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Hi We’re going to Toruń for a missile cars trening day and I have to unwreck my car It’s free I have a battery, we will start the missile It became a little terminator, everything else is pretty good and doesn’t look that bad I lost the bumper last time I drove on Panta Now we don’t have bumper, but it looks nice I wonder how it will look like tomorrow, after a drift session And by the way we will do a supply of gasoline Because missile car is empty Last time when I was drifting I used all the fuel So I think a little bit more gasoline will be helpful The plan is that on the way we will go to Kwidzyn for a while and tomorrow morning at 6 AM, we will go to Toruń Its going to rain, so I hope we won’t have to change tires I prepared myself I found on Panta pair of used winter tires 2016 year I think it will grip nicely And if it will stick well then the tandems will be great We arrived to Toruń Missile squad is here already, nothing more to add Let’s drift A little service time I will change rear tires to a less grippy ones They are so grippy that I fell my clutch breaking and if I won’t change that, then it could be the end of driving So I will put some slippery tires and we will drift some more There’s nothing better than welded bolts Additional fun, strength training It’s pretty, beautiful I will show you how my missile-car looks like after couple of runs There was a close transition It made it look like a BMW E30 There I had a heavy bump, but I hammered it out Another big transition, but this time someone chased me And that’s all I will pull front out and we are ready to go I would say “I won’t do it, because it won’t come out pretty.” – PDR SPEC It’s look better now Today is a good day Close tandems You can drift and chill out Perfect sunday I will show you something secret Here I have turn fan cables on And car won’t overheat You will scratch it It was at this moment that he knew He f***ed up Oh f**k What was that? It was great Oh my god Really? F**k… I have automatic ventilation now Show must go on Do those close? They do! Paweł is doing a small correction And it’s done That’s how you repair bumper in e36 When something is rubbing, zip tie and we can go on taking advantage of the break that Paweł funded to himself I will go drift a bit This is our secret patent Don’t try this at home I invite you inside. Helmet or without? You have to wear helmet, safety first! They said on briefing, wear helmet, yes? Nice one,huh? looks like a carbon one? But it’s not made from carbon Let’s go You have a big hole here What a chink… Ventilation… Something is rubbing It has to rub That was fun! I wanted to close the door Maybe just throw it out No? It works Missle-car is already loaded Now its time for statistics of today’s trip 50l of gasoline burned One broken doors Close to lamborgini doors One ripped bumper Grill was already bented, so I won’t count that Bumper ripped on transition But I keep up drifting and it was nice Next we have.. From this side everything is okay There was a good transition, Later I corrected it with a barrier and I ripped part of a bumper’s bar And that’s all only one set of tires for the whole trip So it’s nice Plan for upcomming days Find new doors for missile-car Because we have to change those I also have to think about the new front for e36 and we will have to do service time Subscribe! If you want to be up to date visit Facebook and Instagram High five! DRIFT POV – TORUŃ

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