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This is the new BMW M5, 600hp, it’s now
four-wheel-drive, twin-turbocharged V8, it’s massively fast, you’ve probably read lots
about this car, you’ve probably seen lots of videos about this car but I know what you’re
really wondering is, is the new M5 faster than a diesel Seat Arosa? Yeah, you’ve probably
worked it out already haven’t you? That’s no ordinary diesel Seat Arosa, that’s a
proper drag car but how fast can a diesel Seat Arosa be? It’s surely not faster than
an M5 is it? The car was built by Darkside Developments, a tuning company that specialises
in diesel cars, the engine started out as a 2-litre 16V VAG turbo diesel but everything
has been modified or upgraded in the name of power, pistons, rods, cams, the fuel system,
cooling system, everything. The turbo is vast, borrowed from a John Deere combine harvester
it runs at 4 bar of boost, the exhaust runs directly out through the bonnet via that turbo.
The car also has a nitrous kit, altogether the engine is good for 550bhp and 650ft lb
torque, all that power goes to the front wheels only via a conventional h-pattern manual gearbox.
There’s an uprated clutch kit, a quaife LSD and custom drive shafts, the gearbox itself
has been massively strengthened so it doesn’t just grenade itself half way down the drag
strip. Those slick drag racing tyres can run at 6psi, they’re so baggy that at high speeds
they increase in diameter by an inch and a half and also become narrower which actually
reduces frontal air resistance. Oh my god look at the smoke! We’re off the line and
it’s right with me, oh my god! It’s still only front-wheel-drive that thing, dear lord
look at him come through, oh my god. How fast is that thing? He’s monstered us. Yeah that’s
quite fast that thing, turns out a diesel Seat Arosa can be pretty quick. Weighing less
than 800kgs, the car will get to 60mph in just 2.3 seconds on a drag strip with a sticky
treated surface, it’ll do 100mph in 4.8 seconds, its best ¼ mile time is 9.7 seconds.
Out here on this relatively low grip concrete runway the car really struggles to hook away
from the line, it records a 0-60mph time of 5 seconds and registers 100mph in 8.2 seconds,
predictably the M5 is much faster away from the line, it gets to 60mph in 3.5 seconds
and 100mph in 7.6 seconds but after that the Arosa comes flying through. By the finish
line, the little diesel hatchback is 3/10ths of a second ahead of the M5. How fast can
a diesel Seat Arosa be? Massively fast as it turns out, faster than a four-wheel-drive
M5 with 600hp. Where else are you going to watch a Seat Arosa drag car racing a BMW M5?
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