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the European Union has warned a prompt
retaliation if the u.s. follows through on a threat to impose tariffs on
European vehicles for more on this and other news from around the world let’s
turn to our know Adam Adam transatlantic trade tensions once again simmering up
that’s why ma Monday’s warning came amid reports over the weekend that President
Trump received a report from the US Commerce Department now that report was
said to have contained findings of a government probe into whether imported
vehicles pose any national security threat it was widely expected to clear
the way for President Trump to threaten tariffs of up to 25% on imported cars
and car parts giving him 90 days to decide whether or not to take action now
that 25% is a tenfold increase from the current rate if the president does
impose new tariffs then it would go against last year’s agreements between
Trump and EU Commission President jean-claude Juncker to refrain from
escalating trade tensions the EU unsurprisingly issued a stark warning
against the potential duties where these reports translate into actions
detrimental to European exports the European Commission would react in a
swift and adequate manner European car makers especially those in Germany have
warned that the fair tariffs would add thousands of dollars to vehicle costs
and potentially lead to hundreds of thousands of job losses throughout the
United States even America’s auto industry expressed concern warning that
such measures could move the development and implementation of new automotive
technologies overseas

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