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Dave: Hey, everybody. Dave with American Muscle.
I’m outside the Charlotte Motor Speedway for Mustang’s 50th birthday celebration put on
by the Mustang Club of America. Of course Ford is here so you know there is going to
be some special events and unveilings. At the moment, I’m outside, as you can see, surrounded
by hundreds of Mustangs and all of their owners. There’s all kinds of modifications from bone
stock to tricked out. But that’s outside. Inside is where the action is at. As you can
see, thousands more cars around me, tons of people, all the events, the cars whipping
around at the track. Of course, we’re super excited to have Project MMD here. We’ve got
vendor areas. Of course Ford is here with a 2015 Mustang. We’re pretty sure there’s
going to be a special unveiling at the opening ceremonies. The excitement in the air – it’s
amazing. I can’t wait to show you everything going on.
Mark Fields: When you think of a Mustang. It really is a cultural icon. It belongs to
all of us. To celebrate 50 years of Mustang, ladies and gentlemen, we want to present to
you the Mustang 50-year limited edition. Bill Ford: This Mustang, this 50th anniversary
vehicle really represents everything that Ford stands for, everything that we were and
everything that we’re about to become. Dave: I’m here with Bill Ford, here at this
amazing event with us with this beautiful car behind us. You referred to it as your
baby earlier, I believe. Yes? Bill Ford: You bet. I grew up with Ford, but
I always had one favorite. That’s always the Mustang. The new Mustang… It’s always a
delicate balance between too retro and too modern. We have a lot of enthusiasts who never
want us to change anything. I think they really did a great job of getting it just about right
with this one. Dave Pericak: To properly celebrate Mustang’s birthday, we’re going to build 1964
limited edition Mustangs. Behind me is the Wimbledon White. This basically is a check
the box kind of car. You have the ponies back on the corral on the grill. That will be unique
for this version. Quarter windows actually made of three panes of glass. Never been done
before. The inside is very well appointed. We’ve got a two-tone interior, black and cashmere.
ID badge. Mr. Ford signed that. Dave: How cool is that?
Dave Pericak: Then each one of these cars is serialized. It would be one of 1964.
Mark Fields: It don’t get any better than this. For Mustangs, Mustang enthusiasts, sunshine,
this is what it’s all about! Dave: A lot of exciting things going on here
in the show. But one of the most exciting, in fact one of the most popular places, has
been the MMD booth, where we have our wonderful car behind this that we’re giving away. There’s
an opportunity for people here. As you can see in the back, they’re going to sign up
and enter their names and win, just like you can as well. If you want to win the car, you
can head to the link below or over to the website americanmuscle.com/mmd. Enter your
info for your chance to win this car. We’re going to give it away at our car show at Maple
Grove Raceway in conjunction with MMD August 16th. We’ve done a lot to build this car up
and make it, with MMD’s help. We wanted an amazing performing, looking ride from the
air ride to the wrap to the 551C wheels, the vortech, the Snow kit. It’s fantastic. If
you haven’t seen the buildup video or our other videos for that matter, you’ll want
to click the link below and check them out. Really neat stuff there. It is amazing. As
you can see, it has attracted a lot of attention. We’ve got people stopping by all day to check
it out and talk about it. Mike Johnson: It’s awesome. I like to air ride. The ride height,
you can drive it around. When you get to a show, you can slam it. Mark Houlahan: These
new wheels you guys come out with – those are beautiful. Anyone with an S197 would be
proud to have those on their car. Odie Payne: This is an awesome machine right
here. You know what? Prototype like this definitely needs to be having a winner. I think that
winner needs to be me, Dave. Michael Johnson: I hope everybody is putting
down Michael Johnson as the winning… Dave: As the winning name? Michael Johnson:
Yeah. Michael Johnson. Dave: We’re walking around the event here.
Obviously, there are Mustangs everywhere. You could probably hear in the background
stuff going on around the track. But one of the first things that caught our eye was this
amazing Super Cobra Jet, car number 18 out of 50. This is one of the thousand plus horsepower
cars that will easily dip into the 8s. You have a powerglide trans from the factory,
all your race switches, full cage, custom made seats, even the center cap has car number
18 right in it. Pretty cool. Dave: Take your Mustang, amateur or pro, bring
it to the track at Charlotte Motor Speedway, and rip it around as fast as you possibly
can. That’s just what these drivers are doing. We’re fortunate enough to have thrown some
Go Pros in a few of these cars and get a real bird’s eye view of what’s going on.
Dave: Over my shoulder, underneath the tent of the Mustang garage is serial number 1,
the first Mustang, the one everybody wants to see and meet in person, along with a bunch
of really neat and unique cars throughout the Ford Mustang history, from Mustang 2s
to the new bosses. Way back over my shoulder, the all black 2015 GT. The pride and joy of
the Ford Mustang is definitely here behind me. Really cool to see it. Really neat to
see it preserved in such wonderful condition from start all the way to finish.
Here it is, in black, the new 5.0, the 2015 Mustang GT. This is my first time coming out
and seeing the car in person and I love it. I mean that. The pictures don’t do it justice.
Seeing the independent rear in person – also really cool too. Something I’ve been looking
forward to seeing since I heard about it. But in black especially, this car – clean
lines, amazing setup. Even the interior, it’s awesome.
Check this out. I have here next to me an ’08 Super Snake – 725 horsepower, with the
Vegas package. We’re talking number 57 out of 427 cars Ford went to make. Super rare.
Amazing sound out of this Kenne Bell. The interior black leather pristine. It’s everything
you want a Super Snake to be. Dave: I don’t know if from there you can feel the excitement
in the air. We are literally part of Mustang history. I couldn’t be happier to be here
with American Muscle, part of this giant cruise in what should be the largest Mustang cruise
ever in history. How appropriate we’re here for the Mustang’s 50th birthday to do so.
Crowd: (singing) Happy birthday, dear Mustang. Happy birthday to you. Dave: I am here with
Vaughn Gittin Jr., a busy man, fresh out of Vegas here to Charlotte. What do you think
of the event here so far? How are you doing? Vaughn Gittin Jr.: Unfortunately, it’s raining,
which really bums me out. We took a red eye from Vegas last night to get here. Our plan
was to put a show on in Vegas and come out here and hang out and party with everybody
in Charlotte. I got my boy Ryan Tuerck out here in an RTR Spec 2. We’re just trying to
put on a little show. The rain is coming down, but we’re not going to let it rain on our
parade. Dave: They’re still out there.
Vaughn Gittin Jr.: Can’t stop the 50th Mustang party. You know what I mean?
Dave: No way. The passion of the Mustang has been continuing for 50 years. Why do you think
it has been able to last 50 years? Vaughn Gittin Jr.: I think Mustang in general…
Yes, it’s a car. Dave: Right.
Vaughn Gittin Jr.: But it’s so much more than a car, man. It’s just a really special thing.
It’s an American icon. Dave: I am here with Ryan Tuerck, hopping
on the car and doing some craziness in the rain. Ryan, how are you?
Ryan: I’m great. Even though the weather is pouring and it’s wet out, there’s a great
amount of people here. There’s a great amount of fans and just people that are willing to
withstand it and just here for a good time. Dave: Let’s get this some fun.
Ryan: Let’s do it. Dave Great ride. Super rush. Love it. Thank
you. Ryan Tuerck: You’re welcome!
Dave: Thank you. Dave: It has been an amazing and fun three
days here at the Mustang’s 50th birthday celebration. It has been fantastic. We’ve had a lot of
fun seeing the sights, the sounds, the people. In fact, the people’s reaction to the MMD
car has been phenomenal to see. If you haven’t seen the buildup video, you owe it to yourself
to see that and other videos. Click the link below. Take you right there and check it out.
If you want your chance to win this car, like the folks around us have been, go ahead and
click the link below or head to the website, americanmuscle.com/mmd. Enter your info for
a chance to win it. It has been a great show. It has been a great weekend. We hope you enjoyed
watching, enjoying it with us. Remember: For all things Mustang, head to americanmuscle.com.

27 thoughts on “EPIC Mustang 50th Birthday Party @ Charlotte Motor Speedway

  1. I really don't like the profile of the new mustang, and that rear side window delete doesn't help it at all. Also the body kit on the mmd car looks uneven in the back

  2. Im a bit mixed on 2015, but i understand the delema. Mustang has many camps, many want to retain the essence of the past, some only want the car to remain the same despite slumping sales. Foolish. And other dont want to see it modernized. and some do.  All one has to do is look at the 911. Its both new modern state of the art and harkens back to its roots.  2015 imo shouldve pushed further as a truer sports car, and force the mustang community to grow up. indeed what i do like about the car is the fact it will drive like an all new car despite its dimensions and body still look very similar to the current car.  Theres no denying ford looking to sell it world wide had a delema. People overseas want an old-style bigv8 stang, not a amer'euro.  but regardless mustang needs to sell. and sell well. i simply wish the car didnt loose so many trade mark USEfull features.  the doorside C scoops /side vents that couldve been functional break or diff cooling vents.  and i wish the interior was truly a remake. not another revision.  ultimately its the cars performance that has to take a leap.  like C7, the 2015 stang has to be heights above the outgoing model.

  3. 5:57 Ford did not make a super snake. This is a a GT500 modified by Shelby into a Super snake.

  4. I don't know what to think of the new Mustang. The rear end and side view are to die for but something about the front end is a major turn off for me.

  5. Vaughn Gittin Jr. Drifting, Thousands of Mustang's, Project MMD Giveaway and much more! Check out this epic video of the Mustang's 50th Birthday Party…¬†

  6. I love mustangs… The "Monster" mustang is the most amazing can I have ever seen. It is LITERALLY "perfect".

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