricity into direct electricity,
if those diodes start to go bad it can actually put a bunch of alternating electricity, sometimes
as high as 80-90 volts into the battery and it will overcharge it and destroy it, now
another thing that can do it is if you have bad wiring or really dirty corroded terminals,
those terminals are going to take a lot more electricity to run through cuz their corroded,
that creates heat, the alternator is going to have to keep charging the battery at a
higher rate it’s going to get hot and it will destroy your battery, so you want to check
that too, david orange says scotty what do you think
about cabon cleaning snake oil or real fix, if somebody actually has the equipment to
carbon clean an engine correctly it’s real if your engine has carbon build up in it,
there’s no arguing that, no the real machines cost an awful lot of money that do it, it’s
not a simple process and the chemicals have to be just the right chemicals, anyone these
days you can get a borescope and you can put it on your cell phone on our laptop, I got
a fancy one and I didn’t buy it a company gave it to me, I also have $15 ones that I
bought on Amazon just to try out and they actually work quite well on a laptop, you
take out a spark plug and you can look around, if you see there’s a bunch of carbon on the
valves yeah you have a professional carbon cleaner with a machine that’s pressurized
you’ll see a lot of it is gone, if you buy good gas, change your oil a lot, and you look
in with a borescope you might see there isn’t any carbon buildup so your wasting your time
doing it, it doesn’t need it then, bear says scotty I got an 04 mitsubishi gallant 3.8
I have a check engine light come on, it’s for a thermostat issue but it comes off and
on and a few days it’s on and off, what could be the issue, first just change the thermostat,
thermostats are little devices that when the engine is cold their closed, so the water
stays in the engine to warm up the engine faster, and then once they reach a certain
temperature they open up, then the water goes from the engine through the radiator and cools
down, they are mechanical devices in most cars, some of them actually have electronic
ones which lead to a real headache when they break down and replacing them, but most of
them are mechanical and as many mechanical thing it can stick, sometimes not open right,
sometimes stick open, sometimes stick closed, you got a code the first thing just replace
the thermostat, that fixes it 99% of the time, and if it doesn’t then you can have a sensor
problem, you can have a wiring problem and even a computer problem but most of the time
just replacing the thermostat and the gasket will fix that problem,
m1 lad, is an audi s8 5.2 l v10 engine a good engine, well it depends on what you mean by
good, their very interesting technology they put out a lot of horsepower, but actually
the engines themselves can last quite some time, it’s the rest of the vehicle that’s
more or less a problem in those, I’ll give you an example, I had a customer buy one of
those used, it was wrecked and he thought, oh I got a great deal, I got a wrecked one
I’ll fix it up and sell it, little did he know that the aluminum frame is actually all
bonded together with special types of polymer stuff, basically the aluminum is glued together,
then he found that he could never get it fixed cuz they can’t weld the aluminum and all the
body guys said we’re not touching that frame, you’d have to repalce the whole frame, and
of course that would cost so much money he couldn’t make money selling it on to somebody,
so he thought, well it’s got a good engine I’ll sell the engine, well who out there wants
to buy just a v10 engine, not too many people, so he got stuck with it and lost his shirt,
lucas films says scotty I want to become a mechanic I’m 17 years old, what do you think
of a 1998 lexus es 300 I just got one, well I got a 2002 es 300 for my wife she loves
the car I mean their great cars, you want to get into the mechanic business, it’s a
dirty business it’s hard, your going to be working your butt off in the very beginning,
but if you like fixing things and today you better like electronics, cuz electronics are
where cars are going, electronics are getting more and more complex, so if you like doing
electronic work go ahead and get into it, the thing is your better off doing like I
did when my father ran a gas station and repair shop and my grandfather was a mechanic there,
I learned there, if you can find a place that will let you go to school at night or something
and they’ll let you work kind of an internship type thing, and train at the job that’s the
best way cuz from my experience a lot of these training schools it’s a waste of time, you
pay them $20-30k and then when you’re done you end up getting a minimum wage job somewhere
and you got to buy your own tools, your better off doing it with a place that’s actually
fixing cars and learning while you work cuz a lot of the training stuff it’s bs as far
as I’m concerned they got old equipment and then you get some stupid little diploma that
nobody cares about and your still going to start at the bottom of the rung when your
done, only your going to have a lot more money out, instead of making money your paying money,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring
that bell!

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