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You are watching Amazon Prime the network that brought you your sunscreen in two days Amazon Prime like the 8th best way to watch TV Hi, Chris. How is gone? What’s that note pinned to your backpack? Bet it’s from a girl in the lunchroom who wants a taste of corn dog? Was that a sex joke? It’s… I don’t know shut up. Oh dear hits from principal Shepherd TV. He wants to see us first thing tomorrow Ah Chris is in trouble sounds like he needs a little fatherly wisdom, better get my pipe Peter I think that’s the wrong kind of pipe. I’m sorry mom, I haven’t been doing too great in school lately Well that’s very disappointing I guess your father And I will have to talk to the principal and figure out how to handle this. I wouldn’t worry Lois I never did very well in school either. I even failed homeroom Peter Griffin. There Thank you for coming mr. And mrs. Griffin Chris seems to be struggling in his classes and often when kids have trouble in school It’s because something is going on at home. I haven’t been attracted to Lois for a year and a half principal Shepherd exactly How poorly is Chris doing well right now? He has a d-minus average His only hope is his history final tomorrow. If he fails that I’m afraid he’ll have to repeat ninth grade This seems more like a phone call. Oh my god – I always knew Chris wasn’t a great student, but I had no idea the situation was so dire. Don’t worry – I’ll make sure Chris passes history you can count on me! The same way NASA counted on me during the Apollo 13 crisis All right I’m gonna need three coffins mahogany with brass handles three new daddies for the dead astronauts kids and a black suit for me. Sir I – Think I know a way we can get them back. Is it hard it? Might be Yeah we’ve kinda already decided we’re going in this direction All right Chris you got a lot riding on this history exam tomorrow I know Sam cook didn’t know much about history and he got shot in a hotel wearing nothing but a sports-coat and a shoe Yeah that’s hilarious Chris, but we got to buckle down! Now I’m gonna help you study by nailing your door shut, that way you’ll have no choice but to hit the books. Aw crap I left my phone in there. *tries to open door* Damn it it’s nailed shut *message comes through* Dad, it looks like some girl sent you a picture of her privates. Aw crap LOIS I DON’T HAVE THE PHONE STOP SENDING PICTURES! *Lois* I ALREADY SENT FOUR MORE! *they come through too* PUT DOWN THE PHONE! Don’t look at those! Wait a minute… That’s both her hands! Who the hell is taking the pictures!! *peter breaks through the door* All right, give me that phone and get back to work. And before you judge your mother, you did most of that damage *sadly mumbles something-like*Hh oww Hey, Chris. Just wanted to see how the studyin’s going. You guys, I’ve been at this all night, and I haven’t learned a thing There’s no way I’m gonna pass Mr. Harpingtinnes (?) history test. Oh come on Chris I’m sure that’s just the nerves talking Here I’ll quiz you; who said “We have nothing to fear but fear itself” Scooby-doo (Really?). No. Shaggy. It’s nobody on scooby-doo. Wow Chris you uh, you really don’t know history I know, and if I fail ninth grade I won’t amount to anything! I’ll end up being one of those bus drivers that parents don’t completely trust You have a beautiful child Mrs. Roberts God poor Chris He’s studying as hard as he can but it, doesn’t seem to matter. We gotta do something if he doesn’t pass this test he’s gonna have to (Hey) He’s gonna have to repeat ninth grade. Well there’s not much we can do about it Some people just aren’t able to learn from books Well, maybe he doesn’t have to. What do you mean? Maybe there’s a way to actually show Chris history, with my time machine! You know that’s really nice of you Stewie. Well, He’s my brother. We’ve got to stick together like that two-headed girl on TLC Okay, who wants to taste it, and who wants to smell it? (WTF!?!) *ominous backround music begins* *and ends* All right, we’ll just tell Chris he’s dreaming because I don’t want him to know about my time machine Why not? Eh it’s like having a pickup truck, once people know you got one there go your weekends. Chris? Can you hear me? Huh? You’re dreaming dreaming? Yay no consequences! (You know shits about to go down) AHHH!! So lifelike! Uh, all right, let’s go back six minutes and try this again Chris you’re dreaming with consequences way.*Chris*wah? That’s right We’re gonna take you on a special dream trip to help you pass your history test. You are? Yes and there’s so much to learn for example. Did you know that Jesus didn’t really die on the cross? So what was the cause of death? Cocaine and severe trauma to the colon. (damn) Yeah, I’m gonna need to see those forms

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  2. 4:41 Why do they always bring Christianity into it what would happen if they made a joke about another Religion

  3. "Well that's very disappointing." Yeah his mother is a former pornstar recently all time working slut, his dad is an idiot alcoholic that doesn't get out of clam all day. I don't see where the problem is.

  4. Chris: Dad, it looks like some girl sent you a picture of her privates.
    Peter: Ah, crap. Lois, I don't have the phone, stop sending pictures!
    Lois: I already sent four more!

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