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rev up your engines, today I’m gonna show
you things you can easily do yourself to make your car run better, now when I was a
young mechanic in the the sixties hey there was all kinds of stuff you could
do to keep your car running cars needed tune ups and the carburetors adjusted
points set but these days hey most things are computerized that still
doesn’t mean that things don’t need to be clean yeah cars don’t have
carburetors in the cleaning but they have throttle plates inside here is the
throttle plate they get dirty they can clog up so you can get some spray
cleaner and clean them and the same thing goes for mass airflow sensors they
can get dirt and crud need cleaner every once in a while you just unplug the
sensor and then wiggle it and pull it out and
as you can see in there since apart there’s a lot of dirt on it there’s also
dirt inside so you just spray it clean you just spread it till all the goop
gets off of it and also spray the inside on one side then turn it over and spray
the inside of the other side to back flush it and now you can see nice
and shiny the chrome is here all the dirt is off of it and the inside is clean
too then let it air dry about 15-20 minutes
before you put it back on so we’ll clean the throttle while we’re waiting for it
now the air box is in the way to get to the throttle so we got to take the air
box out of the way then we loosen the clamps or the other part and pull it off that’s all out of the way there’s the
throttle or you want to clean you can see it’s all dirty inside good stuck
spring on the crud out and you want to push it with your fingers so you can
get inside and clean and also have a rag to wipe it all clean just looking on the
crud that it’s cleaned off and just like the mat cleaner when you use the
throttle cleaner let it air dry for 15 minutes or so so it gets all the vapors
out now you don’t need to do this all that often maybe once every 30 40
thousand miles or something it’s not that big of a deal but if you don’t do
it you get carbon buildup it can run wrong the computer gets wrong data
because either the mass airflow sensor is dirty or if the throttle is dirty
it’ll be sticking open a little and then the throttle position sensor will give
inaccurate information to the computer and it won’t run right sometimes
something as simple as spray cleaning it can fix them and don’t forget your air
filter I have seen more problems being created by clogged up air filters over
the last 51 years because the computer and everything was set up for a certain
octane of gas now if you’re going in the reverse direction a modern car that’s
set up for high test gas most of them will run perfectly fine and any gasoline
you put in them like that Ford Mustang with the four-cylinder EcoBoost engine
that puts over 300 horsepower out they even say if you use high test gas it
puts out 300 something horsepower but if you use the lower test gas then it only
puts out 200 something horsepower it’ll still run perfectly fine but it won’t
have the power but if you have a car like this Toyota that was made for
regular octane gas not only are you throwing your money away putting higher
octane gas in it it can actually ruin worse so don’t throw away your money at
the pump do what your manual says for your car whatever octane rating it says
don’t buy any higher you just throwing your money away now the next thing to
check especially in the summers and make sure your cooling fans are working right
so turn the a/c on full blast put it on full speed
then check the cooling fans this one is blowing and that one is blowing over the years
I’ve had many customers have one or both of the fans stopped working now the
insidious thing is if one doesn’t work in the other does the temperature gauge
might stay pretty much near the normal on your dash but you’re not getting
correct airflow so you want to make sure that both fans are working correctly
because if you don’t have full airflow that wears things out fast you want
highway of course does make any difference you got 60 mile an hour wind
when you’re going 60 but and stop and go traffic it’s very important that all the
fans are working correctly so check them every once in a while if you got an
older car now in the summer you want to make sure that your cooling system is
working right in conjunction with air conditioning system it takes heat out of
the cabin so you don’t get hot under the collar when you’re driving and hot
summer weather now cooling systems are sealed systems but take the condenser
right here that’s in front of the radiator looks like a radiator but it’s
the AC condenser the AC condenser is here it’s in front of the radiator and
if those fins get any kind of bugs or goop on them you want to make sure that
they’re clean you can easily hydrate them garden hose you can hold off base
on dead bugs which can restrict the airflow to the condenser and since the
radiators behind that restricts the flow to the radiator and things just won’t
work right now talks a good idea every once a while to glance at your
temperature gauge you want it to run where it normally runs most cars run
halfway or a little bit over halfway and there’s a reason for that because car
engines run on a double-edged sword here you want them to dissipate the heat that
the engine creates because if it doesn’t the engine will blow up but – you don’t
want an engine running too cool they don’t work right then let’s say
your car normally runs halfway if you find the temperature gauge is running
like one third of the way instead of half it’s actually running too cool
which can damage the engine bearings over time and you’ll get worse gas
mileage which some counterintuitive but it isn’t you
don’t want an engine that runs too cold holder is not better although on the
other side if an engine runs too hot once the coolant starts to boil then
it’s no longer dissipating the heat from the engine so basically these things are
set up so that the coolant doesn’t boil but they’re running pretty hot and the
reason they all boil it’s because they’re pressurized systems now water
boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit if you notice you open the radiator cap on a
hot engine a lot of times it starts bubbling all over the place that’s
because it’s running at over 212 degrees Fahrenheit but the pressure makes the
boiling temperature go up even higher because it’s pressurized but once you
release that pressure then it starts to boil and that’s I said once it starts
boiling it’s no longer dissipating the heat the engine crates and the engine
will blow a head gasket or break your internal parts so you got sitting on the
fence situation with you don’t want an engine to run too cool but you don’t
want it to run too hot now the next thing you can do to make your car run
better is keep the right tire pressure in your tires you might just think I’ll
just tire pressure but if the pressure is wrong let’s say it slow the tire
rides flatter has more friction that creates more friction and both the
transmission that drives it and the engine that has to put out more energy
to make it go the same speed so something as dumb as heaven the wrong
amount of air pressure in your tire can make your car run bad over time and of
course it’s unsafe anyways just remember you want to check your tire pressure
when a car is cold first thing in the morning once you start driving them they
heat up the pressure goes up the pressure ratings are for a cold tire so
check them first thing in the morning and really I was little pumps you get
those little pumps cheap enough I’ve got a good one now it cost about 100 bucks
but if you get a cheap one you use it every once in a while it’ll still work
it just won’t last for years and years and years this is the one I use it’s
fantastic and as you can see I modified it myself and put longer leads and
bigger battery clamps on it because the ones you plug into cigarette lighters
out I can burn out and not work that well this has got giant clamps are going
to battery long leads that I reach any tire and look
solid freaking metal this isn’t some plastic piece of crap I’ve had this
thing for over 10 years it still works like new and of course lastly and most
obviously change your engine oil regularly and don’t go by this nonsense
that you can change it every 20,000 miles of these fancy oils and the old
conventional stuff I changed it every three to five thousand miles if you got
synthetic oil maybe you can push it to seven or eight thousand miles but do
change it regularly don’t let sludge build up and ruin a
$5,000 engine because you didn’t want to spend 50 bucks on an oil change so now
you know things that you can easily do yourself to make your car run its best
for as long as possible, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car
repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

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  2. You need to be more thorough.
    Actually industry standards require you remove the throttle body completely.

    You may think I’m full it. Or if you’re a genius you’d ask yourself why?

    It’s because as you saw Scotty’s example; he only cleaned one side.
    But also! What modern cars are actually doing after you cleaned both sides and replaced the gasket like a modern technician a pro! Now you need to access the relearn function and relearn. Almost like a reset function for the throttle body.
    And! One important precaution I almost forgot. Some throttle bodies may damage with throttle body cleaner. So look at the manufactures specifications to make sure that warning is or is not there.
    That’s why he’s a mechanic.
    No offense.

  3. I had a 08 grand prix that would stall right after starting it. So I cleaned the carbon off the throttle body and it never stalled again and ran like a champ

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    I had to change mine before because of this

  31. If You don’t do this at least once a year on an old Toyota Camrys sometimes becomes hesitant to accelerate rapidly on the highways.



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