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How Automobiles Work

They will keep on turning and going
forward but the power is pounding differently
across vehicles Designers and manufacturers of automotive components strive to find integrated solutions with the lowest footprint ready for mass
production DRIVEMODE is a European project
answering to this demand for innovation by developing efficient and
cost-effective electrical drivetrain modules for distributed drive It integrates a high-speed motor with a high speed gearbox and silicon carbide power electronics into one compact and modular frame powered by a high voltage
battery which fits in all types of mass-produced electric and hybrid cars From light and C&D passenger vehicles to light duty and high performance vehicles A scalable powertrain design for different market segments Increasing by 50% e-motor speed and by 30% the torque and power of
electric motors whilst reducing motor losses by half The concept will be tested and validated in a demonstration vehicle opening the doors for a broader and global uptake Its design holds the key to answering the current and future challenges of electric vehicles manufacturing Learn more about DRIVEMODE and stay updated with its latest developments

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