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100 thoughts on “Dota 2 Cheater – INVOKER using AUTO Sun Strike + FULL SPELL COMBOS!

  1. Дно рейтинг. На норм ммр ему бы такому тупо не дали бы раскачаться

  2. бля помойка помойкой…свену бкб и он отъебал бы всю шарашкину контору…ни 1 чит не поможет если ты уебан нулевый

  3. Рассказываю. Частень бывает баг обзора со стороны за игроком и расположением мыши из-за разрешения/2 монитора, не всегда, просто говорю

  4. Hes a noob. Based on his items and skill choices and look at their line up.this is a low ranked game.

    But still…

    Dont be a cheater

  5. я бы в бару и сфа успел слить все остальное а он с читом один колдснеп дал и тычки

  6. He uses deafening blast (300 MP) instead cold snap (100 MP). Result: no GW. Jesus fucking Christ, such a disgusting player.

  7. I think I met this guy before on my smurf, I was just helping a friend raise his party rank to archon, im not sure, im just judging by his name, he was on my team, I wanted to pick invoker which is my main hero with 400 games, I already highlighted him and midlane, he instapicked invoker on our first turn to pick heroes, I took kunkka and went radiant offlane, then I was surprised by him having a wicked sick streak in around 7 minutes, enemy mid was retarded though, but there's no way he outplayed him that much, his account was a level sixty something crusader so it wasn't a smurf, he was equally retarded if not worse, I owned their juggernaut and pudge solo and we ended the game in around twenty five minutes


  9. hey i was curious about trying this in some games later but would it be considered cheating if i was to use macros to combo for say a certain spell combo like quas, quas, exort, invoke all on one macro but not use the spell. i understand that people find this sorts stuff cheating but is it really that game breaking?

  10. How do they have the skill to hack dota 2 and not to play it? Invoker isn't too hard if you have a good kyboard

  11. Ну он все равно рак , даже с таким унылым читом не уедешь далеко

  12. the sunstrike thing, I think, was a replay bug. If you skip game sequences to reach a certain point in the replay the game tends to record what happened in the last frame before the new one you stop to. So probably sunstrike was on cd in that moment but wasn't when the sunstrike occurred 🙂

  13. lol seriously the ad. Who the fuck bet bit coin in some shady website, even after the price plummet it still worth 6k a coin

  14. он и с читами хуйню кастует, это лс и дцп, таким читы особо не помагают. Эта катка – исключение! еул-сан-метеор-бласт… какой сложный прокаст…

  15. Играть с читами за инвокера? Зачем тогда играть в доту вообще? Инвокер – герой, на котором кайф катать самому. Именно кастовать, успевать все накинуть и убить.

  16. hes still terrible. I just dont know why ppl like him need to cheat just to raise his mmr or whatever. I practiced Invoker so many times manyn fails. Till my 900mmr raised it to 5.4k. But when I saw this guy. He dont deserve a game like this. He deserve a permanent ban.

  17. Настолько тупой инвокер фулл прокаст в 500 хп… В 3 врывается ни емп ни форжи… Одним словом помойка

  18. Plis remove hacker.. Dota is difference compare to pubg n mobile legends.. These games full of cheaters n hackers shit

  19. 5:23
    So I'm guessing he accidently toggled it off while his left hand was scratching his nuts during the teamfight?

  20. in garena online only map hack they can use and now dota 2 can use cheat auto skill and map hack i think i should quit dota 2 for now they so fucking noob even i use lotar when i meet invoker he can ules me while i am using my lotar fucking dota 2 they allow that kind of thing

  21. хахаха воще-то это любой может делать нахуй читы скачивать и воще еслди самомоу сделать это кайфовее

  22. This guy didn't even try to make it look like he didn't cheat lol,

    Unless he is Miracle and all those top players, it would be hard for most people to hit a creep in a middle of a freaking combo,

  23. Да много конечно скриптеров,но иногда абсурдная херня Типо разбор рапиры(которая есть на 1 кнопку в настройках)или карта 1600+есть в настройках cfg прописать через консоль габен не запрещает,ну а так да много где скрипты.

  24. не вижу никаких читов, играет он хуево, даже для лоу рейтиа

  25. at thee end of the game he win nothign the bot made his game he is still the same as experience at the lvl i traynd invo for montshs to play him and it amazes me how some come to be beter then me who playd him months . it makes me sad to the point i canot play dota no more for what is the fun and the truth if you ar playng against a bot . makes me whant to quit dota

  26. 5:25; лучше же нажать на свена еул, чем приберечь для сейва….

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