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to a special LA auto show edition of
“Edmunds Road Noise.” WILL KAUFMAN: Surely,
you mean AutoMobility LA. CARLOS LAGO: Yes, of course. I forgot. That’s what everybody in
the industry calls it. In any event, this is
your look at everything that happened in the
automotive industry this week and some of the things you may
have missed from the Edmunds editorial team. WILL KAUFMAN: There
are a lot of new cars here on the show
floor today, so we’re going to cover the ones
you need to know about. CARLOS LAGO: First up
is the Jeep Gladiator. Guess what? It’s a Wrangler with a bed. It also has a lot
of towing capacity, around 7,600, pounds
making it best in class. A lot of road capability too. And Jeep says it’ll
fit up to 35 inch tires without a lot of
serious modification. WILL KAUFMAN: And
in sports cars, we’ve got the new Porsche
911 and the AMG GT R Pro, a new version of the AMG
GT R. And guess what? Both of them are faster
than the old models. CARLOS LAGO: Shocking. WILL KAUFMAN: I know. We’ve extensively
covered the new 911 and its hybrid
potential already. But Alistair Weaver will have a
deep dive video and first look article on
edmunds.com/roadnoise. CARLOS LAGO: The
AMG GT R Pro seeks to give you more of a
race car like experience from behind the wheel. WILL KAUFMAN: So it’ll
be really uncomfortable. CARLOS LAGO: Hopefully not,
but it will sure be fast. In more pedestrian car news
but still pretty exciting, there’s the new Mazda 3. The big news is it’s
all wheel drive. And later, maybe
next year, it’ll be available with Mazda’s
new-fangled direct spark controlled compression
ignition thing. And that will also be a hybrid. WILL KAUFMAN: And as always, I
am keeping my fingers crossed for a Mazda speed version. Please, Mazda, please. The all new Honda passport
splits the difference between the Pilot and the
CR-V, both of which are our top ranked vehicles in their
respective classes. It loses a few inches
from the Pilot, keeps the V6, and gains
about an inch of ride height. Combined with some trick
all-terrain traction control, software that should give
it some real off road cred. CARLOS LAGO: Lastly for
SUVs, there’s the new Hyundai Palisade. And it’s probably the
least expensive thing you can get in the Palisades. It’s a big, three row crossover,
with a lot of the features that buyers in this
segment really like to see. So that’s got a V6
engine with a twist. Check for more detail about
that at edmunds.com/roadnoise. And now it’s time for the most
shocking part of the “Road Noise” segment, that’s EVs. WILL KAUFMAN: Puns
are my lane, Lago. CARLOS LAGO: Audi unveiled
its e-tron GT concept, which it says has 582 horsepower. WILL KAUFMAN: I thought
they said 590 horsepower. CARLOS LAGO: They did. But that’s metric horsepower. And here in America, we use
a different measurement. WILL KAUFMAN: Makes
perfect sense. CARLOS LAGO: Yes. It’ll do 0 to 60 in
3 and 1/2 seconds. It has a range of
over 200 miles. And it’ll go into
production in 2020. WILL KAUFMAN:
Rivian is promising us the first electric
pickup truck in 2020. The S1T gets 400 miles
of range, 11,000 pounds of towing capacity, and a 0
to 60 time of just 3 seconds. CARLOS LAGO: Isn’t that
faster than the Audi? WILL KAUFMAN: It is. It also gets some neat
storage options like a frunk, just like a Porsche 911. CARLOS LAGO: Well, guess what? WILL KAUFMAN: What? CARLOS LAGO: Mitsubishi’s
bringing back the Evolution. WILL KAUFMAN: I’m so excited. CARLOS LAGO: Hold up. It’s an EV, and it’s an SUV. WILL KAUFMAN: Oh. CARLOS LAGO: And it’s
called the e-Evolution. WILL KAUFMAN: No. CARLOS LAGO: See, it’s
electric, and it’s an EV– WILL KAUFMAN: I don’t want
to talk about electric cars anymore. CARLOS LAGO: –and
it’s e-Evolution. WILL KAUFMAN: No. We’re done. CARLOS LAGO: e– WILL KAUFMAN: We’re done. It’s over. CARLOS LAGO: –Evolution. WILL KAUFMAN: No. [MUSIC PLAYING] CARLOS LAGO: It’s all new
cars we’re looking at. We’ve also been
driving a few too. This week, Alistair
Weaver got a chance behind the wheel of the
absurdly quick McLaren 600LT. ALISTAIR WEAVER: The
company has finally got the idea that you
don’t have to drive as if your pants are on fire
to enjoy one of their cars. Even at low speeds, this car
is a real sense of occasion. Every journey is an adventure. I love it. Right now, this is
my favorite McLaren. WILL KAUFMAN: And in
this week’s detour, while we’re right here
celebrating new cars, there’s some bad news from GM. CARLOS LAGO: They’re going
to ax about 14,000 jobs and close a few plants, killing
a few cars in the process. That includes the Chevrolet
Cruz, Chevrolet Volt, Chevrolet Impala, and Cadillac CT6. WILL KAUFMAN: Well at least
Cadillac is promising us we’re going to see the sporty
CT6 V before the car takes its final bow. CARLOS LAGO: On the
lighter side of things, special correspondent Elana
Scherr has been at the show too. And we’re going to take a
look at what she’s been up to. ELANA SCHERR: I’m going to
get all geeky on you guys, because my favorite thing about
auto shows is cutaway engines. Cutaway engines have
big holes in them, which normally is a problem. But at an auto show, it allows
you to see all those things that you’re always reading
about, twin turbos, V8s, V6s, big pistons, small
pistons, superchargers. It’s really the only time
you get to see what’s inside. WILL KAUFMAN: Auto shows
are not just the best place to drool over a hot
new concept cars. They’re also a great place to
shop for your next car, truck, or SUV. This week, our tips
and advice team takes a look at
everything you need to know to make the
most of the show floor. CARLOS LAGO: That’s
going to do it for this week’s episode
of “Edmunds Road Noise.” Be sure to hit the
Subscribe button. Leave your comments below. And if you’re looking for more
information about vehicles we covered or are wondering why
we didn’t cover your favorite vehicle, head to
edmunds.com/roadnoise for more. WILL KAUFMAN: That’s

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  2. To the man on the right: aren't you a little old for a "Mazdaspeed" version? And would you personally really buy one if Mazda built it?

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