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Which front engine, rear-wheel drive car is
more entertaining on a circuit? Is it this, the GT86, or is it a car that costs, in the
spec we’ve got here, £260,000 rather than under 30,000 quid – and is the Ferrari F12?
Does power and speed talk to you more than feedback, feel, and just good honest
fun? Okay, so what is the GT86 like around Snetterton? Well, it’s quite a quick circuit
but the car does not feel underwhelmed on it.
There are a couple of corners where you notice the relative paucity of power but by and large,
because it’s fairly skinny-tyred, they’re not massively sticky tyres either. It’s actually
adjustable all the time; there’s loads of communication through the steering and you
get a very slight trace of understeer (I mean very, very slight) on the way in followed
by just absolutely as much oversteer as you want.
This car has a reputation for being a drift monkey. It really does flow with a just nice
balance. You can just drive it on neutral steer if you want to, or have it on full-opposite
lock too (it will be an arm full) if you really want to.
God, that is pretty lovely; it all happens relatively modest, attainable, you take your
hands off the wheel and chat to a camera sort of speed. Right then, a deep breath; 730bhp
of Ferrari F12, which revs to eight and a half thousand revs with all the driving edge
turned off. Fast, fast, fast, right. Break before the 300 yard marker on the first lap,
I think. Just a little bit of sideways-ness on the exit. It just straightens it with the
throttle because that’s how much power this thing has.
Just walk it out of there. When you get this thing straight it accepts loads of traction.
It’s only if it is mid-corner will it really unstick the rear. Once it’s straight it will
accept full power very well. The thing is there’s so much oomph you can just sort of
send it sideways anywhere in any gear. When they say it’s adjustable they aren’t kidding. Am I having ten times as much fun as GT86? No, I’m probably not, but this is more challenging to drive than a GT86, no question. The GT86 is just playful, playful, playful and do what
you like. This is playful, but by the way, I have 730bhp. Which is the better driver’s car. You know what? It really comes down to what you’re
after at the end of the day. They do both offer front engine rear drive, relatively
predictable handling thrills. I would probably start my day in a GT86, and once I felt I
got on top of it, I would finish my day in one of these. You don’t need one or the other.
You sort of need both.

100 thoughts on “Ferrari F12 Berlinetta vs Toyota GT86 – which is more fun?

  1. ᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) says:

    Take notes people, money and horespower = better

  2. If Ferrari isn't best…than fire everyone at Ferrari not now but right now. GT86 is a great car for the money. The Ferrari is a great car for people who have a sh*t load of money. Are we having a laugh? in my British voice

  3. This is some kind of a rhetorical question right?
    Which man wouldnt ride a v12 Ferrari with lots of gadget and could go 200 mile/h rather than riding a toyota that could only slide and called it fun?

  4. I have an FR-S (the American version of the GT86) and for me it is fun to drive, but then I'm not a teenager with low self-esteem in a pissing contest with something to prove.  I'm sure the Ferrari is more fun to drive, but the FR-S is more practical for everyday driving in the real world.  If for some unimaginable reason  I was given the Ferrari, I would drive it for a week, and if I survived, I would sell it and stick with the FR-S.

  5. I cannot think of a more 'middle' of the road answer to this mediocre comparison between two completely different cars!

    Whats next on Autocar, Hovercraft or spaceship? Let me guess. Hovercraft in the morning, spaceship in the afternoon?

  6. This is the most ridiculous test Ive ever seen !!!!
    Seriously what is the point of comparing these two ??? Who came up with this ridiculous idea??!! – Why not compare a Bugatti to a Mini and see which is more fun ??????!!!!!!!

  7. Dear Autocar, the video has been very informative and educating. I would recommend GT-R vs 458 Italia – Which is more fun

  8. how about that 450 HP Crawford Performance Turbo BRZ? im pretty sure its power to weight is closer to the ferrari, and its still alot less money

  9. Seriously dumb choice of cars to compare.  Both cars are awesome no doubt but really??? An 86 and an F12?? LOL WTF SMH

  10. Wich is more fun ? GT without the shadow of a doubt.
    The GT is an amazing toy that you can use everyday without beeing afraid of crashing.

  11. Before continuing with the video I want to let know that I will quite Autocar as a viewer If Toyota wins this review

  12. Guess I'll never know personally. Boxer 4 (from what I have gathered in various clips) sounds anything but engaging with a miserable groan at upper revs. Fact is the GT86 / BRZ for many is just too blunt a tool unless you're a journo sprouting the virtues of finesse, under/over-steer…

  13. The Ferrari F12.

    It's a Ferrari you have to love it. 

    It's quiet, comfortable, and civilised when you want it to be. 
    It's massive 6.3L V12 performs unlike any other engine.
    730HP, 690Nm of torque. It's DCT downshifts gives the car a character as it spikes and surges the engine revs. It looks superb. It's aerodynamically properties give it an aggressive stance. The most important, is the aggressive induction note and savage exhaust note, second in the world to the amazing Lexus LFA.

    The Toyota 86, it's a Toyota. It's small it doesn't have premium materials, it's missing a few cylinders and a few valves. It's 4 cylinder engine was built to hold up traffic on highways and motorways.

  14. @Windupmykilt It was never designed to compete with Ferrari's or Lamborghini's or McLaren's. 

    It was designed to show just what a company like Lexus can do. A company that really isn't famed for racing, but more luxurious, quiet with a lot of space.

    It just so happens that they designed a sports car that took 12 years until it was ready to be sold. It's 4.8L V10 screams like a Formula 1 and revs to 9500RPM from 0 in 0.66 of a second. 202MPH is not slow. 

    It's a car that lapped the ring in 7 minutes and 14 seconds. 

  15. This is not a fair test. And thats not because of the power difference, it because of the breand difference. Toyota make low price family cars, ferrari make super cars and f1 cars. if someone gave you the option to have a GT96 or a Ferrari F12, which would you have: obviously a ferrari.  

  16. Autocar this is the most stupid compare ever ! Yea for me will be better the Toyota because i dont have money to buy the Ferrari so …. We know the Ferrari its better …… much better!

  17. Everyone knows that the Ferrari and the 86 are both great cars in each way.
    You can't say which is better comparing the familiar home made dish your mother makes for you everyday to the dish a distinguished master chef from a Michelin 3 starred restaurant cooks that you are pretty lucky if you had a chance to experience it once in your lifetime.

  18. There is some truth to this comparison…

    Aside from the track, where would you use the F12's power? Not every country has an Autobahn.

    You can play around with a GT86 and go near it's potential while in the F12? In the real world? I highly doubt that. Especially in countries with small roads…

    I would reckon that the Alfa Romeo 4c, M235i, Cayman, Focus ST, Fiesta ST, and other nimble, 2 door, 200-300ish HP Sporty Cars should all be compared.

    Fun to drive =/Does Not Equal/= Fastest Lap/Best Handling/Most Horsepower.
    It's about being a laughing hooligan behind the wheel.

  19. He is so afraid to drive the Ferrari. He couldn't pull of a single drift whit it… i suppose this is why its no so fun for him. And i think it was with stability control ON…

  20. So if you spend an extra 25k on enhancing the toyota's performance, would it be able to compete against the ferrari around the track?

  21. A comparison of these two cars is analogous to a guitar amplifier. The GT86 is like having the amp set at 3, and the F12 is like having it set at 9. On a track, the fun factor is probably around the same, the only difference is how quickly you reach the next corner and lap times (kind of like driving a 125cc shifter kart and then driving a relatively modern Formula 1 car).

    The real difference is on the road, canyon carving or driving along a nice twisty road. The GT86 would allow you to have fun at relatively safe speeds, hanging the tail out with ease with the hard compound tires they put on those things (I don't know if they still do, but when the Scion FR-S and Subbie BRZ first came out here in the 'States, they were fitted with the hard compound tires from a Prius to make drifting them easy as pie). But try to have that same level of fun in an F12 and one will find themselves in a ditch, or sailing off a canyon road, or at the very least having their license revoked and/or put in jail and/or paying massive fines and/or having the car impounded which one would have to pay about 100 bucks for everyday the car spends the night in the impound yard to get it back.

    So, on a track, take your pick. On the street, go with the GT86 and keep your life and your license and all the rest in the process of having your fun.

    If you want to have your car parked at the front of the restaurant by the valet, go with the F12.

  22. When you consider the doller-per-fun ratio, the GT86 absolutly decimates the F12 – although, I'd take an F12 if I were given the keys to one.

  23. Let's just say that I would not be complaining if I woke up to find the keys to either of these cars next to my front door.

  24. Anyone who doesn't understand the validity of such a comparison are most likely obsessed by paper stats and blinded by brands and badges. I'd like the GT86 because you could drive it around on full throttle everywhere and proves the fundamentals of handling balance, but the Ferrari makes an awesome noise and, erm… oh that noise!

  25. Its like your girlfriend back in high school. The GT-86 is the nice decent looking girl that said yes to you and you were happy. But the Ferrari is like the cheerleader with the big breasts and all the sexiness you fantasize about dating the jocks. Yes they are both nice, but you would take the Ferrari anyday if given the chance. Sorry Laila.

  26. And when the snow falls…my friends park their Ferrari, or Maserati and most often even the Porsche and drive SUV's and pickup trucks while I throw a couple sand bags in the trunk of my FRS with a set of Michelin X-ice 3's and have a blast all winter on city streets and deserted mountain roads (see my first YouTube vid @streetsandpeaks) and don't worry about the paint and rims, because let's face it, I've only invested $160 a pay check to drive all day everyday every chance I get. Everyone, even you Ferrari owners…what are you waiting for? go buy anGT86 / FRS.

  27. Why do they compare normal sports cars with supercars? Supercars are called "supercars" for a reason. You can buy a GT86 but you won't feel the passion and the flair of a Ferrari. It must be awesome to hear and feel 740 bhp while driving!

  28. and what happens when you take the pram (prius) tyres off the gt86 and the car actually grips? does it become boring? serious question.

  29. It's not about how much power you have, it's how much you can use. On public roads you can not use anywhere near all of the Ferrari's power, however in the GT86 you can. I was lucky enough to own a Ferrari F430 for a year, which was a dream come true. Awesome experience that felt special to drive. When I sold it I bought a Lotus Elise R which had less than half the power of the 430 but also less than half the weight. On the road it was more fun to drive than the Ferrari. So the cars in the vid equate to the same comparison.

  30. i would say that a car that makes women's panties immediately drop would be more fun…and im not talkin about the frs.

  31. To All these fkn morons who would choose the ferrari over the toyota.Excellant choice, now go to the ferrari dealership and buy one.Fkn MORONS.

  32. For me if i have 240,000 dollars , to choose which i will buy , i will still choose gt 86 just cost only 25k , and i will modified it to be same as fast like ferrari f12, and i have still a lot of money, to buy a house, another cars, and business that i will make more money for that, so i have completely package for myself for 240,000 instead for buying a overpriced ferrari that will be depreciate the value after you buy it. wiser choice

  33. Yeah true everyday l cant wait to drive so fun its gorgeous an lm 47 l seen a 70 year old lady the other week driving an 86 an she brought it for her 70th birthday go girl everyone any age if u live driving even if u dont u will want to drive this 86 l love it best thing thats every happened to me my 1st brand new car what a choice an l thought l made a mistake lol

  34. An buy the way l love my 86 gettin a 86 tattoo yeah just lost my dad an he knew what l wanted an 86 an guess what guys l got one yeah

  35. with a 30k car you get one of the funniest car ever made
    add an other 5k for wheels/tires, pads, oil cooler maybe a new exhaust manifold and you get 85k worth of car on a track

  36. I have an s2000 and I've drivin silly gt86's.. I'd take the Ferrari in ANY country in ANY situation all day every day. You can try and justify it "but the Toyota is a driver's car, you can drive it to it's full potential!" No, just no. Ferrari. FERRARI.

  37. Yawn. This is track. Let's see this comparison on something practical like, say, Hwy 1 from Jenner to The Sea Ranch. Hwy 49 or 196.
    That's fun but not for the Ferrari. You'll wreck first.

  38. These price comparisons are getting stupid. of course when you increase the price you're getting diminishing returns. You can't expect to pay 10x the price and get something 10x as fun or fast.

    People saying the 86 are better than the F12 when it is so clearly not, is like me saying my motorbike is better than the 86 because it's 1/10th the price, and still 90% as fun.

    The price argument like I said is just getting old. people always trying to say x car is better because it's better value, when it's worse in every way.. especially to Supercars, people always think their modded car that's half the price with the same hp is better.

    Price and fun is all relative, if you can afford something cheap and enjoy it, don't bash something that's more expensive. Same with people who find expensive things fun, don't bash cheap things. All I see is people with cheaper things bashing the people with expensive things these days, and I damn well know if they had the same money they'd have the Ferrari too

  39. Stick 533hp in the GT86 for a fraction of the cost. You got something similar to an F40, insane back to basics, light, no nonsense fun 😛

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