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How Automobiles Work

Hey, what’s up? John Sonmez here from simpleprogrammer.com. So, I got a bit of a fun question here today
that I’ve picked out because I think it’s kind of fun and it’s about electric cars industry. Not really hugely applicable to programming,
but in a way maybe it is, right? Because maybe that’s where we’re going. This question is from Moritz and he says,
“What do you think about the recent changes in the auto-industry? Do you consider buying an electric car? What do you think about this industry for
programmers?” he goes on to say, “I’m 17,” wow, that’s pretty cool. “Huge science and tech fan and I want to study
computer science. Autonomous driving is a field that I can imagine
working in later in my life…” First of all, what do I think about the changes? I think they’re good. I think it’s about time. I mean, how long have we been driving gasoline
based automobiles? How long has it been since the automobile
or really the airplane has changed? There hasn’t really been any innovation or
any serious innovation in either of those fields for a long, long time, right? It’s been quite some time. If you think about how technology has changed,
how computers have changed and how a lot of other industries and technologies have changed
over the years, the automobile industry really is due. I think electric cars, I think autonomous
driving, I think all of this is one step in the innovation but it’s still the same type
of thing. I think there’s still a lot of room for innovation
here. I think that what we’re going to see is it’s
like when a flood gate opens up, in this case, once we get to that point where electric cars
make sense and really gasoline powered cars are a thing of the past it’s going to open
up and also when we get to autonomous driving, it’s going to open up a whole different—I
mean, we can’t even see what’s going to happen. What is the industry going to be like? It’s going to be totally different. Is it going to be that we don’t’ even own
cars, that we just call cars or there are fleets of cars that are like Uber? Is Uber going to be the thing and you just
call a car like a taxi and you don’t actually need to own one? Or maybe you’re going to own cars and maybe
the shape and the size is going to change. Maybe the roads are going to change. We don’t know anything of those things so
I’m really excited about it and I think that we’re due for a revolution here. There’s going to be massive—I believe that
there’s going to be massive innovation that’s going to come in the next probably 10 years. All of a sudden it’s going to be going along
like this and all of a sudden, bam! You’re going to see this hockey stick type
of innovation and growth in the industry. I think it’s real good to get in to. Second question, would you—do you consider
buying an electric car? Yes, I would love to buy a Tesla. The only problem with that is that I don’t
drive very much. I live here in San Diego in Pacific Beach. I can walk everywhere. I’ve actually got a 13-year old Toyota Corolla
and I’m just keeping that for now. I know a lot of people said—or keep on telling
me, “Oh, you need to get a better car.” It’s fine, I don’t need a better car right
now. I’d like to buy one at some point because
I think it’s a cool technology, but I just can’t justify it at this point. It just doesn’t make sense. At some point though, probably the next car
that I’d buy will probably be an electric car. I like the idea of a car that is—especially
the technology that they’re putting into these things. That stuff definitely excites me. I’m pretty excited about that. I’ve never been a huge car buff though. What do I think about this industry for programmers? Obviously, I think there’s a ton of innovation
here. There’s a lot that’s being done with machine
learning, with neural networks, it’s going to be a field that I feel is going to expand
a lot. Being able to get into this field now, I have
no question in my mind that you’re going to have a future in this field. Imagine, I mean right now we’re talking about—think
of where this goes. Right now we’re talking about cars and autonomous
cars and electric vehicles, but let’s expand it. Let’s say vehicles, I just mentioned planes
earlier, what’s going to happen after we have autonomous cars? Do you think we’re going to have autonomous
planes at some point? It seems crazy. Who would get an autonomous plane? But a couple of years ago, people said, “Who
would get in an autonomous car?” Yet, in Philadelphia, I believe it is, Uber
is driving people around in autonomous cars. It has sort of become okay now. We’re eventually going to get to that point
where it’s the obvious, the standard thing to have an autonomous car and maybe the same
thing will happen—I’m sure it will happen, with air travel as well. I think there’s just a huge amount of possibility,
a lot of innovation that’s coming and it’s a great field to get in to. If you’re interested in autonomous vehicles
and electric vehicles, definitely there’s a ton of money being poured into that. That is the future. I mean it’s very clear at this point that
we’ll hit the point where that does become the future. I don’t think there’s any risk involved in
you going into that field. All right, so that’s just my opinion on it. Feel free to leave your opinion below. Leave a comment if you agree, if you disagree. If you haven’t already subscribed, you’ve
got to click that subscribe button, I’m telling you, otherwise you’re going to miss out on
the videos that I put out every day here on this channel. I hope you like this. I hope you found this interesting, maybe entertaining. I’ll talk to you next time. Take care.

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