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How Automobiles Work

The Dort Motor Car Company of Flint, Michigan,
built automobiles from 1915–1924. Dort used Lycoming-built engines to power their vehicles.
Dort Motor Car Company grew from Durant-Dort Carriage Company founded in 1886 by William
C. Durant and J. Dallas Dort. They remained business partners until about 1915. Durant-Dort
Carriage Company was dissolved in 1924. It may have continued to own the buildings plant
and machinery used by Dort Motor Car. Dort and the remaining stockholders took over
the carriage business. They incorporated Dort Motor Car Company and began to use some of
the same plant to manufacture Dort cars buying in engines from Lycoming. Carriage production
ended in 1917. Dort shipped 9,000 cars in its first year.By
1917, Dort was offering four models: a closed sedan at $1,065, a convertible sedan at $815,
a five-place open tourer at $695, and a Fleur-de-Lys roadster at $695. By contrast, Ford Model
Ts were selling for $440 in 1915.By 1920 Dort was the country’s 13th largest automobile
producer but in 1924 Dort decided to retire and he liquidated Dort Motor Car Company.
He sold the factory building to AC Spark Plug.J Dallas Dort died the following year.==Notes====
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of Detroit. Charleston, SC: History Press.==See also==
Gray-Dort Motors Ltd.

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